Diane CrossFit Girl Wod

"Diane" is another of the CrossFit Girls. It is a combination of two exercises, the first weightlifting and the second gymnastics.

What does Diane de CrossFit consist of?

In the shortest possible time
Deadlift (225/155lb)-(102/70kg)

Score: total time.

crossfit diane

What is heavy Diane?

In the shortest possible time
Deadlift (275/205lb)-(125/93kg)
Strict HSPU

It is a heavier version in DLs and more difficult in HSPUs because it conditions the movement to use only shoulder strength.

What is Roaming Diane?

In the shortest possible time
Deadlift (225/155lb)-(102/70kg)
HSW (in meters)

In this version, the original benchmark weight is maintained but the handstand push ups are changed to handstand walk, which makes it a more difficult and fun WOD to do.

What is Damn Diane?

In the shortest possible time
3 rounds of 15 repetitions of:
Deadlift (315/205lb)-(143/93kg)
Strict and deficit HSPU (3.5/2in)

This new version appeared in the online phase of the CrossFit Games 2020.


Movements: Deadlift and Handstand Push Up

When thinking about your strategy you need to consider how easy you can move the weight on the DL. To know if you would be able to perform the sets without breaking a good guide would be if you can perform 30 repetitions in a row with the weight then you will be able to not break. If that is not the case you should try to make the sets as long as possible with little rest in between.

For the handstand push ups the strategy will be similar, the important thing will be to find a number of repetitions that allows you to move fast and rest little.

An example strategy would be to split DL and HSPU equally at 11-10, 8-7 and the last 9.

For more experienced athletes it will be non-splitting and for beginners 7-7-7, 5-5-5, 3-3-3.

Once you have the strategy decided it will be important that you stick to the plan and respect the rest times by making quick transitions.

Remember that if you are very tired, adding one repetition at a time will be better than staring at the bar or the wall.

What would be a good time for Diane?

Beginner: 10 - 14 minutes
Intermediate: 6 - 9 minutes
Advanced: 5 - 6 minutes
Elite: less than 4 minutes

Source: Wodwell

If you want to record your marks and keep track of your progress I recommend My WODs notebook. You will be able to organize your workouts and have all the benchmarks like this one at hand.

Brenda Gola plays Diane

Scaling options

Diane is a WOD in which you must perform a total of 90 repetitions (45 DL and 45 HSPU) in the shortest possible time.

If the weight is the biggest obstacle you can decrease it until you find that weight that while still being challenging allows you to perform less than 4/3 sets and keep your back in a correct posture to avoid injury.

If you have a problem with handstand push ups, there are several options for pike push ups, pike push ups with feet on a box, HSPU with an abmat, HSPU with abmat and discs, and even a strict version if the problem is leg coordination and not exactly shoulder strength.

The most important thing will be to find a weight and difficulty that will allow you to finish the wod in less than 5′ without taking too many breaks.

History of the wod

"Diane" was first published on the official CrossFit website on June 25, 2004 (040625).

He first appeared at CrossFit Regionals in 2012 (Regionals 12.1) as a workout at the 2018 Open and again at 20.3.   

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