CrossFit Asia Invitational 2021

The Asia Invitational is the first and only CrossFit Semifinal competition to be held on this continent in 2021.

Date: June 18 - 20
Continent: Asia
Location: Online Event
Instagram: asiainvitational
Leaderboard: Official CrossFit Games

Where to watch CrossFit Asia Invitational?

The CrossFit Asia Invitational is an online and offline competition. will not be rebroadcast. Athletes perform the wods from their box and upload the scores in the given time.

Athletes participating


asia invitational results

Only 4 women have competed in Games before and that was when National Champions existed in 2019.

No woman in the top 10 has ever topped a Regionals.

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winners asia invitational crossfit 2021

Roman Khrennikov: He qualified twice for Games in 2018 and 2019 but was unable to participate due to visa problems. In 2020 he was 13th in the first online phase. In 2019 he won the Italian Showdown and 5th in Dubai CrossFit Champ, Filth150 and Strength in Depth. He has been 4th in both Open and Quarterfinals.

Ant HynesHe was 27th in his first participation in Games. 2 times National Champion in China was 50th in the Asian Open and 10th in Quarterfinals.

The surprise could be Zhengua Zhou who has been Fittest in China being 66th in the Open worldwide. In Quarterfinals he was 17th. He moves well high weights so the wods can favor his qualities.

How many go to Games?

2 men, 2 women and 2 teams will receive an invitation to CrossFit Games 2021.

Final results

1.- Stas Solodov 544 / Svetlana Kubyshina 544
2.- Alesandar Ilin 538 / Seungyeon Choi 512

Athletes in the Last Chance Qualifier

3.- Roman Khrennikov 528 / Svetlana Veselova 504
4.- Denis Samsonov 508 / Yuko Sakuyama 492
5.- Morteza Sedaghat 453 / Aizhan Zharasova 480

Team results

1.- Koesniov Team
Team Dubai

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