CrossFit Open 22.3

Third and last wod of the CrossFit Open 2022.


World Cup

1.- Mallory O'Brien 4:11 / Scott Tetlow 4:07
2.- Tia-Clair Toomey 4:12 / Agustin Richelme 4:15
3.- Kara Saunders 4:26 / Giorgios Karavis 4:22
4.- Laura Horvath 4:39 / Cédric Lapointe 4:24
5.- Marisa Flowers 4:40 / Colten Mertens 4:24
6.- Kristi Eramos 4:40 / Noah Ohlsen 4:27
7.- Danielle Brandon 4:40 / Justin Medeiros 4:29
8.- Haley Adams 4:44 / Jake Berman 4:29
Feeroozeh Saghafi 4:49 / Saxon Panchik 4:30
10.- Rebecca Fusiler 4:50 / Will Carter 4:30


1.- Sara A. Fernández 4:54 / Fabián Beneito 4:31
2.- Elena Carratalá 5:24 / Dami Martinez 4:43
3.- Silvia García 5:24 / Aniol Ekai 4:49
4.- Oihana Moya 5:34 / Bryan Hernandez 5:02
5.- Maribel Gallardo 5:39 / Gonzalo Arteta 5:04

What is Open 22.3?

21 pull-ups
42 double-unders
21 thrusters 29 / 43 kg
18 chest-to-bar
36 double-unders
18 thrusters 34 / 52 kg
15 bar muscle-ups
30 double unders
15 thrusters 38 / 61 kg

Time cap: 12 min

22.3 scaled

21 jumping chin-over-bar pull ups
42 single-unders
21 thrusters 20 / 29 kg
18 chin-over-bar pull ups
36 single-unders
18 thrusters 25 / 38 kg
15 chest-to-bar
30 single-unders
15 thrusters 29 / 47 kg

Tips for tackling the WOD

It looks like a Fran but it's not! More volume of work, more load on the thursters and more difficulty in the gymnastic movements. Don't be fooled, this WOD has to be tackled with another strategy.

  • Before you start, establish the sets you are going to make. Breaks repetitions in sets from the beginning so you don't reach your limit too early. Even if you are not too tired at the beginning and you see that the reps are descending, you should keep in mind that as the WOD progresses, the double unders will make you more and more tired, weight is added to the bar and the gymnastic movements become more technical versions.
  • Warms up to WOD levelThe WOD: starts with a general warm-up and goes through all the exercises of the WOD. It is important that the shoulders that are going to receive a lot of work are well prepared for the load.
  • Combines gripIf you feel comfortable doing pull ups or chest to bar with mixed grip or supine, either grip is totally allowed. This will save you some grip for when you get to the muscle ups. And remember that you can use either callipers or tape on the bar, but not both!
  • Have all the material at hand with the exact discs you need to add to increase the weight on the bar. It avoids having to take discs out and put them in so you don't waste time. You can receive assistance but only for weight changes. Some of us neurotics even have a second rope handy (just in case, you know!).
  • Take double unders to rest. I know it sounds like a joke, who rests doing doubles, but it's the easiest exercise of all and it's not a lot of repetitions.

And let's not forget, for most of them the goal will be to get as far as possible, as quickly as possible, to win in the tie break. The rest of the time will be spent trying to unblock some limiting element such as the weight of the thrusters or muscle ups.

Double unders trick

If you need to unblock double jumps, you can do it in just a short time if you follow these tips.

Read this article and practice with the videowill help you a lot. It is the most popular video in my Youtube library.

Tutorial bar muscle ups

The Open is the ideal time to achieve challenges like your first muscle up. Look forward to the WOD because if you had them close, maybe today is your day!

We leave you a post so that you can review the latest tips and have all the necessary theory for your first bar muscle ups.

Useful accessories for this WOD

The use of callipers is recommended to avoid damaging your hands before finishing the WOD.

Consult this analysis of different models (with discount).

But the most important thing is to arrive at the WOD with your hands well cared for. Here we explain how to keep corns at bay.

Spanish direct Silvia García and Bryan Hernández

Date: March 11
Time: 20:15

Where to watch the official announcement of 22.3

Where to watch: CrossFit Youtube Channel
Day: Thursday, March 10
Time: 9:00 pm in Spain

It was held in Tennessee and these 2 teams competed, although their marks were individual:

CrossFit Reykjavik

  • Annie Thorisdottir 5:35
  • Lauren Fisher 6:24
  • Khan Porter 5:31
  • Tola Morakinyo 5:27

CrossFit Hendersonville

  • L. Martin 9:04
  • L. McDuffie 9:04
  • Zac Morgan 10:03
  • Alexis Morgan 203 reps
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