Syndicate Crown 2022

This 2022 Syndicate Crown joins the group of 4 Semifinals competitions held in North America.

It is organized by the owners of the well-known MACC (Mid Atlantic CrossFit Challenge) and both are held at the same venue.

Date: May 20 - 22
Continent: North America
Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
Instagram: syndicatecrown 
Leaderboard: Here

syndicate crown results

Qualify for Games

1.- Haley Adams / Justin Medeiros
Alexis Raptis / Jayson Hopper
3.- Paige Semenza / Cole Greashaber
4.- Kristi Eramo / Tudor Magda
5.- Christine Kolenbrander / Will Moorad

Athletes in the Last Chance Qualifier

6.- Arielle Loewen / James Sprague
7.- Gabby McClelland / Griffin Roelle
8.- Kristine Best / Jacob Pfaff

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Where to watch Syndicate Crown 2022?

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Athletes participating

Some of the high-level competitors who will be on the track include:


Haley AdamsHe needs no introduction. He has been demonstrating his very high level for years and is expected to make it through this year. semifinal. Last year she was the only one capable of giving Tia Clair Toomey a bit of a fight in the Semifinals. This year Tia will travel to Australia where she belongs to do this phase of the qualification.

Arielle LoewenWinner of the last edition of the Granite Games, thus achieving his first participation in the Granite Games. CrossFit Games in which she finished 14th.

Kristi EramoVeteran who has participated 6 times in the Open and 6 times in the Games. Last year she qualified for the Games by the skin of her teeth in the Last-Chance Qualifier.

Alexis Raptis and Christine Kolenbrander are 2 candidates to qualify that came very close in 2021.

Paulina Haro (Mexican) and Olivia Sulek are two new faces in this individual competition, but both are known for making the podium in the teen division behind winner Emma Lawson.


Justin Medeiros: Last year he did not win the MACC and even though he won the Games and the ROGUE.

Scott PanchikHe said he was retiring at the last Games. What is he doing here? Well, he has decided to participate in the season and test how far he can go, having drastically reduced his training volume to one CrossFit session a day.

Jayson Hopper: He was the winner of the MACC in 2021 although his subsequent performance fell short of the expectations placed on him. This time he will be competing as an athlete of the HWPO program of Mat Fraser.

Also participating: Ben Smith, Griffin Roelle, Matt Poulin, Will Moorad, Alex Smith, James Sprague, Scott Tetlow...

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