CrossFit Girl: Annie

Annie is a ladder of double unders and sit-ups in the shortest possible time and the only equipment needed is a speed rope.

What is the WOD Annie?

For time:

wod annie

Although we have also seen different versions.

Awful Annie:

50-40-30-20-10 per time
5/4/3/2/1 Cleans with (275/185)lb.


50 double-unders - 50 sit-ups - 400m run
40 double-unders - 40 sit-ups - 400m run
30 double-unders - 30 sit-ups - 400m run
20 double-unders - 20 sit-ups - 400m run
10 double-unders - 10 sit-ups - 400m run

Toes-to-bar Annie:

Toes to bar


Before starting this wod you have to make sure that the rope is in perfect condition, it would be a catastrophe if in the round of 30 the cable were to come loose or if any of the fasteners were lost.

Make sure you are using the Abmat or abdominal cushion correctly.

This Abmat will help you achieve full range of motion in the sit up and reduce the risk of injury to the spine and coccyx.

Please tie your shoelaces, it costs nothing and can save you from a mid-workout scare.

This WOD is going to be intense, so you are interested in heating wellDo a general warm-up and spend 10 minutes warming up your calves and your abdominal area.

Doubles should be performed unbroken or at most splitting in no more than 2 sets each round. If you are not confident with doubles you may want to consider scaling this wod.

If you need a little help with your doubles, take a look at this tutorial:

Regarding the "sit ups" the round of 50 is hard but it goes well, the problem will come in the round of 40 or even 30, so make sure you are performing the movement correctly by touching the floor with your hands when you drop down and touching your feet when you stand up.

Scaling options

If you are not able to perform a single "double under" our recommendation is to double the number of jumps but make them simple and keep the number of crunches.

If you can perform at least 20 doubles in a row I would recommend that you perform the WOD as it is set up, but if 20 is too far away we recommend that you perform half as many doubles and keep the number of sit ups.

What would be a good time?

Beginner: 10-12 minutes
Intermediate: 8-10 minutes
Advanced: 7-8 minutes
Elite: < 6 minutes

Source: Wodwell

The intention of this WOD is to do it in less than 10 minutes, you could even put it as Time Cap 12', if you think you can not get it in this time, take a look at the scaling options.

If you want to record your marks and keep track of your progress I recommend My WODs notebook. You will be able to organize your workouts and have all the benchmarks like this one at hand.


"Annie" is named after Annie Sakamotoone of the icons of CrossFit, one of the first female trainers and owner of the first Box in Santa Cruz, California.

Sakamoto is a presenter and we have seen her in videos and live shows of CrossFit Games, ROGUE... being one of the most known faces among the CrossFit Media team.

We first saw this workout on the CrossFit website on September 7, 2005. And in the past CrossFit Games in its online format we were able to see its version Awful Annie.

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