Whey Protein

There are only a few supplements that are really worth spending the money on. Protein in particular is very useful if you train, even if it's not specifically CrossFit.

There are many protein options on the market, let's see which ones to choose to provide more value without breaking the bank.

What is whey protein?

Whey protein is a very useful supplement to increase protein intake. In fact, it could almost be considered a food, since it is obtained in a similar way to the traditional process of obtaining cheese from milk.

It makes sense to isolate the whey because that is where most of the protein is concentrated. which is also of the highest known biological value (allows for better absorption by the organism). 

In addition to its high quality protein content, this whey contains bioactive compounds with their benefits.

Benefits of whey protein

In terms of performance, the following benefits stand out:

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  • Helps muscle gain
  • Contributes to fat loss
  • Improves sports performance

But it also has:

  • Anticancer properties,
  • Improves intestinal problems
  • Helps in the reduction of triglycerides and diabetes
  • Improved immune system
  • Stress reduction
  • Increases serotonin levels in the brain
  • Lowers blood pressure

Types of proteins

In the market you will find a great variety of proteins and each one varies according to its composition. 

Casein instead of whey

It is another component of milk, like whey. The major difference is that serum generates a higher peak of essential amino acids in the blood and the casein produces a slower release. 

That is why it is usually recommended to casein to optimize nocturnal protein synthesisbut thehe results of the studies are not very clear in this regard.

Whey is still of higher quality than casein when it comes to increasing muscle synthesis.

casein protein for crossfit

Whey concentrate

It is obtained in a first phase of whey processing, still containing levels of fat and lactose. Its protein concentrate is around 70-80%.

crossfit whey protein

Whey isolate


In a next step, almost all the fat and lactose is eliminated, obtaining an almost pure protein substance (90-95%).

isolate whey protein for crossfit

Hydrolyzed whey

It is a partially digested protein, which increases the speed of absorption, although for most people this is not necessary.

whey hydrolyzed protein

The cost of this protein is higher so unless you are an athlete with several daily sessions, it does not make sense.

Which proteins to choose?

Within whey proteins there are still more options.

In the production process, the more the protein is isolated, the more the fat and lactose are reduced. If the main objective is to increase protein intake only, it makes sense to choose isolate.

You can choose between different flavors if you like for your smoothie, I personally prefer to drink it neutral to avoid flavorings and sweeteners.I can also give it a more varied use in the kitchen.

For example, by add some fruit we incorporate the flavor in a natural way and achieve a combination with carbohydrates that favors recovery.

When to take the protein shake? 

The ideal time is to take the post-workout supplement.The muscle synthesis is elevated in this phase, but it is not an effect that lasts only 30 minutes.

The anabolic window lasts several hours and it is much more important that you have reached your required amount of protein at the end of the day than the exact moment in which you ingest it. 

Why take protein shakes?

Most people think that shakes are almost like magic, that you drink them and start gaining muscle, but in reality, to gain muscle mass you need:

  • Enough calories, 
  • sufficient protein 
  • strength training

The shake can help you balance your macronutrients, but if you don't train properly with the volume and intensity you need, you won't magically get the results.

How much protein to take?

It is recommended that total protein intake should be in this range 1.5-1.8 g/kilo.

This amount refers to the total amount of protein you take in your diet, so the whey shake should help meet those requirements.

The dose of the shake usually provides about 20 grains on average.. Consult specifically the nutritional values of the whey protein you consume.

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