How to do kettlebell swing

In this article we are going to analyze how to perform a kettelbell swing correctly.

What is a kettlebell?

The kettllebell, or kettlebell, is a ball-shaped training weight with a top handle.

At first they may impress with that strange shape, but they are very useful in functional training and in the CrossFit.

How to make a kettlebell swing?

It is an exercise that is important for us to understand the technical, since will be the starting movement for virtually every other kettlebell exercise. It will be the best way to bring the weights from the floor up without making bad gestures or injuring ourselves.

kettlebell swing home
Starting position in Kettlebell swing.
  1. Stand one step behind the kettlebell with your legs slightly wider than your hips.
  2. Grasp the handle of the kettelbell near the ends with both hands.
  3. Bring the weight towards you with your legs bent, chest upright and back straight. The weight should go to the inside of your legs. The forearms collide with the groin and at this moment the hips should be back and the torso in front.
  4. We take advantage of the pendulum momentum to lift the weight above the shoulders using the power of our hips, legs are extended.
  5. When the weight is up they should be shoulders, hips and knees are aligned.
kettlebell swing final
Highest position in Kettlebell swing.

For the next repetition, the natural swing is allowed to bring the weight back to the inside of the legs.

To finish the movement, the weight is brought from the legs and from there to the floor.

Warnings and advice

Better safe than sorry

Maintain a safety zone at the fronte of us to prevent the weight from slipping and flying off and hitting anyone.

Accidents of this type are rare but not impossible.

Don't think about doing a squat

This movement can be a bit artificial, but like everything else, it is a matter of practice.

The more you think about letting the weight swing like a pendulum, the less energy you will expend. in doing the kettlebell swing.

It is not about doing a squat, keep your back and arms straight so that the barbell acts as a pendulum.

Leave the weight one step away from you

In order to promote this pendulum movement and that you don't have to carry the weight by handWhen you pick it up from the ground and when you put it down, you should stand one step behind it.

Grip at the ends

To avoid instability in the grip of the kettelbell when you hold it above your head, hold it by the curved part. This gesture gives much more security.

If you sweat a lot, use callera can be very useful.

kettlebell swings

What weight to use?

The kettlebell weight will depend on the physical condition of each person. To start with the technique it is recommended that it is done with a weight that does not involve a great effort to focus on learning the movement.

Once the technique has been internalized, you can gradually pick up challenging weights while maintaining the connected form of the exercise.

Kettlebell swing versions

One-handed or two-handed

The most The usual CrossFit practice is to do the kettlelbell swing with a single weight, using both hands.

It can also be done with a weight in each hand. It requires a little more practice especially if they are heavy. The heavier the weight, the greater the volume and sometimes the part between the legs may be difficult to reach..

American or Russian version

In CrossFit we usually do the American version, which consists of lifting the weights overhead.

The Russian version requires lifting the kettlebell to the shoulder height.

Benefits of the kettlebell swing:

Work of the entire downstream chain

You won't believe how many muscles are involved in performing this exercise until you're stiff.

It is a very comprehensive work that mainly involves the back, shoulder, hamstring and gluteus muscles.

Improve aerobic capacity and muscle capacity

It is a work of strength and at the same time increases our heart rate, since we usually work in series of at least 10 repetitions.

It helps us gain more muscle and lose more fat. This becomes even more evident as the weight of the kettlebell increases.

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