CrossFit Open 22.2

Second WOD from CrossFit Open 2022.


World Cup

1.- Tia-Clair Toomey 7:05 / Uldis Upenieks 7:20
2.- Mallory O'Brien 7:09 / Noah Ohlsen 7:20
3.- Carolyne Prevost 7:17 / Dakota Rager 7:24
4.- Kristine Best 7:23 / Phil Toon 7:33
5.- Seher Kaya 7:52 / Patrick Vellner 7:33
6.- Brooke Wells 7:56 / Luka Vunjak 7:36
7.- Emma McQuaid 7:56 / Matt Poulin 7:37
8.- Leah Storen 7:57 / Chandler Smith 7:39
9.- Andrea Solberg 7:58 / Colten Mertens 7:39
10.- Matilde Garnes 8:05 / Cole Graeshaber 7:40


1.- Sara A. Fernández 8:41 / Jesús Herrera 7:42
2.- Oihana Moya 8:52 / Eric Pedrosa 7:59
3.- Elena Carratalá 9:03 / David Mata 8:10
4.- Silvia García 9:11 / Alex Anasagasti 8:16
5.- Laura Plaza 9:21 / Jose J. Vargas 8:20

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What is Open 22.2?

1-2-3-4-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-9-10-9-8-7-6-6-5-4-4-3-2-1 reps for time de:
Deadlifts (70 / 102 kg)
Bar-facing burpees
Time cap: 10 minutes

22.2 open crossfit



  • The athlete may not receive assistance unless he/she represents a danger.
  • The use of calleras is not allowed.

Bar-Facing Burpee:

  • It is not necessary to jump with both feet at the same time.

22.2 scaled

1-2-3-4-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-9-10-9-8-7-6-6-5-4-4-3-2-1 reps for time de:

Deadlifts (45 / 61 kg)
Bar-facing burpees (step over is allowed)

Time cap: 10 minutes

crossfit open 22.2 scaled

Tips for tackling the WOD

"This WOD is a trap," said Mat Fraser in the live announcement. The pyramid structure can give you the false sense that it is not a lot of repetitions. but there are 100 of them!

By the time you reach the halfway point you will realize how hard it is, at least at that point the repetitions will start to go down one at a time.

The WOD is won in the second half, you need to be energized for the second half. Try not to go at too fast a pace to push yourself to the limit too early.


It is 10 minutes of WOD, the high intensity is assuredWe have to be prepared if we want a good result.

For a good warm-up, it is recommended to increase the heart rate and prepare the muscles involved.

  • Warm up for 5 minutes on a machine (rowing, assault...)
  • Series of approximation to the weight of the deadlift. Hip flexors and posterior chain have to be ready for action.
  • Practice transitions: releasing the bar, dropping to the burpee and the jump with the twist.

RX or scaling?

70 kg or 102 kg seems affordable weight for many and burpees is not a technical movement. But can you really do RX?

It will depend on whether or not you want to finish the WOD..

Reflect before deciding and do it with your personal criteria and objectives, you do not have to impress anyone, in fact in 2 weeks no one will remember what you did:


In a quick calculation there is a maximum time of 6 seconds per movement to finish in 10 min.

RX weights may not seem like much to you if for example your personal best is 120 or 180, but you have to do that effort 100 times combined with burpees. 10 minutes doesn't give you much time to think about each repetition, nor to recover.

  • Can you do 100 repetitions with the 50% a your personal brand of deadlift? The WOD will leave you flat on the floor, but, onward to the RX! But remember that the back is for life, not just for 3 weeks of Open.
  • Your goal is to try to make all Open in RX. In that case, it's okay for them to do RX as well knowing that they probably won't finish before the time cap.


Surely the scaled version is more suitable for:

  • those who want to give more speed to the WOD and have the sensations of the pro athletes in the live. It doesn't mean it's easier, with less weight you have no excuse to stop.
  • people who want to take special care with the back and are not willing to gamble with untechnical repetitions.

Where to watch the 22.2 announcement

Where to watch: CrossFit Youtube Channel
Day: Thursday, March 3
Time: 9:00 pm in Spain

Double head-to-head between the following athletes:

Laura Horvath

crossfit open schedule 22.2

She accumulates 8 participations in the Open with only 24 years old. She was second in Games 2018 and after 2 bad seasons, she returned to the second place in 2021. Her last participation has been the ROGUE Invitational where she came 4th and won the Dubai CrossFit Championship 2021.

Emma Lawson
CAP 196 reps

wod open 22.2

Canadian, only 17 years old, who finished the Dubai CrossFit Championship 2021 in 9th position. She won the 2021 Games in the Teen 16-17 category. We will be hearing her name in the coming years.

Saxon Panchik

open 22.2 where to see

23 years old and 4 participations in Games. One of the Panchik twins, winner of the Granite Games which gave him the pass to CrossFit Games 2021 where he finished 5th.

Justin Medeiros

22.2 crossfit open

The current Fittest on Earth, at only 22 years old, became the winner of the CrossFit Games 2021 and the ROGUE Invitational 2021. Candidate to take over from Fraser.

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