CrossFit Games 2023

The time has come to find out who will be the "Fittest on Earth" of 2023.

DateAugust 1 - 6
LocationMadison, Wisconsin.
Divisions: individual 40 men, 40 women, 30 teams and age groups.
Final Leaderboard: Here


1.- Laura Horvath 966
2.- Emma Lawson 919
3.- Arielle Loewen 883
Gabriela Migala 788
Alex Gazan 786
Alexis Raptis 771
7.- Katrin Davidsdottir 741
Emma Cary 731
9.- Danielle Brandon 711
Paige Powers 696

1.- Jeffrey Adler 953
2.- Patrick Vellner 837
3.- Roman Khrennikov 801
Brent Fikowski 781
5.- Dallin Pepper 778
6.- Jonne Koski 771
Chandler Smith 743
Jay Crouch 728
9.- Lazar Djukic 716
10..- Jelle Hoste 710


1Laura Horvath$332,000$315,000$17,000
2Emma Lawson$131,000$125,000$6,000
3Arielle Loewen$90,000$85,000$5,000
4Gabriela Migala$61,000$60,000$1,000
5Alex Gazan$51,000$45,000$6,000
6Alexis Raptis$42,000$40,000$2,000
7Katrin Davidsdottir$39,000$35,000$4,000
8Emma Cary$36,000$32,000$4,000
9Danielle Brandon$34,000$29,000$5,000
10Paige Powers$27,000$26,000$1,000
11Emma Tall$24,000$20,000$4,000
12Emily Rolfe$23,000$18,000$5,000
13Annie Thorisdottir$15,000$15,000-
14Karin Freyova$15,000$14,000$1,000
15Bethany Flores$13,000$13,000-
16Olivia Kerstetter$16,000$12,000$4,000
17Paige Semenza$11,000$11,000-
18Shelby Neal$10,000$10,000-
19Elisa Fuliano$11,000$9,000$2,000
20Jamie Simmonds$11,000$8,000$3,000
21Kelly Baker$7,000$7,000-
22Christine Kolenbrander$8,750$6,750$2,000
23Seher Kaya$6,500$6,500-
24Amanda Barnhart$6,250$6,250-
25Rebecka Vitesson$6,000$6,000-
26Abigail Domit$5,750$5,750-
27Caroline Stanley$5,500$5,500-
28Sydney Wells$5,250$5,250-
29Baylee Rayl$5,000$5,000-
30Alexia Williams$4,750$4,750-
31Ellie Turner$4,500$4,500-
32Fee Saghafi$4,250$4,250-
33Matilde Garnes$4,000$4,000-
34Ella Wunger$3,750$3,750-
35Manon Angonese$3,500$3,500-
36Michelle Basnett$3,250$3,250-
37Victoria Campos$3,000$3,000-
38Shahad Budebs$2,750$2,750-
39Emily de Rooy$2,500$2,500-
40Emma McQuaid$2,250$2,250-


1Jeff Adler$325,000$315,00$10,000
2Pat Vellner$130,000$125,000$5,000
3Roman Khrennikov$92,000$85,000$7,000
4Brent Fikowski$65,000$60,000$5,000
5Dallin Pepper$48,000$45,000$3,000
6Jonne Koski$48,000$40,000$8,000
7Chandler Smith$35,000$35,000-
8Jay Crouch$33,000$32,000$1,000
9Lazar Dukic$32,000$29,000$3,000
10Jelle Hoste$30,000$26,000$4,000
11Bjorgorgvin K. Gudmundsson$20,000$20,000-
12Bayley Martin$20,000$18,000$2,000
13Justin Medeiros$19,000$15,000$4,000
14Will Moorad$16,000$14,000$2,000
15Sam Kwant$17,000$13,000$4,000
16Noah Ohlsen$12,000$12,000-
17Spencer Panchik$11,000$11,000-
18Colten Mertens$13,000$10,000$3,000
19Nick Mathew$10,000$9,000$1,000
20Uldis Upenieks$8,000$8,000-
21Moritz Fiebig$7,000$7,000-
22Sam Cournoyer$6,750$6,750-
23Fabian Beneito$6,500$6,500-
24Henrik Haapalainen$6,250$6,250-
25James Sprague$6,000$6,000-
26Bronislaw Olenkowicz$7,750$5,750$2,000
27Jack Farlow$10,500$5,500$5,000
28Luke Parker$5,250$5,250-
29David Shorunke$5,000$5,000-
30Ant Haynes$4,750$4,750-
31Jayson Hopper$4,500$4,500-
32Kalyan Souza$4,250$4,250-
33Cole Greashaber$7,000$4,000$3,000
34Cole Sager$3,750$3,750-
35Alex Vigneault$3,500$3,500-
36Michal Wesolowski$3,250$3,250-
37Kaique Cerveny$3,000$3,000-
38Jake Douglas$2,750$2,750-
39Arthur Semenov$2,500$2,500-


1.- Crossfit Invictus 1026
2.- Crossfit East Nashville Prvn 955
3.- Crossfit Oslo Navy Blue 942
4- Crossfit Move Fast Lift Heavy 827
5.- No Shortcuts Crossfit 813

Schedules and where to watch

Age Group: Tuesday, August 1 - Friday, August 4
Adaptive: Tuesday, August 1 - Friday, August 4
Individual: Thursday, August 3 - Sunday, August 6
Equipment: Thursday, August 3 - Sunday, August 6

North Park:
9:00 am - 9:30 am Teams
10:00 am - 10:40 am Individuals
10:50 am - 11:30 am Teams

12:30 pm - 1:10 pm Individual Men
1:20 pm - 2:00 pm Individual Women
2:20 pm - 2:55 pm Teams
3:25 pm - 4:45 pm Individuals
5:05 pm - 5:35 pm Awards Ceremony

Los Angeles -2 / New York +1 / London +6 / Sydney +15

Individual Results

Athletes will have 40 minutes to complete as many laps as possible of a closed circuit of 2600m in which they were obliged to run 200m off the bike.

Laura Horvath took the lead and moved into first place. At times it looked like she was gaining distance, but on the run off the bike the rest of the athletes caught up to her.

Katrin Davidsdottir would be the next athlete to take the lead but from the third lap on it was the Canadian Emma Lawson who would take the first place and did not leave it throughout the race.

Emma Lawson crossfit games 2023
Photo by @richardveytsman

In the interview he confesses that, near the end, he began to feel ramps in his legs and thought he would have to give up, luckily he kept pedaling and they passed.

1.- Emma Lawson
Emily Rolfe
3.- Emma Tall
Katrin Davidsdottir
Alexis Raptis

Fabian Beneito was provisionally at the head of the group but Koski, one of the favorites to win this race, soon overtook him. Adler took second place. Both were distancing themselves from the rest of the competitors.

Khrennikov and Crouch closed the gap and joined the leading group alongside Gudmundsson.

It was in the middle of the last lap that Koski pulled away and went on to win the event.


Medeiros suffered two crashes that we saw in the last event and finished 27th.

medeiros bike injuries

1.- Jonne Koski
Jeffrey Adler
Jay Crouch
Roman Khrennikov
5.- BK Gudmundsson

For Time:

10 Pig Flips (350/510 lb 159/ 231 kg)
25 Chest-To-Bar Pull-Ups
50 Toes-To-Bars
100 Wall-Ball Shots
50 Toes-To-Bars
25 Chest-To-Bar Pull-Ups
10 Pig Flips

Time Cap: 18 Minutes

In the first heat, Olivia Kerstetter was the athlete with the fastest time of 15:49.

In the second heat, Laura Horvath completed the pig flips first, followed by Thorisdottir. Thorisdottir was the first to start the 100 wall balls. Annie lost rhythm in the wall-balls and Emma Cary took advantage to overtake her.

Cary, who was last in the bike event, finished the wall-balls and started the toes to bar followed by Thorisdottir. Cary came first in the pig flips but after the first lift she had problems and we saw Laura Horvath perform them as if she didn't weigh 159 kg.

Horvath pulled away from the rest of the field and finished with a time of 13:50, 2 minutes faster than Kerstetter.

Laura horvath victoria crossfit games 2023

1.- Laura Horvath 13:50
2.- Arielle Loewen 14:43
3.- Alexis Raptis 15:14
4.- Emma Cary 15:38
5.- Olivia Kerstetter 15:49

In the first heat, Spencer Panchik set a time to beat of 15:20. He was followed by BKG with 16:12 and James Sprague with 16:27.

In the second heat, Moritz Fiebig, was the first to finish the pig flips. Khrennikov overtook him in the gymnastics and took the lead followed by Djukic and Moorad.

Khrennikov finishes the wall-ball first followed closely by Djukic. Both complete the toes to bar repetitions and start with the pig lifts.

roman khrennikov pig flip

Khrennikov himself would be the first to cross the finish line and take the leader's jersey.

Medeiros finished 37th and, together with a 27th position in the first event, sees how the reconquest of the Fittest on Earth title is complicated.

1.- Roman Khrennikov 14:28
2.- Lazar Djukic 14:44
3.- Brent Fikowski 15:04
4.- Spencer Panchik 15:20
5.- Moritz Fiebig 15:25

For time:

30-foot unbroken handstand walk over the ramp
8 free-standing handstand push-ups
Unbroken obstacle steps to a 180° pirouette
16 pull-overs
Unbroken obstacle steps to a 360° pyrouette
8 free-standing handstand push-ups
30-foot unbroken handstand walk over the ramp

Time cap: 7 minutes

In the first heat, Baylee Rayl 4:45. In the second heat Shelby Neal 3:57. In the third heat Elisa Fuliano 3:46.

In the last heat, Danielle Brandon, went all out and quickly established a great distance with the rest of the competitors on the track. The American was 21st overall and needed to take advantage of this opportunity to close the gap.

On the other hand, Laura Horvath could not complete the circuit and finished in 27th position.

1.- Danielle Brandon 3:12
2.- Elisa Fuliano 3:46
3.- Paige Powers 3:56
4.- Shelby Neal 3:57
5.- Alexis Raptis 4:13

In the first heat Spencer Panchik 5:38. In the second Bayley Martin 4:25. In the third heat, Cole Greashaber 3:47.

1.- Cole Greashaber 3:47
2.- Justin Medeiros 4:03
Bayley Martin 4:25
4.- Jay Crouch 4:27
5.- Roman Khrennikov 4:40

1.- Alexis Raptis 270 / Roman Khrennikov 279
2.- Emily Rolfe 246 / Jay Crouch 258
3.- Arielle Loewen 225 / Spencer Panchik 225
4.- Emma Lawson 222 / Moritz Fiebig 216
5.- Annie Thorisdottir 216 / Samuel Cournoyer 204
6.- Bethany Flores 204 / Brent Fikowski 201
7.- Laura Horvath 202 / Jonne Koski 198
8.- Paige Powers 198 / Patrick Vellner 196
9.- Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir 188 / Dallin Pepper 195
10.- Jamie Simmonds 183 / Bk Gudmundsson 194

For time:

126-foot sled push, starting with all six kettlebells 
Then 3 rounds for time:
2 legless rope climbs
12 kettlebell clean and jerks
42-foot sled push, starting with two kettlebells*.
*add two kettlebells to the sled after each round
Time cap: 18 minutes

In the first heat, Brazil's Kaique Cerveny was the first to complete the sled push but Justin Medeiros caught up with him on the rope climbs.

In the following climbs to the rope, Medeiros distanced himself from Cerveny. The Brazilian lost grip and was out of the fight for the wod. From that moment on, Jack Farlow, Medeiros and Kwant were the three athletes in the lead.

Medeiros, exhausted, walked slowly toward the rope-climbs as Farlow increased his distance. Farlow took the first heat with a time of 12:54. Shorunke edged out Medeiros, who eventually took third with a time of 14:31.

In the second heat, everything pointed to a victory for Roman Khrennikov who was the winner of this event last year. However Fikowski did not make it easy for him and was continuously on his heels. Fikowski overtook Roman before the last rope climbs but Roman made them before the Canadian....

Roman won the event with a time of 12:34.

1.- Roman Khrennikov 12:34
Jack Farlow 12:54
3.- Brent Fikowski 13:21
4.- Dallin Pepper 13:57
5.- David Shorunke 14:04

In the first women's heat, Emma Cary took the lead but had trouble with the rope climbs, at which point she was overtaken by Paige Semeza and Alexia Williams. Rebecka Vitesson eventually made it the furthest but no woman in the first heat was able to finish the event.

In the second heat, Laura Horvath, last year's winner of this event, took the lead followed by Alex Gazan and Emma Tall. Gazan overtook her in the rope climbs. Finally it was a duel between Emma Tall and Alex Gazan but it would be the Swedish Tall who crossed the finish line first. Gazan, exhausted, was overtaken by Horvath for second place.

Alexis Raptis was 5th, accumulating 4 results in the TOP 5, thus keeping the leader's jersey.

1.- Emma Tall 15:54
2.- Laura Horvath 16:36
3.- Alex Gazan 17:25
4.- Emma Lawson 17:35
5.- Alexis Raptis 17:45

For time:

30-calorie SkiErg
30 sandbag squats 125/200 lb 56/90 kg
20-calorie SkiErg 
20 sandbag squats 125/200 lb 56/90 kg

Time cap: 6 minutes

Samuel Kwant set the best time in the first heat with 4:34. Olenkowicz 4:54 was the best in the second heat. In the third heat, Colten Mertens set the best time with 4:30. And Chandler Smith received a standing ovation as he crossed the finish line with the best time of the last heat 4:57.

1.- Colten Mertens 4:30
Samuel Kwant 4:34
3.- Justin Medeiros 4:51
4.- Jelle Hoste 4:53
5.- Bronislaw Olenkowicz 4:54

In the first women's heat, Ella Wunger was the only one to finish the wod with a time of 5:54. Ellie Turner won the second heat in just 5:58. In the third heat, Kerstetter would post the fastest time so far with a 5:50. In the last heat, Laura Horvath smashed the best time with a 4:36.

1.- Laura Horvath 4:36
Alex Gazan 5:50
3.- Olivia Kerstetter 5:50
4.- Ella Wunger 5:54
5.- Ellie Turner 5:58

3 rounds for time:

400-meter run
12 bar muscle-ups
21 dumbbell snatches (35/50 lb) (22.5/16 kg)

Time cap: 11 minutes

After this event the number of athletes will be cut to 30.

In the first heat Kalyan Souza set the best time with 8:37. In the next heat, Upenieks was the winner with 8:19. Will Moorad would improve the mark with a result of 8:05. Jeffrey Adler lowered the time of 8 minutes with 7:56 in the last heat.

1.- Jeffrey Adler 7:56
2.- Will Moorad 8:05
3.- Lazar Djukic 8:08
4.- Noah Ohlsen 8:12
5.- Roman Khrennikov 8:13

Laura Horvath came to this event with the leader's jersey and started the race in the lead. Emma Lawson, new leader of the competition, and Alexis Raptis, by just one point, beat her in the overall.

1.- Jamie Simmonds 8:27
Emma Cary 8:38
3.- Alexis Raptis 8:40
4.- Arielle Loewen 8:42
5.- Emma Lawson 8:44

1.- Emma Lawson 477/ Roman Khrennikov 543
2.- Alexis Raptis 458 / Jeffrey Adler 443
3.- Laura Horvath 457 / Chandler Smith 432
4.- Alex Gazan 450 / Jay Crouch 411
5.- Arielle Loewen 432 / Brent Fikowski 405
6.- Jamie Simmonds 388 / BK Gudmundsson 401
7.- Annie Thorisdottir 388 / Patrick Vellner 392
8.- Bethany Flores 370 / Jelle Hoste 364
9.- Emma Tall 361 / Bayley Martin 363
10.- Paige Powers 350 / Jonne Koski 357

One of the negative surprises is Jayson Hopper, the athlete missed the cut (31st) with 3 results above 30th position. Last year he was 7th in the CrossFit Games 2022.

For time:
Run 5K
Time cap: 30 minutes

The distance covered was 4.48km according to Fabian Beneito's watch.

Women and men came out at the same time.

Emily Rolfe was the favorite of the event on the women's side. The athlete ended up winning the 100 points.

On the men's side, we had several athletes with a chance. They included Adler, Khrennikov, rookie Jelle Hoste and Lazar Djukic. This group quickly took the lead and Jelle Hoste commented in the interview that he stepped on the gas when he saw Adler slowing his pace, to take his first win at a CrossFit Games event.

1.- Emily Rolfe 17:48
2.- Katrin Davidsdottir 18:20
3.- Arielle Loewen 18:21
4.- Alexis Raptis 18:26
5.- Gabriela Migala 18:27

1.- Jelle Hoste 16:39
Jeffrey Adler 16:46
3.- Roman Khrennikov 16:57
4.- Lazar Djukic 17:02
5.- Brent Fikowski 17:07

2 intervals for total time:

21 box jump-overs (20/24 inches)
15-calorie row
9 burpee box jump-overs 
21 box jump-overs 
15-calorie row
9 burpee box jump-overs (36/48 inches)

Rest until 6-minute mark, then:

9 burpee box jump-overs
15-calorie row
21 box jump-overs
9 burpee box jump-overs 
15-calorie row
21 box jump-overs 

Time cap: 12 minutes

In the first heat, Kelly Baker, who had missed the cut but due to the withdrawal of Ellie Turner entered at the last moment, set the best time with 8:41.

In the second heat, Emma Cary achieved a new best time of 8:01.

In the third heat, Emma Lawson, was the fastest of the event.

1.- Emma Lawson 7:48
Emma Cary 8:01
3.- Arielle Loewen 8:11
4.- Gabriela Migala 8:17
5.- Emma Tall 8:19

In the first men's heat, the best time was set by Finland's Henrik Hapalaainen 8:01 followed by Fabian Beneito with 8:15.

In the second, Koski cut the time to 7:45.

In the last heat, Roman Khrennikov messed up. First the judge made him repeat a BJO and then he skipped a box jump station and went straight to the rowing. The judge yelled at him but the Russian had a hard time reacting. Finally he came back and this mistake cost him the loss of a lot of time. From then on he lost concentration in the rest of the wod and was 20th.

An acclaimed Vellner achieved the best time in the race and the 100 points with a time of 7:21.

1.- Patrick Vellner 7:21
2.- Jonne Koski 7:45
Bayley Martin 7:50
4.- BK Gudmundsson 7:53
5.- Dallin Pepper 7:55

For load:

1-rep-max snatch
1-rep-max clean and jerk

Athletes will have 2 attempts at each lift.
Time cap: 20 seconds per lift.

After this event the number of athletes will be cut to 20.

1.- Laura Horvath 470 lb.
2.- Christine Kolenbrander 447 lb.
3.- Karin Freyová 446 lb.
Amanda Barnhart 444 lb
Gabriela Migala 436 lb.

Canadian Jack Farlow, only 21 years old, performed a clean & jerk with 180 kg. Record in official competition in 2023.

Jack Farlow 701 lb
2.- Bronislaw Olenkowicz 680 lb.
3.- Nick Mathew 644 lb
4.- Jeffrey Adler 642 lb
Moritz Fiebig 642 lb.

1.- Emma Lawson 729 / Roman Khrennikov 716
2.- Laura horvath 681 / Jeffrey Adler 703
3.- Arielle Loewen 668 / Chandler Smith 628
4.- Alexis Raptis 626 / Patrick Vellner 612
5.- Gabriela Migala 593 / Brent Fikowski 606
6.- Alex Gazan 576 / Jay Crouch 588
7.- Annie Thorisdottir 531 / Bayley Martin 559
8.- Emma Cary 521 / BK Gudmundsson 545
9.- Emma Tall 518 / Lazar Djukic 531
10.- Katrin Davidsdottir 516 / Jelle Hoste 530

5 rounds for time:

7 muscle-ups
1 sandbag over 3 logs

(Rounds 1-4 = (100/150 lb 45/68 kg),
Round 5 = (125/200 lb )

Time cap: 13 minutes

Jeffrey Adler takes 30 points from Khrennikov and moves into first place, wearing the leader's outfit for the first time.

1.- Jeffrey Adler 7:28
2.- Jonne Koski 7:31
3.- Jelle Hoste 7:47
4.- Roman Khrennikov 7:52
5.- Patrick Vellner 7:55

Laura Horvath led the entire race and closed the gap to Emma Lawson who was 6th.

1.- Laura Horvath 8:41
Alex Gazan 8:59
3.- Arielle Loewen 9:38
4.- Paige Powers 9:41
5.- Emma Tall 9:46

8 rounds for time:

Down-and-back P-bar traverse 
30 heavy-rope double-unders 
1 section hand-over-hand sled pull

Time cap: 15 minutes

Roman Khrennikov broke his foot in the previous event and limped into this event. He did 120 double unders to one leg and received a standing ovation from the entire crowd.

You can watch the video here

1.- Brent Fikowski 7:45
2.- Patrick Vellner 7:49
3.- Jonne Koski 8:02
4.- BK Gudmundsson 8:02
5.- Dallin Pepper 8:17

1.- Laura Horvath 8:36
Danielle Brandon 8:08
3.- Alex Gazan 9:16
4.- Paige Powers 9:18
5.- Emma Cary 9:27

For time:

Echo Bike calories
Thrusters (85/115 lb) (95/135 lb) (105/155 lb)
Then, 66-foot overhead walking lunge (105/155 lb)

Time cap: 10 minutes

22 points separated Laura Horvath from Emma Lawson. The Hungarian took the lead and Lawson was always behind. However, Davidsdottir and Cary were faster and overtook her in the walking lunges. Finally Davidsdottir passed first, Horvath second and Cary third.

Olivia Kerstetter was the fastest in the first heat.

1.- Olivia Kerstetter 7:22
2.- Katrin Davidsdottir 7:33
3.- Gabriela Migala 7:40
4.- Laura Horvath 7:41
5.- Emma Cary 7:42

1.- Dallin Pepper 6:44
Samuel Kwant 6:48
3.- Justin Medeiros 7:00
4.- Jonne Koski 7:08
5.- Jeffrey Adler 7:09


South African Jason Smith, winner of the African semifinal, has had his participation in the CrossFit Games withdrawn for testing positive in the Semifinals.

The substances detected were exogenous 5a-androstane-3a,17b-diol (5aAdiol) and 5b-androstane-3a,17b-diol (5bAdiol).

Conrad Winnertz was next in line but has declined the invitation due to injury.

Athletes participating

North America EastAlex Gazan
Katrin Davidsdottir
Arielle Loewen
Christine Kolenbrander
Bethany Flores
Emily Rolfe
Olivia Kerstetter
Abigail Domit
Baylee Rayl
Kelly Baker
Patrick Vellner
Brent Fikowski
Samuel Kwant
Cole Greashaber
Justin Medeiros
Chandler Smith
Nick Mathew
Colten Mertens
Cole Sager
Western North AmericaEmma Cary
Danielle Brandon
Amanda Barnhart
Emma Lawson
Alexis Raptis
Paige Powers
Sydney Wells
Feerozeh Saghafi
Shelby Neal
Caroline Stanley*
Paige Semenza
Jeffrey Adler
Jayson Hopper
Dallin Pepper
Roman Khrennikov
Samuel Cournoyer
Will Moorad
Noah Ohlsen
Luke Parker
Alex Vigneault
Jack Farlow
James Sprague*
Spencer Panchik
EuropeGabriela Migala
Annie Thorisdottir
Laura Horvath
Emma Tall
Karin Freyova
Matilde Garnes
Manon Angones
Ella Wunger
Elisa Fuliano
Emma Mcquaid
Rebecka Vitesson
Lazar Djukic
Henrik Haapaleinen
Moritz Fiebig
Jelle Hoste*
Jonne Koski
Uldis Upenieks
David Shorunke
Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson
Bronislaw Olenkowicz
Michal Wesolowski*
Fabian Beneito
OceaniaEllie Turner
Jamie Simmonds
Emily De Rooy*
Jay Crouch
Bayley Martin
Jake Douglas
South AmericaVictoria Campos
Alexia Williams
Kaique Cerveny* Kaique Cerveny* Kaique Cerveny* Kaique Cerveny* Kaique Cerveny
Kalyan Souza*
AsiaSeher Kaya
Shahad Budebs

Arthur Semenov
 ̶M̶o̶r̶t̶e̶z̶a̶ ̶S̶e̶d̶a̶g̶h̶a̶t̶*̶ (Visa problems)
Ant Haynes

AfricaMichelle Basnett

 ̶J̶a̶s̶o̶o̶n̶n̶ ̶S̶m̶i̶t̶h̶ (doping positive)
No backfill. Invited to the next but declined due to injury.

*Rookie (First time participating in the CrossFit Games).

Results Team

For time in M/F pairs:

Accumulate 175 overhead squats

Starting every 2 minutes:
12/9-calorie SkiErg each (M/F)
1 seated legless rope climb each (M/F)
Max-reps synchro overhead squats
When 2 minutes are up, the first pair stops working and returns while the second pair begins working.

Each pair will have 4 intervals to work (8 total intervals).

With two bikes per team, maximum laps in one hour.

1.- Crossfit Invictus 176
2.- Crossfit Oslo Navy Blue 173
3.- Crossfit East Nashville Prvn 167
4.- Crossfit Oba 158
5.- No Shortcuts CrossFit 158

For load:

1-rep-max snatch

1-rep-max clean and jerk

For time:

Run 5K as a team.
The team must hold on to a rope throughout the course.

Time cap: None

Complete as many reps as possible in 3 minutes:


400-m shuttle run
Max-reps snatches

Two athletes from the team will complete this test. F1 will have 3 minutes to work before releasing M1 to complete the test. After 6 minutes, the last two team members will immediately move on to test 7.

For time:


10 snatches
400-m shuttle run

Once the athlete crosses the finish line, M2 will be released.

Time cap: 6 minutes (both athletes)