How to train CrossFit at home

Many people ask for many different reasons if there are more options to practice CrossFit outside of a box.

For some people, the box quota is a barrierothers seek to minimize the travel timeanother group of people feel intimidated for the things that are done in a pit and prefer to gain confidence at home...

Be that as it may, in this article we are going to see how you can train at home and how to choose the right equipment to save money according to your circumstances.

Is it possible to do CrossFit at home?

The quick answer is yes. The answer with a little detail is yes, but you have to adapt to the work scenario and modify exercises. But of course, you can train from home and see results.

Even CrossFit Games has been forced mainly by recent events and restrictions around the world.

Since 2021 they have included in the Open a division without material for those who train from home and do not have many resources. With the aim that everyone can participate in the Open.

What you will not be able to do at home

In CrossFit we do movements from different disciplines, from gymnastics to weightlifting, running, even swimming and what remains to be seen, as this sport is constantly evolving.

Considering all this spectrum of exercise possibilities you won't be able to do them all, but there will still be plenty of options for training from home.

It will be necessary to modify in the majority of cases, sometimes discardingexercises such as:

All weightlifting movements

If you do not have space for a bar or some if the site is not high enough.

Fraser He always explained that for years he trained in the basement of his parents' house and the ceiling height was not high enough to do exercises like jerk or snatch PR.

It is just a reminder that the most important thing is the desire and not so much the circumstances, since the athlete has won the Games 5 times in a row; therefore, 0 excuses.

Gymnastic movements

It will always depend on the space you can dedicate at home to the gym, but most people living in an apartment will probably not be able to do these exercises unless they have a terrace or a garage.

  • Pull ups
  • Muscle ups on bar or rings
  • Hand stand walk
  • Toes to bar
  • Ring dips
  • Peg board
crossfit exercises at home

Exercises with cardio machines

Considering that this material is probably the most expensive gym and also has a significant volumeis not the most common thing to have access to machines such as:

  • Assault bike
  • Bikerg
  • Rowing
  • Skierg
crossfit equipment at home

Carrera, swimming

Of course, you couldn't do this in the box either, and many of us who don't compete don't dedicate extra time to these specialties that we do see recurrently in the CrossFit Games.

Advantages of training at home

Many professional CrossFit athletes train from their homes where they have totally conditioned the space for it. They have managed to transform the garage of their homes practically into a box.They have no limitations to practice this sport without having to travel to the box.

And even if you are not a pro athlete, training from home has advantages even if you only have a corner of the dining room or hopefully a room or terrace..

Save transportation time

If you add up the time you spend on the outward and return journeys you can save from 30 min to 1 hour per training session. For those who have little time to devote to training, this extra time is invaluable.

For example, those who have dependent children, training at home becomes the only possibility to be able to dedicate 30-60 minutes to training and continue with their duties immediately after (or during, but it is a small price to pay).

The quota money is invested

Instead of paying a gym membership fee, you spend that money, especially in the beginning, to buy quality equipment that will will be yours forever.

And if one day you decide that you have enough toys in your gym, you will no longer have to pay for anything else. Payment then becomes a desire but not an obligation.

It is normal that you have the desire to improve your work area, but you will be able to adapt it to your financial situation at each moment, it is not a recurring payment.

Time flexibility

It is true that in the pits there is usually great availability of classes almost all day long, but if you don't have to stick to any schedule you have total freedom. With the material at hand you can even do 2 small sessions, or train at not exact times.

You don't need to anticipate what time you will be there to sign up, nor will you have a problem if the class is already full.

If one week you can train 5 times and another week you can train 2 times, there will be no problem because you do not have a quota limiting the number of times you train per week.

On the other hand...

At home, consistency is more likely to fail.

Lo The most important thing for training at home is the desire to train. It's easy to lose motivation. Committing to a routine will help you be more consistent and have better results.

But do not doubt that you can also get in shape at home by doing the work you need to do..

Advantages of box training

In my opinion I still think that with some exceptions, getting in the box is still the ideal way to train for different reasons:

  • Coach supervisionsomething you lose when training on your own.
  • Availability of much more material than you can have in your dining room at home. This means more diversity in your routines, which is always a great incentive.
  • Socializing is always a positive aspect, we like to be in a social environment. company with other people with whom we also share tastes.
  • Maintaining a more or less constant training group can help you to have a extra point of competitiveness. This will make you push yourself a little harder and you will see good results from your efforts.

Quality and economical equipment for training at home

I advise you to read this section to save money while you want to set up a training space at home, so you don't end up with equipment that is not very useful and takes up a lot of space.

kingsbox discount

The gym you can set up at home will obviously depend on where you live.. It makes a difference whether you can dedicate a corner of your dining room, a small room or have a garage all to yourself.

What you need to do CrossFit at home

With a material you will be able to expand a great deal training options. There is no need for large machines or a large financial investment.

Prices may vary on the supplier's website. They are approximate and must add the transport in each case.

Option 1: On floor without space

Rubber band6.45€
Kettlebell 8kg32.94€
2 x Dumbbells 12.5kg99.12€
Total = 158.41
*Total = 150.49

We can say that with the two months' boxing fees can pay for a basic home gym.. It is clear that you do not pay only for the material and that there you have a coach and a program, but if training at home is your only option, it is a good one.

!!! IMPORTANT: I know that few people decide to train with barbell at home, but in that case it is essential to have dense foam mats to unload the weight. As in Instagram You see me training at home and you always ask me about them, here you have them.

Option 2: In apartment with terrace or more space

If you have a little more space and budget, this would be the pack I would recommend.

The budget you would dedicate to approximately half a year in the box.

Rubber band6.45€
Kettlebell 8kg32.94€
Dumbbells 12,5kg99.12€
20 kg bar179,45€
2 x 5 kg disc65.88€
2 x 10 kg disc78.08€
Pull-up bar119.95€
Total = 601.77€.
Total = 571.68€ *Total = 571.68€.

Option 3: Installing a BOX in the garage

This is the best of the options, since you will be able to do practically everything. The total investment is less than the fees of a box for one year.

A complete set starting from 484 € that you can customize

If you can invest a little more you have this pack from 875 €.

Exercises to do at home

No material

It is totally feasible to train at home with 0 equipment, using 100% your body. The material gives a lot of play and, but let's not forget the power of training with your own body weight.

An example of different exercises you can do:

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Free squats
  • Free strides
  • Jumping squats
  • Pistols
  • Push-ups
  • Burpees
  • Sit ups
  • Mountain climbers
  • Handstand hold
  • Handstand push ups

You can work in sets and rounds, in supersets or do a Tabata. I leave you an example of a routine to do at home youtube.

YouTube video

With little material

  • Weighted strides
  • Weighted squat
  • Weighted presses
  • Dead weight
  • Clean and jerk
  • Snatch
  • Kettlebell Swing
  • Exercises with elastic bands

If you need free workout ideas on my Instagram account I upload my workout routines from the dining room at home.

With more material in a garage

If you've been able to set up a space like this, you'll have just about everything you need to do CrossFit.

At this level, many people decide to invest in a fee-based program for personalized training and have the support of an online coach. 

If you prefer to follow a free training free, the the official CrossFit page offers a daily WOD. This way you will be able to train with virtually no difference from those who train in the box.