CrossFit Open 22.1

This is the first WOD of the CrossFit Open 2022.


World Cup

1.- Mallory O'Brien 392 reps / Victor Ljungal 390 reps
2.- Gabriela Migala 390 reps / Cedric Lapointe 388 reps
3.- Emma Cary 381 reps / Saxon Panchik 380 reps
4.- Alexis Raptis 380 reps / Driss Bouchiah 374 reps
Leah Storen 375 reps / Justin Medeiros 372 reps.
Tia Clair Toomey 375 reps / Dallin Pepper 369 reps.
7.- Karin Freyová 375 reps / James Sprague 369 reps
Kristin Holte 372 reps / Jacob Wheeler 368 reps.
9.- Zahra Mozaffari 371 reps / Jeffrey Adler 367 reps
Emily Rolfe 370 reps / Matt Poulin 364 reps.


1.- Elena Carratalá 351 reps / Inaxio Illarramendi 363 reps
2.- Alazne Eguiazabal 349 reps / Dami Martinez 361 reps
3.- Silvia García 347 reps / Fernando Llaneza 351 reps
4.- Laura Plaza 344 reps / Sergio Prado 351 reps
5.- Marina Crismariu 344 reps / Jesus Herrera 349 reps

What is Open 22.1?

Amrap 15 min
3 Wall Walks
12 Dumbbell Snatches 15/22,5 kg  
15 box jump-overs 20/24 in

YouTube video


Find here the WOD template with the adaptations for all divisions and the scorecard:

Movement guide

Wall walks

It seems that this move was not just a whim from last year. We have them again, but with changes:

  • Ascent: the hands cannot begin to move until both feet are on the wall.
  • Descent: the feet should remain on the wall until both hands are in contact with the floor mark.

It's only 3 reps, but to avoid no reps that add fatigue and slow down the time, do several reps until you internalize the movement!

Recall Aniol Ekai's Wall Walks in 21.1

YouTube video

Snatch with dumbbells

Although at the beginning you can use the muscle snatch to go faster, when you reach fatigue it will not be enough. If you want to be more conservative, use your legs from the beginning so you don't overuse your lower back.

Practice how you will transition the dumbbell so that it is comfortable.

Box jumps over

Rebounding is the fastest way to do the box jumps, but this time even being RX you are forced to go down first with one leg and then the other as you would do in a step up. 

22.1 scaled

Amrap 15 min
3 wall walks (climbing)
12 dumbbell snatches 9/15 kg
15 box jump-overs (step-up allowed) 20/24 in.

Tips for tackling the WOD

At first glance, we can see that 22.1 is a WOD. 

  • with not very technical movements
  • lightweight 
  • of greater resistance

The movements require new movement standards. Practice several rounds with the new standards to avoid silly reps and get an idea of how much time you need per round.


Your first round will not be as fast as the others when you have already accumulated many repetitions.

To ensure that you don't go too slow because of fatigue in the later rounds, start more conservatively so that you can hold the pace for 15 minutes.


GOWODis the official mobility sponsor of the NOBULL CrossFit Games and offers a free specific warm-up for the Open.

The recommendation is to do a general warm-up to increase the heart rate (5 min of the cardio of your choice) and then move on to a more specific warm-up for the specific exercises of the WOD. 

A few slower, lighter weight, approach reps while practicing the new movement standards.

Day: Thursday, February 24
Time: 9:00 pm in Spain

Double head-to-head between the following athletes:

1ª.- Danielle Brandon
Result: 332 reps

One of the athletes with more takeoff of the past 2021. She was 11th in the Games 2021 entering as 3rd in the West Coast Classic. 11th also in the Rogue invitational and absence in Wodapalooza 2022 due to injury.

2ª.- Bethany Shadburne
Result: 322 reps

She won the West Coast Classic 2021 which gave her the pass to Games. However, she tested positive for cov19 and was unable to prove she was a podium contender. Her most recent result was a 2nd place at Wodapalooza 2022.

1º.- Patrick Vellner
Result: 330 reps

Uncle Pat still has a thorn in his side from the Games. Medeiros did not let him climb to the top in the past, nor in ROGUE 2021. His most recent result is individual champion of the Wodapalooza 2022.

2º.- Noah Ohlsen
Result: 322 reps

He disappointed in the last Games 2021 finishing 10th. He announced that he would dedicate his off-season to reducing his muscle mass and recently won, along with Chandler Smith and Travis Mayer, the Wodapalooza 2022 in teams.