Strengthen your buttocks with elastic bands

Another exercise tutorial to improve our performance. Nowadays it is quite common for many people to have gluteal amnesia. This term refers to the buttocks no longer functioning 100% as they should.

This is usually a consequence of an inactive lifestyle, the hours we spend sitting, not doing specific exercises for this muscle... for any of these reasons or a mixture of them.

It is no longer simply a question of aesthetics, a well worked gluteus works well and that is the most important thing of all.

Benefits of having a worked gluteus

Some of the benefits we can cite as being the most outstanding:

  • Good form when doing squat. It is typical to see in powerlifters that their squat could be better if the gluteus medius did its job at 100%. Basically, this is seen when the knees turn inward during the squat. To avoid injury it is important to strengthen the gluteus.
  • Prevents knee problems.
  • Better postural hygiene. This avoids other types of pain that are a consequence of poor body posture.
  • Although we focus on sports performance and health, obviously a worked gluteus improves aesthetics.

Gluteal training

While many people will think they already train the glutes when they do a lower body workout, it usually does not usually include glute-specific exercises.

It's easy to think that if you do dead weights, squats, or good mornings that's enough, but there are other exercises that are much more effective in attacking glute amnesia.

Specific gluteal exercises

Without a doubt, the movement that works the gluteus the most is the gluteal bridges, with all its variants. With weights, with rubber bands, on one leg...

It is important then, that we include a few series of this exercise in our planning to complete the training of legs and not suffer deficiencies.

Gluteal activation prior to leg training

On the other hand, it is interesting that before doing a session in which we are going to include squats, we help to awaken these muscles to ensure that they will work as well as possible during the subsequent session.

Basically what good hip extension is sought after which is when the buttocks have to be involved.

A proposal of exercises for gluteal activation. It is enough to do 10 repetitions of each exercise, 3 sets in total.

Monster walk with band

Put the band around your ankles, stand with a distance between your feet that is greater than the width of your hips. From here, take steps to the side, always keeping this minimum distance between your feet and without bending your knees.

walking with elastic bands

Monkey kick with band

Squat with one of the bands around your ankles. From here throw a kick upward and outward. Always noting that most of the work is done by the gluteus.

how to make monkey kick

Gluteal bridge with bands

The exercise par excellence, in which the gluteus plays a great role. With a band between your knees, lie down on the floor with the soles of your feet supported. From here start the pelvic lift movement, contracting the buttocks and abdomen. When you reach your maximum, you can wait a few seconds and return to the initial position.

gluteal bridge with elastic bands

With these simple glute activation exercises, you are assured of better performance in your subsequent workout.

Training with elastic bands

To perform both activation exercises and specific exercises, it is very useful to get resistance bands. They are an accessory that takes up very little space, are very cheap, and can provide great value in your workouts, not only for this particular issue, but for other workouts.

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I look forward to your comments on the social networks about the utility you have been able to give to the bands. I hope they are as helpful to you as they are to me.