What you should know about CrossFit courses

The CrossFit has made many of us fall in love with this sport, there are more and more followers of this discipline and the boxes are multiplying.

If you are one of those people who are totally devoted to CrossFit ®, you are probably considering training to become a trainer so you can make your hobby your profession.

Here are the requirements you need to join this family.

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CrossFit Courses

With the growth of the CrossFit ® brand, the range of possibilities for training in this school has also been expanding.

What is CrossFit Level 1?

Level 1 - Fundamentals of CrossFit is the minimum qualification to become a CrossFit coach..

How long does the L1 last?

The duration of this course is one weekend.

What is the validity time of the L1?

The on-site L1 is valid for 5 years.
The L1 Online is valid for 3 years.

The groups are small and it is mainly a theoretical course with a low intensity physical part to improve the movements.

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What is the price of the CrossFit L1?

The price of this course is 1000$ per person, however if you register within the previous 14 days the price will be increased by 20%.


The Online level 1 is a temporary course due to the alarm by COVID-19 to be able to offer renewal to those trainers who need it.

It has two components:

  • The Level 1 course, which includes an interactive introductory lecture on the main fundamentals and movements of CrossFit and ends with 50 quiz questions.
  • A live webinar where participants can ask questions to teachers and resolve any doubts that may arise.

The price of the online course is 1000$

Where to register?

To sign up for CrossFit Level ONE you must be registered at CrossFit.com and access through the following button.

Level 2 : Coach's Prep Course

This intermediate level seminar aims to enhance more specifically what was covered in the L1. The type of people who participate in this course are trainers who are committed to their classes and who want to improve the quality of their classes. This course has more practical content than L1.

Specialty courses

Here you can find everything you can imagine in the world of CrossFit ®. From courses to better adapt the wods, aerobic capacity, self-defense, training programming, competitors, cooking, dumbbells, flexibility, gymnastics, advanced gymnastics, jump rope, kettlebell, children, masters, running, rowing, skierg, strongman, weigthlifting, advanced weightlifting...

Because the CrossFit® field encompasses so many disciplines, there are specialized courses in many areas for coaches to further their education.

Official judge course

There is also a Judge's course available which explains the requirements to be a judge at an official CrossFit® event. The course explains the knowledge and skills needed during a competition, as well as movement standards, common errors and tips for counting reps.

Where to register: CrossFit Website

What is the price of the CrossFit judge course?

This course is priced at $10 but is only valid for one year.

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CrossFit Certifications

If you have reached these two levels, which are the basis, you can continue to deepen and train yourself to become even better. coach with the following courses.

Level 3:

This advanced course is designed to improve the quality of the training provided in the box.for customers to train safely and effectively.

Prerequisites must be met,

  • be the L2 and have taught more than 750 hours of classes.
  • be a registered trainer with more than 1500 hours of professional work.

In addition to possessing certain medical certificates.

The exam to obtain this qualification is approximately 4 hours and covers aspects such as: examining clients, programming, teaching, coaching, nutrition and professional responsibilities.

Level 4:

And if that wasn't enough, CrossFit® is already working to create an even more advanced certification. This course is intended for those coaches who have passed L1-L2 and L3.

All courses have a certain "expiration date". It makes sense that in order to keep you up to date as an expert coach you are required to take certain refresher courses every x amount of time.

Where, how and when?

If you already know that you want to be part of this sport professionally, the next step is to know how you can carry out the training.

Courses are announced on the official CrossFit website.® https://training.crossfit.com/. They are usually in Madrid or Barcelona a few months apart. You can also decide to go to another European city to do the course and thus have another excuse to travel to another country.

If you are interested in taking the L1 it is good to know that if you register early enough the amount you have to pay to attend the course is discounted.

Normally the course is given in English because it is the language they mainly use, but for some time now it has been common to have a Spanish interpreter, including the exam in Spanish.

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