Toes to bar

Toes to bar, T2B, TTB are the different ways we refer to this gymnastic movement that consists of bringing the feet to the bar.

If you want to get your first t2b, learn how to link them or improve efficiency, this article reviews all the keys and progressions.

What is a toes to bar?

The exercise begins with the athlete hanging on the bar in suspension. From here, he must raise his feet until they are in contact with the bar from which he is hanging. Specifically, he must strike in the space between the two hands.

To make another repetition, the feet must return to the hanging position and pass over the imaginary vertical line of the athlete's axis.

Muscles worked

This gymnastic exercise requires force especially in the middle of the body.

The core is the main stakeholderbut there are also serratus, biceps brachii and hip flexors.

Types of t2b

What does a strict toes to bar look like?

Consists of performing a toes to bar without the use of any type of balancing or kipping. The athlete hanging on the bar must strike the bar with the feet using abdominal strength.

feet to crossfit bar

Toes to bar with kipping

Unless the WOD Otherwise, kipping can be used to link one repetition of toes to bar with the next.

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What is kipping in the toes to bar?

Refers to the rocking motion which is performed to link one toes to bar repetition to another. The athlete starts hanging on the bar and looks for the hollow and arched hollow position to gain the necessary momentum that will help him/her bring the feet up to the bar.

Types of kipping

You will see that despite using the banlance the toes to bar can look different depending on who is doing them. That's because some athletes are more comfortable with a wide kipping and others with a short kipping.

Kipping wideThe athlete moves with straight legs and has a great inertia of well-marked hollow postures.

Kipping short: the athlete only stretches his legs at the end of the movement to reach the bar.

Both versions are equally correct, it is a matter of finding the one that is most efficient for each athlete.

T2B progressions 

Do not worry if you hang up and right off the bat you can't get your feet to touch the bar. It has happened to you, it has happened to me, and it will continue to happen to most people who enter a box for the first time.

The progressions are designed so that the athlete can continue working with the adaptations needed to be able to perform the exercise in RX version.

Knees to elbows

You can hang on to the bar and focus on to raise the knees to the height of your elbows.

This step is practically a complete toes to bar, since you are able to do a good kipping and you have abdominal strength to move much of your lower body. You just need a final push to finish transforming it into the toes to bar. 

For further progress you can try adding a final kick to try to touch the bar.

Knees to belly

If the previous option is still too advanced, try this previous step.

You start by hanging from the bar and focus on raise your knees up to the height of your navel. It is a good way to practice kipping and gain core strength to lift your legs.

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