Quarterfinals 2022

Seconds Quarterfinals of CrossFit history.


Date: March 24 - 27
Registration: March 21 - 25
Price: $50
Leaderboard: Here
Athletes advancing to the Semis in Europe: 60 men and 60 women

  • Athletes shall be judged by an official judge.
  • If you intend to advance to the Semifinals, all scores must be accompanied by a link to the video.

Spaniards advancing to Semifinals

Results may vary due to video review.

14.- Elena Carratalá
28.- Maribel Gallardo
36.- Oihana Moya
41.- Silvia García

10.- Fabian Beneito
25.- Alexander Anasagasti
42.- Dami Martinez
44.- Bryan Hernandez
45.- Fernando Martin
46.- Daniel Camacho
46.- Calum Clements
56.- David Mata

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Material required to participate

You can consult it here.

Team Quarterfinals

Date: April 7 - 10
Registration: March 28 - April 7
Price: $100

Spanish teams that qualify

2.- CrossFit Zarautz
23.- Vilanova Jungle CrossFit
28.- Las Tablas CrossFit

Spanish teams

  • CrossFit ZarautzIone Tainta, Nienke van Overveld, Alexander Anasagasti and Pablo Cazalis.
  • Vilanova Jungle CrossFitBea Allo, Nerea Oya, Alex Miura and Daniel Soler.
  • I am CrossFitCelia Fernández, Eli Casado, Jaime Rozalen and Carlos Casado.
  • CrossFit Mecani: Carmen Sánchez, Beatriz Montoya, Ignacio Reche and José Joaquín Vargas.
  • The CrossFit TablesLola Guillén, Natalia Paz, Miguel Gutiérrez and Pablo Collado.
  • *Deleted CrossFit Ponferrada: Sara A. Fndez, Helena Avendaño, Aniol Ekai and Martin Cuervo
  • *Deleted The CrossFit TablesRocío Blanco, Patrícia Rodríguez, Fernando Martín and Javier González

    * They did not meet the eligibility criteria to form a team.

Fifty-four teams participate in Europe and 40 advance to the semifinals.

Where can they be seen?

In the same way as the individual Quarterfinals, there is no direct from the wods unless the athletes do it personally.

More details

  • Teams must ensure that they have a total of 4 judges.
  • Judges must have completed the 2022 judges' course.
  • Teams must provide a video of each wod.

How many teams advance to the Semifinals?

ContinentTeams advancing to the semifinals
AfricaTop 30
AsiaTop 30
EuropeTop 30
North AmericaTop 30
OceaniaTop 30
South AmericaTop 30

The 2 men and 2 athletes who have completed the Quarterfinals shall be members of the team in the Semifinals.

One man and one woman may be added as alternates. These alternates must have been previously chosen as members of the team during the Open.

Age Group

Date: April 21 - 24
Price: $50

These are the athletes who made the cut of 30:

Girls 14-15
19.- Ismane Oyanguren

Boys 16-17
14.- Martí Pla

Girls 16-17
14.- Elia del Olmo

Male 35-39
9.- Diego Jimenez

Men 40-44
15.- Joan León
28.- Diego Porteiro

Male 55-59
11.- David Usandizaga

The leaderboard will be made official on May 2, once the video review is completed.

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