The CrossFit book for kids

Do you like CrossFit and everything that has to do with it? Do you try to involve all the people around you including the little ones at home?

Here's the best coloring book for little aspiring crossfitters.

The Fittest Coloring Book on Earth

This book is a children's collection of drawings in which the main characters are training the typical movements we do in a CrossFit class.

The book contains 35 hand-drawn illustrations with different characters training exercises such as the deadlift, box jump and pull-up, burpeesrowing, rowing, jumping rope, pull-ups...

crossfit coloring book

English or Spanish version

On each page there is an image and the name of the coloring exercise.

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We know that some people prefer to use Spanish names like "arrancada" instead of "arrancada". snatch PR or even super dominated instead of muscle up. So you can get the English or Spanish version depending on your preferences.

Who is the book for?

To give as a gift for a birthday, Christmas, Secret Santa...

Don't know what to give to that wods partner, that crossfitter's son or want to have a detail with your box?

For little money you can have an original and different gift that will surely raise a smile in the person who receives it.

This book is designed by CrossFiteros to appeal to fans of this sport.

fittest coloring book crossfit

To keep in the box and make waiting times more pleasant

Do you own a Box and often have children waiting for their parents to finish class?

With this book, children will have a fun time in an area of the box where they can sit down.

In addition, the theme is in line with the sport practiced by their parents, siblings and friends.

For the little crossfitters at home

If you want to start normalizing the practice of sports in your children, it is logical that you want their activities to be related to these topics.

There are few coloring books with a sports theme, so it is an original and different coloring book.

crossfit book for kids

How to use it?

Children are entertained by bringing these drawings to life with color. It's a fun way for the little ones to learn the exercises that adults do or even practice themselves if they train in crossfit kids classes.

The drawings are printed on individual sheets to prevent the color from bleeding into the next image. In addition, favorites can be cut out and framed in this way.

All kinds of colors can be used: pencils, watercolors, markers, wax...

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