Date and information about the Crossfit Open 2019

This year we have a season of many changes, but some things remain unchanged and we still have the Open as a way to qualify for the Games, although some variables have been introduced that will make it a little more different from what we knew until now.

The Open is not a CrossFit competition as such, for the vast majority is a way to measure your physical fitness by comparing yourself to all other people to do those same Wods for 5 weeks.

CrossFit Open 2019 Dates

If you are a crossfitero, I hope you are not still doubting whether or not it is worth signing up for the Open. Of course you have to sign up! It's a celebration in which the whole CrossFit® community is involved, so don't miss out. 

The official dates for this 2019 are:

Open 19.1: February 22-25

open 19.1

15' Amrap:

19 wall ball shots

19 cal row

Athletes Kelly Friel, Samantha Briggs and Steven Fawcett have been the first to perform the wod in the live announcement at Royal Docks CrossFit. 

Simultaneously, 19.1 was announced in France through the organization of the French Throwdown, and in Brazil through Brazil CrossFit Championship.

This year has been particularly different, and we have found the absence of the media Dave Castro in the live announcement of the Open. Not only that, but he has been keeping a very low profile on his social networks when he had us used to all those meaningless photos that he was supposed to give us as a "hint" before the official announcement of each Open.

Open 19.2: March 1-4

It is a "repeat", this means that it has been previously released in another Open, specifically 16.2.
8-min. AMRAP + bonus time:
25 toes-to-bars
50 double-unders
15 squat cleans, 61 / 38 kg
25 toes-to-bars
50 double-unders
13 squat cleans, 83 / 52 kg

Once all these repetitions have been completed in 8 minutes, another 4 minutes are added to complete the next succession of movements in which the repetitions decrease as the kilograms of the load increases. 

The score is the number of repetitions completed in the time window you have been able to reach, or the time of less than 20 minutes if you have been able to progress through all of them.

Here is my old 16.2:

Open 19.3: March 8-11

For time:
60 m dumbbell overhead lunge
50 dumbbell box step-ups
50 strict handstand push-ups
60 m handstand walk

M 22.5 kg dumbbell / 60 cm box height
W 15 kg dumbbell / 50 cm box height

Time cap: 10 minutes

And just as some experts were predicting about the Open, the strict movements arrived. The first part of the wod has no difficulty, neither in the movement itself nor in the kilos with which they have to be done. The moment in which the RX and non-RX will really be differentiated will be when reaching the 50 wall push-ups without kipping.

Movement standards in 19.3

To correctly mark the ground clearanceIn the first segment, a first mark should be made with tape on the ground and a final mark at 7.5 meters distance. In between, there should be 5 segments, with lines every 1.5 meters. Each time the athlete completes one of the segments, it counts as 1 repetition. When the athlete reaches the end, he/she will have to turn around and continue until 8 laps are completed. 

If at any time the athlete does not meet the standards of the movement, he/she must move back to the immediately preceding line to continue with the wod. In the case of the strides it is important that the dumbbell always remains above the athlete's head, and that there is full hip extension with each step. It is not mandatory to change dumbbell hands.

In the case of the hand stand walkIf the athlete falls before the end of the segment, he/she must restart the movement on the previous line.

For the step upsIf the athlete fails to do the step up, it is important that the athlete does not assist with the hand that is free of the dumbbell, that the athlete completes full hip extension when at the top of the box and that the athlete alternates each step up. Failure in any of these requirements will result in the repetition being judged invalid.

The standard of the hand stand push ups has changed from last year. Regardless of the height of each athlete, a square must be marked on the floor simulating the figure of a box placed in the usual position of RX for girls. That is the space that each athlete has to place the palm of the hands. The fingers may exceed these marks. As it is compulsory to perform the exercise in a strict manner, if at any time the hip assistance is used, the movement will be counted as a non-rep.

In any case, I recommend you to visit the official website of CrossFit Games for a more detailed analysis of the movement standards of each of the exercises.

Open 19.4: March 15-18

For total time:
3 rounds of:
10 snatches (43kg / 29kg)
12 bar-facing burpees
Then, rest 3 minutes before continuing with:
3 rounds of:
10 bar muscle-ups
12 bar-facing burpees

Time cap: 12 minutes

Movement standards in 19.4

The weight of the snatch PR is quite low, making it comfortable for many athletes to perform muscle snacth.

As for the burpeeThe movement standards have changed once again this year. The athlete is now required to jump with both feet together, but is not required to enter or exit the burpee with both feet together. It is important that the athlete is completely perpendicular to the bar while executing the burpee movement.

For the muscle upsIf the athlete is not allowed to wear callipers or use tape on the bar, the athlete may either wear callipers or use tape on the bar, but is not allowed to wear both at the same time. Kipping is permitted and the athlete must end up fully extended on the bar.

Open 19.5: March 22-25

33-27-21-15-9 reps for time of:
Thrusters 43kg/29Kg
Chest-to-bar pull-ups

Time cap: 20 minutes

No one could imagine an Open without trusters or chest to bar pull ups, and indeed, Dave did not disappoint and saved the best for last.

There are no new movement standards to consider, this wod is one of those that show how hard you want to work in this sport.

In the live announcement made by Mat Fraser and Tia Clair Toomey in Miami, the current fittest on earth, have achieved 6.53 for Mat and 7.48 respectively. With these times we can only understand that Dave Castro has put this time cap with the illusion that the majority of mortals who practice this sport can finish it.

Good luck to all of you, especially in managing your grip and heart rate. Courage, we are one step away from closing the first Open of this 2019.

2019 with two Open

For the first time in history, this season we are going to have two Open because the dates of these qualifiers are moved to October. From now on we say goodbye to the Open in February-March, to have them, I insist, in October.  

Therefore, the 2020 season will start in October with the Open right after the 2019 Games in August. With this change, the season starts much earlier with the Open and will continue with a lot of sanctioned events distributed all over the calendar and all over the geography.

What's new at the 2019 Open

This year more than ever you can customize the ranking in your own way depending on the group you want to compare yourself with. In addition to the general ranking by gender, age, country, you can now add #hashtags if for example you want to see how the #anabelpump community is doing. Or you can build the table according to your profession, your box, or many other criteria that are available to make the Open even more exciting.

CrossFit Open Registration and Pricing

If you have already decided that you would like to participate, to register just visit . The cost is $20 dollars You will be able to do the wods that hundreds of thousands of people are doing at the same time all over the world and you will be able to know where you are in the ranking, and your athlete account will have a history of all the Opens you decide to register.

Review of Open scores

With the change in the system for qualifying for the Games, now more than ever the Open is very important in this process.

Since the end of March, the best athletes from each country have been in contact with the CrossFit Games organizers who have requested videos of several of the events. The goal is to be able to ensure that the athletes meet 100% with all the repetitions and that the scores are real.

After this long review process, several cases have been detected in which athletes have been penalized because they have not complied with the movement standards at all times, and have committed "no rep" repetitions that they had considered valid. This is why some results on the leaderboard have been altered.

It seems that the review process is being stricter than it has been to date and according to the Games manager, Justin Bergh, This will be the line to be followed from now on.

What happened to Devin Ford?

The most scandalous case has been that of Devin Ford, an athlete who has competed in the East Regional 6 times, has suffered a penalty in his results, a penalty that for many is insufficient.

Announced as the Open 19.3 the athlete, ran up the score on his second attempt with a time of 8:24 and realized that he would missing 10 hand stand push ups of the 50 he was supposed to complete in the wod. When asked for the video proof, the athlete provided as proof his first attempt where he did complete the wod but it did not correspond to that time but it was a worse time, 8:49.

CrossFit considered that a penalty should be added to that time, an average of 7 seconds for each of the hand stands he did not complete, and the total time is 9.34. And even with that time, the American athlete still managed to sneak into the world top 20 and receive your invitation to the CrossFit Games.

The athlete, who did not maintain a very active social profile, decided to defend himself on his Instagramclaiming that although this social platform only served for many to brag, he was now going to share how hard work had brought him to that place as an athlete.

Criticism soon followed and many of the top athletes in the sport, such as Patrick Vellner, Brent Fikwoski, Travis Williams, Lukas Esslinger, Dakota Rager, Tim Paulson... spoke up and called him a cheater, and called for better measures from CrossFit Games to make it a fair and just game for all.

There have been other cases and comparisons are inevitable. A Rich Froning in 19.2, a 3-second penalty was added because he missed one double underIs the way in which penalties are decided fair? In a sport where rep and no rep is very clear, should the standards of review and penalties follow a standard?

The controversy is more than served. Share the article with your crossfitter friends so you can comment on the play.

Video review system

It is not the first case that generates a big scandal. Do you remember precisely Brooke Wells' hand stand push ups? At the last Open in 2018, Brooke Wells did not receive any penalty by the repetitions he performed of the hand stand push ups that at least clearly did not demonstrate that he was meeting the movement standards.

In the video, which was also removed from the Internet, it could be seen that the athlete did not go over the sign of the wall with the heels of her feet in most of her repetitions.

If it is clear that she is a great Games athlete, HQ decided that the athlete "had already demonstrated that she was capable of doing the movement" so they did not take it into account. It was a very unexpected decision considering that in this sport, rep and no rep is very clear. The decision did not seem to be in terms of objectivity and was not very well received by the fans in the community.