CrossFit Open 23.1

We already have here the first WOD from CrossFit Open 2023.

City: Madrid, Spain.
Location: Magic Box
Date of announcement: February 16, 2023

What is the Open 23.1?

14 minutes AMRAP de:
60-calorie row
50 toes-to-bars
40 wall-ball shots 14/20-lb 6-9 kg ball 9/10-ft target
30 cleans 95-135 lb 43-61 kg
20 muscle-ups

Best results 23.1

Official Leaderboard

Emma Cary 278
Mallory O'Brien 268
Laura Horvath 261
Jacqueline Dahlstrom 261
Jamie Simmonds 260
Samantha Briggs 258
Emma Lawson 256
Fee Saghafi 254
Arielle Loewen 253
Gabriela Migala 253
Emma Tall 251
Karin Freyová 251
Sara Sigmundsdottir 250
Katelin Van Zyl 250
Madeline Sturt 246
🇪🇸 Carmen Perez 243
Alex Gazan 242
🇪🇸Oihana Moya 241
Valentina Rangel 240
Annie Thorisdottir 239
Rebecca Fuselier 238
Kristine Kolenbrander 238
🇪🇸Sara Alicia Fernandez 237
Tayla Howe 236
Freya Moosbrugger 235
🇪🇸Elena Carratalá 233
Dani Speegle 228
🇪🇸Maribel Gallardo 228
Emma McQuaid 227
Bethany Shadburne 220

Roman Khrennikov 306
Cole Greashaber 304
Patrick Vellner 304
Guillaume Briant 303
Giorgos Karavis 300
Jeffrey Adler 298
Ricky Garard 298
Royce Dunne 297
Jonne Koski 296
Jayson Hopper 294
Dallin Pepper 293
Samuel Kwant 292
Fabian Beneito 291 reps
Noah Ohlsen 290
🇪🇸Aniol Ekai 289
Lazar Djukic 287
Xevi Serra 285
Fernando Llaneza 282
Martin Cuervo 279
Tola Morakinyo 277
James Sprague 277
BK Gudmundsson 276
Inaxio Illarramendi 276
Guilherme Malheiros 275

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The best 14.4 result is held by Rich Froning with 277 reps.
Samantha Briggs did 256 reps.

Open 23.1 SCALED

14 minutes AMRAP de:
60-calorie row
50 hanging knee raises
40 wall-ball shots 10/14-lb ball 9/10-ft target
30 cleans 65-95 lb 29/43 kg
20 chin-over-bar pull-ups

Time to submit your score

You have until monday at 05:00 p.m PT to upload your score to


Training Culture


It proposes a good strategy to avoid a puncture in the rowing. It should be a demanding pace but one that allows you to transition immediately to the toes to bar as soon as you finish. Plan how many cals you want to put in per minute.

Toes To Bar

It is not worth doing a set at failure. Try to keep breathing and to recover the muscles you have used in the rowing. Divide as many times as you think necessary so as not to make too high peaks of effort.

Wall Balls

The other day we made reference to different styles of wall ball, if you go to our reel, although it seems like a joke, we recommend that you use the 2 0 3 technique to avoid arm fatigue.

Keep breathing and try not to raise your heart rate too much!


Try to go to singles. Whether you do well or poorly with this weight, try to have the same timing from one rep to the next. The more experienced will go fast and the beginners will go slower. Whatever your group, try to be consistent.

Ring Muscle Ups

If you are one of those who have not yet mastered this movement, take it easy. Remember the technique, try to do it well. If you go for the first one, good luck!

If you already do them fluently, choose sets that do not make you reach failure or you will pay dearly for it.



Constant rhythm:
as it is a chipper we have 5 different exercises where we must be clear about my rhythm and capacity in each of them, it is about looking for a constant rhythm, different stimuli that will help us to be able to continue working and cope well.

Limiting factor:
For most athletes, except the most experienced, the ring muscle up will be the key moment, if you are not an expert, but you defend yourself, condition it to arrive as fresh as possible to the rings, if you do the version and they are not your forte, try to look for a good tie break that will be the time at the end of the 30 cleans.

Example of management:
Short splits with quick transitions into toes of effort on the rower, ball release every 10 reps with a short rest on the wall ball, and cleans to single reps.

Where to watch the 23.1 announcement

crossfit open 23.1

Girls score invalidated

CrossFit incorrectly loaded the girls' bars during the 23.1 announcement, weighing 38kg instead of 43kg.

error crossfit ad 23.1

The results of Gabriela Migala and Laura Horvath have been invalidated.

To this error are added other graphics such as an image with two time cap of 14 and below 15 or incorrect weight of the ball in the scaled version on the web.

Double head-to-head between the following athletes:

Laura Horvath
Result: 266 reps

laura horvath 23.1

3rd in the last CrossFit Games. She is, together with Mallory O'Brien, candidate to be the first Fittest on Earth after the Toomey era. She is coming from winning the ROGUE Invitational and the Wodapalooza 2023 in teams. She is the best current CrossFit athlete in Europe.

Gabriela Migala
Result: 239 reps

migala 23.1

Migala has suffered after leaving the program. In the last games, her result worsened (8th) compared to the previous year (6th). The same happened to her in the ROGUE Invitational (5th), worsening her previous record (3rd). She just won the Wodapalooza 2023 in teams, together with Laura Horvath. She has not announced her new coach yet.

Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson
Result: 276 reps

bkg 23.1

Lazar Djukic has taken the title of "King of Europe" from him. Despite this, he is the Icelandic male athlete with the longest career in the sport. In 2019 he was 3rd at the Games.

Lazar Djukic
Result: 287 reps

lazar djukic 23.1

8th in the last Games and winner of the Lowlands Throwdown semifinal. After winning the Madrid CrossFit Championship, he has been unlucky in competitions like the ROGUE, where he started twisting his ankle in the first running event and saw the rest of the competition affected. Or Dubai, where he suffered a heat stroke in the first event that left him last again and unable to recover well.

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