Granite Games 2022

The Granite Games is the second Semifinal CrossFit that is held in person in North America.

Date: June 3 - 5
Continent: North America
Location: Eagan, Minnessota
Instagram: thegranitegames
Leaderboard: Here

crossfit granite games

Qualify for Games

Brent Fikowski / Mallory O'Brien
Phil Toon / Amanda Barnhart
3.- Travis Mayer / Dani Speegle
4.- Samuel Kwant / Alex Willis
5.- Colten Mertens / Emily Rolfe

Athletes in the Last Chance Qualifier

6.- Nick Mathew / Kloie Wilson
7.- Matt Dlugos / Feerozeeh Shagafi
Timothy Paulson / Kelly Stone

Team results

1.- CrossFit Invictus
2.- CrossFit OBA
3.- CrossFit Move Fast Lift Heavy
4.- CrossFit Greater Heights Ascend
5.- Rhapsody CrossFit

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Granite Games Direct

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Athletes participating

These are some of the best known athletes:


Chandler Smith
Samuel Kwant
Brent Fikowski
Colten Mertens
Travis Mayer


Mallory O'Brien
Feeroozeh Saghafi
Sydney Wells
Amanda Barnhart
Dani Speegle

How many go to Games?

5 men, 5 women and 5 teams will receive invitations to CrossFit Games 2022

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