Dates and wods of the CrossFit Open 2020

After this first 2019 full of changes in the structure of the Games, the 2020 season is about to start.

Unlike 2019, the Open marks the start of the season. It will be the first event through which athletes can qualify for the World Championships. CrossFit Games 2020. From here the sanctionals season will start with a total of 34 competitions.

Many competitions affiliated with CrossFit Games have already warned that they will use the results of the Open to qualify.

Open 20.1 - October 10

And we have an official date for the opening of the Open. October 10, 2010 will be the starting point of the 5 weeks of online competition. As always, the chosen time is 2:00 am Spanish time.

Announcement from:

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Austin, Texas (United States)

The U.S.-based materials company ROGUE will kick off the 2020 Open with a head-to-head match between two of the sport's greats. The legend Rich Froningwinner of 4 editions of CrossFit Games as an individual and 3 as a team, will face another athlete with a long trajectory in this sport, Scott Panchik.

crossfit open 20.1 presentation

We assume that it will be possible to watch it live from its Youtube channel.


Two of the best athletes in the country, Carole Castellani and Sabrina Caron will make the face-to-face meeting organized by the team of the French Throwdown.

In addition, after the notable absence of the Games director in the past few years Open 2019we once again have Dave Castro active in his social networks giving these "clues". that are supposed to help us guess the wod.

CrossFit Open 20.1 RX en

10 rounds of:
8 ground to overhead (43kg?/29kg?)
10 burpee facing the bar
TIMECAP: 15 min

open crossfit 20.1

In the duel between Rich Froning and Scott Panchik, the winner was Panchik with an unofficial time of 9:24 while the CrossFit legend clocked an unofficial time of 10:00.

CrossFit Open 20.1 SCALED en

10 rounds of:
8 ground to overhead (29kg?/20kg?)
10 burpee facing the bar
TIMECAP: 15 min

Step up is allowed. For the movement standards of each of the divisions, please consult the official Games website.

Strategy 20.1

The weight of the bar is light for most athletes doing the wod, being. the snatch the fastest ground to overhead movement. The focus should be on the burpees and transitions.

Most of the time will have to be spent doing the burpees. so it is important to perform sets that maximize performance while minimizing rests.

It will be a good WOD for athletes who have managed to make burpees a very efficient movement. Good luck to all!

Elena Carratalá's Open 20.1

We were able to travel to CrossFit 4 Friends in Vilareal to record the first attempt at the Elena Carratalá with 20.1.

The best results of the 20.1

Here you have the analysis of the marks of the best athletes at both international and national level, as well as some interviews with the best Spanish athletes in the ranking.

International men

8:05 Lefteris Theofanidis - Greece
8:16 Cédric Lapointe - Canada
8:16 Christian Lucero - USA

International women

7:41 Emma Mcquaid - Ireland
8:01 Samantha Briggs - England
8:16 Sara Sigmundsdottir - Iceland

National men

9:29 Javi Bustos Murillo
9:35 Gabi Castro
9:36 Fabian Beneito
9:39 Juaniyo Hernandez
9:41 Francesc Xavier Serra

National women

9:33 Sara Alicia Fernandez Costas
9:45 Elena Carratala Sanahuja
9:50 Oihana Moya
10:13 Rita Garcia
10:38 Eva Cortiella

Open 20.2 - October 17

We are ready for the announcement of the next challenge, the 20.2. If you want to watch live any of the connections that will be made live, you must be ready at the following time. 2:00 am Spanish time in the early hours of Thursday to Friday morning.

Advertisement in 2 locations:


Presentation of the Australian CrossFit Championship at CrossFit Newcastle (NSW, Australia). You will be able to watch it live on the official facebook page of the competition with Khan Porter and Matt Mcleod.
The unofficial times of those brave enough to have submitted the wod are:
McLeod 896 repetitions (that's more than 26 rounds!!!!)
Porter 803 repetitions


Presentation of the CrossFit Atlas Games at CrossFIt St. Jean (Quebec, Canada). If you want to see the duel between Carolyne Prevost vs. Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault you must connect to the official CrossFit Games website.

In the girls' live show, you can watch them non-stop, it is more difficult to know their result because there was no counter and most of the comments are in French, but if you want a good dose of motivation you can go see them on .

CrossFit Open 20.2 RX en


4 Dumbbell Thrusters (22,5kg?/15kg?)
6 Toes to bar
24 Double Unders

Time CAP 20 min

open 20.2 crossfit

CrossFit Open 20.2 SCALED en


4 dumbbell thrusters (15kg?/10kg?)
6 hanging knee-raises
24 single unders

Time CAP 20 min

Open standards 20.2

We recommend that you review the movement standards for each division directly at the official CrossFit website.

Strategy 20.2

In a wod of this type in which the work must be maintained for 20 minutes, the most important thing is to find a rhythm. For the majority of mortals who will make the Open, we cannot imagine a wod without breaks, but we must plan them so that they are as efficient as possible..

The range of repetitions is small enough to not having to do in mini-seriesand if you have to break, keep that structure. of series during the entire wod. Count your breaks1,2,3,4,5... and start again.

It is important not to start on fire, otherwise it will be impossible for you to have a good result because your performance will plummet.

And if you're still stuck on double unders, now is the best time to learn how to get them out. Need a tip for double unders? Here's one of the videos that has helped the most people. This is how I learned to do DU.

Open 20.2 with Fabián Beneito

We have traveled to CrossFit Alzira to record to Fabian Beneitosecond Spaniard in the 2019 Open.

The best results of the 20.2

We already have the best athletes at both international and national level, as well as some interviews with the best Spanish athletes in the ranking.

International men

1030 Frederik Aegidius - Denmark
1028 Derek Saltou - United States
1024 Lefteris Theofanidis - Greece

  • Following the review of the videos to the top 40 athletes, Aegidius receives a penalty which made him drop many places in the table. In this wod he was ranked 1174th in the world.

International women

1045 Kristin Holte - Norway
1043 Jamie Greene - New Zealand
1026 Sara Sigmundsdottir - Iceland

National men

929 Ruben Insua
928 Jose Gallego
928 Alexander Anasagasti
925 Fabian Beneito
925 Asier Sanchez

  • José Gallego receives a penalty in the wod after the review in his video. The score adjustment causes him to lose his position brings him to 789 in this wod.

National women

941 Rita Garcia
912 Sara Alicia Fernandez
859 Silvia Garcia
845 Elena Carratala
816 Sara Valera

Open 20.3 - October 24

Advertisement in 2 locations:

Oslo, Norway

We have double face to face in CrossFit Gamlebyen. The first, which will measure the second fittest woman on the planet in 2019, Kristin Holte, against the first Norwegian to participate in the Games, national champion Nico Billaudel. The second head-to-head will be between Matilde Garnes and Rebeck Vitessontwo athletes who have participated in Team Games. The event is organized by the Norwegian CrossFit Championship.

Sydney, Australia

The second location is Sydney, Australia. The head-to-head here is between a man and a woman who are themselves two of the best known athletes in this region. Madeline Sturt with 4 participations in CrossFit Games at only 22 years of age and James Newbury who placed 5th in the past CrossFit Games 2019.

Where can it be viewed?

Both events can be viewed directly at

CrossFit Open 20.3 RX en

Diane21-15-9 reps of:
Deadlifts, (102kg?/70kg?)
Handstand push-ups
Then, 21-15-9 reps of:
Deadlifts, (143kg?/93kg?)
50-ft (15.24m). handstand walk after each set
TIMECAP: 9 min

open crossfit 20.3

CrossFit Open 20.3 SCALED en

For time:
21 deadlifts, (61kg?/43kg?)
21 hand-release push-ups
15 deadlifts, (61kg?/43kg?)
15 hand-release push-ups
9 deadlifts, (61kg?/43kg?)
9 hand-release push-ups
21 deadlifts, (83kg?/61kg?)
50-ft. bear walk
15 deadlifts, (83kg?/61kg?)
50-ft. bear walk
9 deadlifts, (83kg?/61kg?)
50-ft. bear walk

Time cap: 9 min.

20.3 is a "REDO" of 18.4

20.3 Standards

You can download the scorecard and standards here .

How to draw the lines on the floor?

hand stand walk open lines
  • Before starting, the floor should be marked in 5-foot segments. Most tape measures have cm on one side and ft on the other.
    measuring feet in crossfit
  • You must draw 5 segments on the ground so that they are 25 ft/ft in one direction and 25 ft/ft in the other.
  • It is not valid to walk more than 25 feet without turning around.

Strategy 20.3

Much of the effort should be focused on the hspu since the standard of movement gives very little margin for error, it is very easy to lose time with no reps, and it is also uselessly tiring.

Take your measurements, mark the line that should exceed your heels. and ask someone to keep an eye on you. Practice this in your warm-up to get the hang of the movement and not waste time and energy on pine push-ups.

For most mortals, this is a type of wod that never ends. Your motivation should be to beat the mark of two Opens ago.

Open 20.3 with Susana López

This time we visited Susana López at Box Dir Maragall to record her first attempt at the open 20.3.

The best results of the 20.3

We already have the best athletes at both international and national level, as well as some interviews with the best Spanish athletes in the ranking.

International men

5:48 Austin Malleolo - United States
6:05 Cody Mooney - United States
6:08 Mathew Fraser - United States

International women

5:21 Annie Thorisdottir - Iceland
5:21 Brooke Wells - United States
5:37 Kari Pearce - United States

National men

7:55 Jose Daniel Rodriguez
7:59 Alexander Anasagasti
8:33 Pol Palomé
8:37 Rafa Fernández Boza
8:44 Fernando Llaneza

National women

7:39 Sara Alicia Fernandez
8:04 Rita Garcia
8:34 Elena Carratalá
8:48 Silvia Garcia Ixquierdo
160 Judit Torrabadella
155 Patricia Rodriguez

Open 20.4 - October 31

Advertisement in 2 locations:

California, United States

Coinciding with Halloween night, the athletes of the Ben SmithSean Sweeney and Jason Carroll will go head to head for the presentation of the 20.4. Diablo CrossFitThe ideal place for Halloween night, isn't it?

Varese, Italy

The second location is organized by the CrossFit Italian Showdown and the athletes who will be competing against each other are Stefano Carosso and Marta Ricottini.

where to watch crossfit open 20.4

Where can it be viewed?

The easiest way to access the live events is directly at

CrossFit Open 20.4 RX en

If last week Dave scared us with a wrecked vehicle, for this one things don't look much better with a small story in which the main characters die. Many imagine a deadbyFor the first time, the track would make a lot of sense, but there can still be many possible combinations of exercises.

open crossfit 20.4

For time:
30 box jumps
15 clean and jerks, ?29 kg | ?43 kg.
30 box jumps
15 clean and jerks, ?38 kg | ?61 kg.
30 box jumps
10 clean and jerks, ?52 kg | ?83 kg.
30 single-leg squats
10 clean and jerks, ?65 kg | ?102 kg.
30 single-leg squats
5 clean and jerks, ?79 kg | ?124 kg.
30 single-leg squats
5 clean and jerks, ?93 kg | ?142 kg.

? 20-in. box
? 24-in. box

Time cap: 20 minutes

CrossFit Open 20.4 SCALED en

For time:
30 box jumps, 24 in.
15 clean and jerks, ?15kg | ?29 kg.
30 box jumps, 24 in.
15 clean and jerks, ?25 kg | ?43 kg.
30 box jumps, 24 in.
10 clean and jerks, ?34 kg | ?52 kg.
30 medicine-ball step-ups, ?6kg|?9 kg
10 clean and jerks, ?43 kg | ?61 kg.
30 medicine-ball step-ups, ?6kg|?9 kg.
5 clean and jerks, ?52 kg | ?70 kg.
30 medicine-ball step-ups, ?6kg|?9 kg
5 clean and jerks, ?61 kg | ?83 kg.

? 20-in. box
? 24-in. box

Time cap: 20 minutes

How to make a pistol squat

I hope this video helps you if you need help with this one-legged squat movement.

20.4 Standards

You can download the scorecard and standards here.

Strategy 20.4

If you have been able to see the elite athletes doing this wod you will realize that this wod is not meant to be finished by the rest of mortals like you and me. The best time in Diablo CrossFit has been of 16.40 by Ben SmithThe unofficial mark. His two presentation partners, although they have been very close, have not finished all the work in time.

Box jumps and burpees can be a tough combination but with the right tempo for your level, you can build up the reps. The problem will come in the bar that really ends up too heavy.

We were missing a very high rm or weight in the Open, here we have it 🙂 Best of luck to all.

Open 20.4 with Damián Martínez

The best results of the 20.4

With only one week to go before the Open is concluded, the names that are planning to stay at the top of the table are starting to become clear.

International men

12:41 Jeffrey Adler - Canada
14:22 Mathew Fraser- United States
14:30 Tola Morakinyo - USA

International women

11:08 Sasha Nievas - Argentina
11:11 Ragnheidur Sara Sigmundsdottir - Iceland
12:24 Annie Thorisdottir - Iceland

National men

16:51 Fabian Beneito (ranked 30th in the world)
238 Aniol Ekai
238 Javier Gonzalez
237 Pablo Cazalis
237 Javier González Fernández

National women

16:56 Sara Alicia Fernandez
17:23 Elena Carratalá Sanahuja
19:55 Evii Ferro
238 Susana López
237 Oihana Moya

Open 20.5 - November 7

Advertisement in 2 locations:

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

To finish this Open we will have Annie Thorisdottir, now 4th in the world, and Patrik Vellner 2nd in the general classification.

Both athletes are veterans of the CrossFit Games, are in very good position to earn their invitation to the 2020 Games with the Open, and have previously been live announcing the Open.

Castelnau-le-Lez, France

Another option to see the first attempt at elite athletes with this wod is by watching the Willy Georges vs. Streat Hoerner head-to-head.

Georges has been the fittest man in France consecutively these last 3 years. Both with the feeling that at the Games they had more to prove even though the new cutting system left them out of the finals.

Where can it be viewed?

The easiest way to access the live events is directly at If you are in Spain it will be at 1.00 am. Although if you don't want to get up early, you can also watch them at the same link at any other time.

CrossFit Open 20.5 RX en

Dave has given us food for thought again with his latest track. A piece of plastic that at one end is one fork and on the other a spoon. Many see very clearly that there will be kipping, and that there will be 5 movements in representation of this image. Others still think that Castro is just playing a game of misdirection.

open crossfit 20.5

For time, to complete as desired (series of each athlete's choice):
40 muscle-ups
80-cal. row
120 wall-ball shots

? 6kg. ball to 9 ft.
? 9 kg. ball to 10 ft.

Time cap: 20 minutes

CrossFit Open 20.5 SCALED en

For time, partitioned any way:
40 chin-over-bar pull-ups
80-cal. row
120 wall-ball shots, 14-lb. ball to 10 ft.

Time cap: 20 min.

? 4 kg. ball to 9 ft.
? 6 kg. ball to 10 ft.

20.5 Standards

You can download the scorecard and standards here.

Strategy 20.5

We are not accustomed to the fact that the director of the Games let us share out the wod as we please. Undoubtedly, the strategy that each athlete designs according to his strengths and weaknesses will make the difference in the final result.

The wod once again has a wide time cap, the most advisable is to start with the exercises that you master, intercalate them between them to reduce specific fatigue, and leave for the end the exercise that is stuck "to try to add repetitions".

For example: if your weakest exercise is ring muscle ups (as for most mortals), and you are hardly going to do 40 repetitions, it is better to leave it for the end.. You can start with a series of rowing and wall ball type 20 and 30, completing 4 sets. When you have completed the repetitions of these exercises, gradually add attempts at ring muscle ups.

Cheer up everyone, it's the last one! and those ring muscle ups can help to to remove a thorn in the side of someone who was unable to take them out at the 2018 Opens.

20.5 by Alexander Anasagasti

The best results of the 20.5

In the absence of confirmation from CrossFit, these are the provisional results of the 20.5

International men

9:02 Theodor Adaktylos - Austria
9:12 Dalton Ard - United States
9:54 Lazar Dukic - Serbia

International women

11:04 Miranda Quinones - United States
11:21 Samantha Briggs - England
11:30 Amanda Simeton - France

National men

10:51 Jose Maria Pelufo (ranked 30th in the world)
11:05 Aniol Ekai
11:17 Fabian Beneito
11:25 Jose Gallego
11:25 Francesc Xavier Serra

National women

13:12 Elena Carratalá Sanahuja
13:35 Sara Alicia Fernandez
14:24 Rita Garcia
14:35 Sílvia Izquierdo
15:34 Susana Lopez

CrossFit Open 2020 Winners

In the absence of reviews of several open and videos that ask directly to the athletes, we have Sara Alícia Fernández and Fabián Beneito as national champions of Spain. The deadline to receive their invitation would be before January 6.

Frequently Asked Questions

Until what time can I upload my Open score?

The athlete must upload their score to the official CrossFit website before 5:00 pm PT on Monday. In Spain this corresponds to 1:00 am Monday to Tuesday.

Until what time can the box manager validate the scores?

The manager has a deadline to validate the marks until 5:00 pm PT on Wednesday. In Spain this is equivalent to 1:00 am from Wednesday to Thursday. It is at that time that the scores will appear on the leaderboard.

Therefore, even if as an athlete you have uploaded your score on time, you will not see your result on the leaderboard until the pit manager validates it.

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