CrossFit Mobility Guide

You can work on mobility from the comfort of your home by following these guidelines classified by work area.

You will only need a foam roller and a ball..

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How to do the exercises?

Pass through the indicated areas, along the muscular line with the foam roller and ball.

Maintain pressure on the area and perform 2 to 3 series of 1' looking for painful points and maintain static pressure on them for about 30'' so that the muscle tension is released.


Exercise 1

Kneeling on the floor, place your forearms on top of the ball or foam roller and roll from elbow to wrists. This can be done with one arm or both at the same time.

hand stand flexibility

Exercise 2

In quadruped position we move our wrists with the weight of our body forward and backward, to the sides or making circles. We can also support the back of the hand.

handstand walk dolls


Exercise 1

Same as above, but we roll from elbow to shoulder through both the triceps and biceps areas.

mobility for hand walking

Lying face down, supported with the ball on the pectoral we move gently around the muscle. We can also lean on the wall.

Exercise 2

myofascial shoulder work

We place the opposite arm in front of us and bend our knees. We rest the lateral part of our trunk on the foam and roll gently from the costal area to the armpit.

Exercise 3

movility handstand walk

Exercise 4 - position Overhead

From a seated position on the floor with legs together and extended, upper trunk at 90º and arms extended above the head. We grab a disc or a heavy object and raise it in OH position. In this position perform shoulder press.

Exercise 5 - Position of L

Kneeling on the floor, lower the trunk forward with arms fully extended and resting on a surface / box or bench. Bring the head out between the arms and force it towards the floor to achieve range of motion in the shoulders. You can vary and complicate the position by standing in a standing L, or inverted L as shown in the photos.

tips to improve handstand walk

Exercise 6 - Position Handstand

Do a handstand with your face to the wall. Separate the arms from the wall two spans and force shoulder width until the whole body is in contact with the wall.

handstand wall

Exercise 7 - Hanging

A quick, easy and simple way to align the body and gain mobility is to hang from a bar or structure. Accumulate seconds hanging, thinking about lengthening the joints, especially shoulder and hip.

hanging for handstand walk


Exercise 1

Lying on top of the foam roller placing it at the end of the scapulae, we extend arms in over head position. We make movements along the spine from the lumbar area to the scapulae.

Exercise 2

We place the roller on the floor, our point of support on the floor will be our feet and hips. We lie down placing it at the end of the scapulae. Arms hugging our body and we make thoracic flexion and extension movements. Without lifting the hips off the floor.

mobility for walking on hands


Exercise 1

Roll the foam roller along the back of the leg, from the knee to the buttock. Also pass the ball through the cervical area, to the sub-occipital musculature. It has been studied that it helps to release the fascia and promotes ischiosural flexibility.

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Exercise 2 - Dive Bomber

From plank position, we separate the feet at hip width with straight legs and push the buttocks towards the ceiling while bringing the head between the arms. Back straight and the whole sole of the foot resting on the floor. Lower the chest in push-up between our hands parallel to the floor, and do the extension of arms upwards.

hand stand walk exercises

Exercise 3: Hands touch feet

Sitting on the floor with your legs extended forward, bring your hands to touch the tips of your toes without bending your knees.

With feet together on the floor, legs extended, bring the trunk forward, let the weight fall until it touches the floor. It is very important not to bend the lower back straight.

mobility hand stand hold


Exercise 1 - Hip and lateral extension

With one knee resting on the floor, the other foot resting on the floor bending the knee. Activating the gluteus, forcing the hip flexors forward, extend the arm on the same side as the knee resting on the floor.
The back of the body should be slightly tilted to the opposite side in order to extend the dorsal area at the same time as the hip.

hsw crossfit mobility

Exercise 2 - Deep hip extension

Starting from the same position as the previous one, pull the body weight forward to extend the hips as far as possible. We can add variations, with the hands supported, with the elbows, only one hand and rotate the trunk.
to one side. Very useful to mobilize hip flexors and thoracic extension and shoulder mobility with rotations.

mobility hip handstand walk

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