Strength of Field

CrossFit has announced how the allocation of the extra spots in the Semifinals will work.

Don't you know what extra seats we are talking about? Let me explain.

One of the changes established for the 2023 season was the number of regions on the world map, and with that, a minimum number of CrossFit Games spots were established for each Semifinal.

The minimum number of qualifying spots assigned in each region is:

  • North America East: 5 spots
  • North America West: 5 spots
  • Europe: 5 spots
  • Oceania: 3 spots
  • Asia: 2 spots
  • South America: 2 spots
  • Africa: 1 spots

This adds up to a total of 23 Semifinal spots out of a total of 40 spots available for men and women for the CrossFit Games.

This leaves 17 spots to be distributed among all the Semifinals.

How will the 17 extra spots for CrossFit Games be distributed?

The World Ranking will be used after the 2023 Quarterfinals to count the number of athletes from each region in the TOP 100.

This TOP100 is based on the results obtained during the previous 2 years.

Once the number of athletes is known, the D'Hondt System will be used to establish the Strength of Field and which regions are worthy of additional CrossFit Games spots.

This calculation may result in a different number of places for men and women in the same Semifinal.

What is the D'Hondt System?

The D'Hondt system is a method used by governments around the world to allocate votes to seats in proportional representation systems of electoral lists.

This system is calculated by rounds and each round one spot is allocated. Since there are 17 spots to be distributed, there will be a total of 17 rounds.

Score = Athletes in World Top 100 / Extra positions + 1

If you are interested in seeing the procedure in more detail, you can read the official article at