CrossFit flexibility programs

By definition, the CrossFit works on various skills:  cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy..

Often we focus much of our efforts on enhancing just a few of these skills because we believe they are more important, leaving others aside.

Or even if you are aware that they all play a fundamental role, it is easy that with so many things to take into account, some of them are left behind.

In this post we will see how we can improving our flexibility to gain range of motion and consequently CrossFit performance.

how to improve mobility in crossfit

Importance of good mobility

One of the most neglected skills is flexibility even though all of us who do CrossFit® have realized the limitation it poses for many exercises.

To name a few of the most problematic:

SnatchThis is a movement that involves having the weight overhead with a great grip. Those shoulders not only have to be strong, but they have to have a good range of motion.

Overhead squatAny exercise that forces you to break parallel in an overhead squat requires good shoulder mobility. Whether for full snatch, overhead squat, snatch balance... Have you tried overhead squat with two kettlebells overhead? Give it a try and then let me know your experience.

Pistol or one-legged squatFor this exercise you need a significant amount of strength but also flexibility and balance. For many people, the lack of ankle flexibility is a disadvantage to perform this exercise without adaptations.

Hand stand push upsShoulder mobility: again, a combination of several factors and one of them is shoulder mobility. Many people are unable to lock their shoulders in this movement because of the stiffness of their shoulders.

Without a good range of motion there are no new PRs.

With poor joint mobility we cannot improve the technique of many gymnastics movements and weightlifting in particular.

Many people train these exercises hoping to gain weight, and they do it over and over again with the same inefficient range of motion. Even if they manage to gain a pound or two here and there, their progression potential is almost nil because they will never be able to perform these exercises with good technique..

crossfit mobility tips

Benefits of stretching

Improve your performanceHow many people find that they can't increase the pounds on their snatch or overhead squat because their flexibility is limited and doesn't allow them to do so. They have the strength, but their range of motion is not optimal so they don't improve enough. This is just one example of how working on range of motion can improve this aspect and have a direct positive impact on performance.

Accelerate your recoveryThe natural release of hyaluronic acid while performing the stretching routine promotes recovery. Here you can also incorporate some element of the myofacial massage.

Reduces the risk of injury: doing exercises with poor technique can only lead sooner or later to injury.

Reset your central systemAs intense as CrossFit® sessions are, taking a break to move more slowly and give ourselves a break helps to rest our nervous system, which is often accelerated.

What do you recommend to improve mobility?

Stretch in the box

You can commit to always do the following stretching after exercise WODs. You can try to involve your classmatesI'm sure they need it too, and maybe you'll be more eager to do it.

This option is the but also the one least likely to happen. or that it is repeated more than a week. Most of us go to the box in a hurry because we come from work or we have to go to another commitment. So, at the drop of a hat, you'll skip stretching again because you have something "more important" to do.

Stretch on your own at home

Two good moments are: the first thing you do in the morning or the last thing in the day.

The main problem is that you end up always doing the same type of exercises because you gradually forget about them.

Here is one free mobility exercises guideBut the most important thing is to have a firm commitment, it's easy to give up if you haven't really made it a habit.

What is GOWOD?

GOWOD is an app that you can download for free and access a large amount of content, such as the exercise library. You will also see available the Premium paid version that will give you access to more personalized content.

It helps you improve your mobility whether you are a beginner, an expert, have good mobility or have a lot of work to do to improve.

It studies your specific profile and helps you improve your weakest areas while adapting as you evolve.

You start with a initial test (free) to help you create your profile. This is your starting point and will be the way in which you can assess your progress. From here you will have useful information about your areas of mobility.

how to improve mobility in crossfit

How do the GOWOD protocols work?

This application presents 3 types of programs:

  • Pre-trainingWOD: helps you prepare for the WOD you are going to do by choosing the exercises that make up the workout. The objective is to improve your range of motion before you start your session and help reduce the risk of injury.
    The exercises are explained in the video that you can watch and you can always choose options that scale the difficulty of the posture in case you need it.
  • Post trainingthis protocol promotes rapid recovery. And again they are set to the session you just did so it helps you work the areas that really need stretching.
  • Diaryis not linked to the training of the day. It allows you to focus on the areas of mobility and flexibility you need the most.
    It is a long-term job that requires constant work.
    It does not require any type of material and is adaptable to time and personal weaknesses. These exercises are usually postures that are held for a longer period of time and also some more dynamic exercises. At the same time it helps you to relax so it is a good choice before going to sleep.
YouTube video

The application has a extensive library which explains the exercises used in the different protocols, well classified so that you can easily find them by searching by type, zone or accessory used.

Another fact that indicates the popularity of the application is the number of successful athletes who use this application on a daily basis: Mathew FraserKatrin Davidsdottir, Scott Panchik, Brooke WellsJosh Bridges, Brenda Castro, and many others. Games athletes.

Why does GOWOD work?

Mainly because generates commitment and its users are consistent with mobility exercises..

It is very important that the protocol is personalized to your training needs, making it much more effective.

This is a great advantage over ROMWOD which is more reminiscent of a yoga or group stretching session.

Try GOWOD for free

Once the trial period is over and you have seen for yourself how useful the application is, you will be able to choose between different rates the longer the contract period, the more economical it will be..

What is ROMWOD?

It is known as <>.

The initials of ROM stand for Range Of Movement. Romwod is a a paid application designed to improve range of motion through guided stretching sessions. Each day the session is different and you can choose between long or short version and you can do them at home.

The application is in English, but it is not really a problem because it is basically a matter of copying the posture of the model that you will see on the screen.

It also has a session library in case you are interested in focusing on a specific area of your body.

application to gain mobility

The most well-known athletes who use Romwod on a daily basis are: Kara SaundersAlec Smith, James Newbury, Noah Olsen, Tia Clair Toomey, Patrick Vellner, Laura Horvath, …

Why does ROMWOD work?

Normally, the fact of commit to pay for a few classes makes you more aware that you should not skip daily sessions.

Every day the sessions are new so it is not boring. You don't have to think, just let yourself be carried away by the video.

When perseverance starts to pay off, the motivation to keep doing it increases.

Try Romwod for free

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Mobility accessories

Whichever of the above options you choose, you will need a couple of accessories to work on mobility on your own. Buy here, with a discount using the code ANABELPUMP, your foam roller and your trigger point ball.

foam roller and ball buy