"Amanda" is a CrossFit Girl WOD with a combination of two very different movements: muscle ups and squats snatches.

Do you like heavy bars and flying on the rings? You will enjoy this WOD.

What is Amanda's CrossFit?

In the shortest possible time 9-7-5
Ring muscle-ups
Squat Snatches (61/43 kg)
Score: total time

amanda wod

Since the original WOD, other versions have appeared, such as the power plus amanda.

What is Power Plus Amanda?

Add an initial round of 11 reps to Amanda's original wod.
In the shortest possible time 11-9-7-5
Ring muscle-Ups
Squat Snatches (61/43 kg)
Score: total time
Time cap: 15 minutes

This wod was first published in the programming of NCFit gyms, owned by veteran athlete Jason Khalipa.

What is Amanda .45?

With a total of 45 repetitions.
In the shortest possible time 13-11-9-7-5
Ring muscle-Ups
Squat Snatches (61/43 kg)
Score: total time
Time cap: 15 minutes

This version was first performed at the 2017 CrossFit Games.


  • Squat snatch: This version forces us to break the hip parallel in the squat every time we perform a snatch. For many it would be the only option because the weight is really high. You can to review the technique of this movement in this tutorial.
  • Ring muscle up: one of the most complex movements in gymnastics.

This combination of exercises requires very different skills that are not usually strong points in the same athlete. Those who excel at moving heavy weights are not usually the most comfortable athletes in gymnastics and vice versa.

What would be a good time for Amanda?

Beginner: 13 - 15 minutes
Intermediate: 10 - 12 minutes
Advanced: 8 - 9 minutes
Elite: 5 - 7 minutes

Source: Wodwell

Helena Avendaño CrossFit athlete

YouTube video


As with all WODS, it is best to have a clear strategy before the clock starts ticking. Improvising does not usually yield the best time.

The most efficient is that you can realistically identify the repetitions you can perform without having to take long rests.

A non-rep of these movements will cost you a lot of time and energy. It pays to be conservative with your sets.

Example 5-4, 4-3, 3-2 ring muscle ups + singles snatches

Downward repeats are always a good alternative. For each set you complete you know that you will have to do fewer repetitions. This is very useful knowing that you will accumulate more and more fatigue.

Squat snatches are with a high weight, so it is best to drop the bar after each repetition to save grip.

Scaling options

Don't worry if you have to scale the WOD. You will get much more profit scaling than doing an Amanda of more than 15′.

Scaling ring muscle ups

If you do less than 5 ring muscle ups unbroken, adapt this movement to:

  • Chest to bar
  • Pull ups
  • Ring row + ring dip

Scaling the snatch

If your snatch PR is less than 70/50 kg, decrease the weight.

  • 50/35 kg
  • 45/30 kg
  • 40/25kg

If you have mobility problems you can perform the squat snatch in parts: power snatch + overhead squat.

History of the AMANDA wod

"Amanda" was not one of the first CrossFit "Girl" from 2003, but was added to the set of girls when the director of the CrossFit Games, Dave Castro dedicated the first Games event in 2010 to Amanda Miller.

Amanda placed 6th at the Mid Atlantic Regionals in 2009. Just a month later she began her personal battle with melanoma. At only 24 years old, she passed away in April 2010.

This WOD appeared as workout of the day on the official CrossFit website on Saturday, July 17, 2010 (100717).