CrossFit Quarterfinals

Upon completion of the OpenWe have a large number of athletes worldwide who are moving on to the next stage.

This phase is known as the Quarterfinals.

crossfit quarterfinals

How many athletes advance to the Quarterfinals?

- 25% best women in each region.
- 25% best men in each region.
- 25% best teams in each region.

How long are the CrossFit Quarterfinals?

The Quarterfinals 2024 have a duration of 6 days instead of 3 as in previous years.

Where can it be viewed?

The Quarterfinals are an online phase that each athlete and team performs in a box. There will be recaps from CrossFit, but not a live broadcast like in a competition.

Material required to participate

All the equipment recommended in the Open plus:

  • 10 m2 of space
  • 15ft/4.5m climbing rope
  • Medicine ball 20/14 lb.
  • 2 dumbbells, 22.5/15kg
  • A bank
  • C2 rower
  • Gymnastic rings
  • GHD
  • Squat rack

Other details

  • Scores will be reset and everyone will start with 0 points.
  • Crossfit has set at 60 women, 60 men, and 40 teams the number of athletes and teams that can be contacted for review the videos of your WODs.
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