French Throwdown 2022

The French Throwdown is a mythical event in Europe with official CrossFit license.

Date: June 24 - 26
Location: Paris, France
Instagram: frenchthrowdown 
Leaderboard: Here

spanoles french throwdown


1.- Giorogios Karavis 668 / Elena Carratalá 756
2.- Jelle Hoste 662 / Karin Frey 716
3.- Luka Djukic 658 / Erica Ekelund 698

1.- Team Foodspring

Rest of singles
Aniol Ekai 576
20.- Martín Cuervo 338
26.- Xevi Serra 288
Nordi Mohand 254
35.- Jorge Bobadilla 160

12.- Maribel Gallardo 408
27.- Helena Avendaño 274

Where to watch French Throwdown 2022?

You have the directs inside each wod information.

Athletes participating

We have several Spanish athletes in the online qualifier list.

Elite Men
Aniol Ekai
Dani Camacho Injury
Jorge Bobadilla
Martin Cuervo
Nordi Mohand
Xevi Serra

Elite Women
Elena Carratalá
Helena Avendaño
Maribel Gallardo
Oihana Moya Reserved for the Last Chance Qualifier

Elite Teams
Team Foodspring