West Coast Classic 2021

The West Coast Classic is the third competition CrossFit Semifinal in U.S. territory.

results west coast classic 2021

Date: June 18 - 20
Continent: North America
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Instagram: thewestcoastclassic
Leaderboard: Official at CrossFit Games

Final results

1.- Cole Sager 583 / Bethany Shadburne 632
2.- Noah Ohlsen 548 / Kari Pearce 628
3.- Sean Sweeney 513 / Danielle Brandon 573
4.- Will Moorad 489 / Dani Speegle 542
5.- Brandon Luckett 481 / Regan Huckaby 528

Athletes in the Last Chance Qualifier

6.- Dallin Pepper 461 / Alexis Raptis 517
7.- Cedric Lapointe 428 / Kelly Stone 433
8.- Tola Morakinyo 417 / Alison Scudds 397

Team results

1.- Invictus 603
2.- Invictus Unconquerable 595
Ohio Brutes 539
4.- Backcountry Black 530
5.- Blues City Athletics 528

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Athletes participating


west coast crossfit athletes

Dani Speegle13th place at Games 2020 and 2nd place at the last North American Quarterfinals. Speegle is a candidate to win one of the 5 spots.

Danielle Brandon8th in the Open and Games athlete in 2019 (16th) and 2020 (15th).

Bethany Shadburne11th in the Quarterfinals, partner of Brandon and Games athlete from 2017 to 2020.

Kari Pearce3rd at the last Games, Pearce shares training with Brandon Shadburne. She was 28th at the last Quarterfinals but is an athlete with extraordinary experience in live competition.

Lauren Fisher: returns to individual competitions after 2 seasons in team. She has participated 6 times in CrossFit Games CrossFit Games and is a well-known athlete on social networks. In 2018 we saw her in Madrid coming 2nd in the Meridian Regional.


crossfit west coast 2021

Noah OhlsenWhere does Noah compete? I have been asked this question a thousand times. Here is the 4th Fittest of 2020.

Spencer Panchik: The third of the brothers will try to secure his place to compete with them at the CrossFit Games 2021.

There are other known names such as: Cole Sager, Cedric Lapointe, Sean Sweeney, Will Moorad or Alec Smith who returns to compete as an individual after joining the PRVN team together with Brooke Wells and Tia Clair Toomey.

How many go to Games?

5 men, 5 women and 5 teams will receive an invitation to CrossFit Games 2021.

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