The best supplements for CrossFit

In this guide we explain the best supplements for CrossFit according to scientific evidence so you can save money buying products with irrelevant impact.

Macronutrient partitioning

If you are looking to improve your performance in CrossFit it is important that before we look at the supplements we look at the base: a good diet.

The foundation of a good diet should be real food. From here you can more easily achieve your goals if you follow certain macronutrient recommendations.


This macronutrient is essential.

The most important thing is to meet protein needs. From this point on, the distribution of the rest of the intake is not as important as ensuring sufficient protein intake.

This protein intake is recommended:

  • 1.6-2.2 g/kg body weight
  • ensure that a minimum of 30% of our calories come from protein sources.


Carbohydrates can vary in function of the athlete's goal:

  • 2.5-3g/kg weight those aiming at fat loss
  • 5g/kg of weight if the main objective is muscle mass gain would go to the upper range.


It is important to be attentive to your sensations. Some people feel better with a higher carbohydrate than fat intake and vice versa. In this sense there is room to choose according to preferences.

People who prefer a high-carbohydrate diet will start by balancing carbohydrates and supplement the rest of their nutritional needs with fat.

In the opposite case, those who opt for a more ketogenic diet will first ensure fat intake and then leave the rest for carbohydrates.

Fat can become the 50% of the diet.

Recommended supplements for CrossFit

There are many supplements on the market, but it only makes sense to invest in a few.

Contrary to what we believe, achieving our goals depends on a good training plan and a proper diet. Supplements can hardly be credited with 5% of merit in results.

If you are looking to get that 5% as well, the most appropriate supplementation is as follows.


One of the supplements with more studies supporting its benefits being mainly:

  • Muscle gain
  • increased physical performance (especially strength)

How to take it:
How much?: 5 g/day as a general rule or 0.08 per kg of body weight.
When?: It works by accumulationTherefore, it does not matter whether you take it before or after training. An initial loading is not recommended because it may cause intestinal discomfort.
Which one? The creapure seal gives you more assurance that the product is of quality.

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crossfit creatine supplements

Personally, I prefer the powder version because I find it more convenient to take, but if you are looking for the capsule option it is also available.

You have a post dedicated to this supplement where you can learn in more detail how it works.


Caffeine acts on 3 levels:

  • Central nervous system by increasing dopamine and adrenaline, pushing away the moment of reaching the pain threshold.
  • Muscular system improving muscle activation and reducing muscle soreness associated with training.
  • Energy systems by facilitating the mobilization of fat and its oxidation. Contributes to raise the EPOC effect during the hours after training.

How to take it:
How much?: 3-6 mg/kg
When?: 30-60 minutes before training. In order not to interfere with sleep, it should be taken 4 to 9 hours before going to sleep, depending on how long it takes each person to eliminate the substance.
Which one? You can have a coffeean espresso provides about 100 mg of caffeine. If you do not like the taste or want to know precisely the dose you take, you can choose tablets.

what supplements to take for crossfit

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Beta alanine

The primary benefit of beta-alanine is its ability to reduce fatigueespecially in high-intensity, low-duration activities.

How to take it:
How much?: 4-5g/day up to 4 weeks and 2-3g/day as maintenance dose
When?: divide into several intakes per dayideally with meals. It works by saturation.
Which one?

beta alanine supplement

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Whey protein

Practically, it is not considered supplementation, since it is a way of take more protein in a simple way.

Although food is more satiating than a drink, a shake can be a good tool to help you reach your daily requirement.

How much?: 1.5-1.8 g/kilo.
When?We know that up to 3 hours after training, protein synthesis is increased, but.., total protein intake is much more important than total protein intake. than the specific time at which it is consumed.
Which one? The higher the whey protein isolate, the lower the fat and lactose content.

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