Quarterfinals 2021

First edition of the Quarterfinals held.


Final result (athletes among the 60 who pass)


15th Fabian Beneito
24th Javier Gonzalez
44º Dami Martinez
51st Aniol Ekai
58º Bryan Hernandez
59º Pablo Cazalis


27th Oihana Moya
48th Silvia Garcia
53rd Elena Carratalá

Team Quarterfinals

Only the 4 athletes (2H/2M) who perform the first wod may participate.

Spanish teams

CrossFit Zurriola Training CultureOihana Moya, Ione Tainta, Pablo Cazalis and Alexander Anasagasti.
Madrid GymnasticsElisa Casado, Noelia Gomez, Javi González and Chemma Arriaga.

CrossFit Zurriola Training Culture has placed first in Europe.

Material required to participate

  • All the equipment recommended in the Open plus:
  • 10 m2 of space
  • 15ft/4.5m climbing rope
  • 2 x Medicine ball 20/14 lb.
  • 4 x dumbbells, 22.5/15kg
  • 2x C2 rower
  • 2x Gymnastic rings
  • 2x GHD
  • Squat rack

Where can they be seen?

Similar to the individual Quarterfinals, this online competition model does not offer live streaming of what happens. CrossFit broadcasts daily recaps and teams will share content on their social networks.

More details

  • Teams must ensure that they have a total of 4 judges.
  • Judges must have completed the 2021 judges' course.
  • Teams must provide a video of each wod.

How many teams advance to the Semifinals?

ContinentTeams advancing to the semifinals
AfricaTop 20
AsiaTop 20
EuropeTop 40
North AmericaTop 80
OceaniaTop 20
South AmericaTop 20

The 2 men and 2 athletes who have completed the Quarterfinals shall be members of the team in the Semifinals.

One man and one woman may be added as alternates. These alternates must have been previously chosen as members of the team during the Open.