Isabel: CrossFit Girl

"Isabel" is one of the CrossFit Girl WOD . A benchmark ideal for barbell cycling lovers, those who love to move a lot of kilos and very fast.

What is Wod Isabel?

In the shortest possible time:
30 snatches - snatches (135/95lb - 61/43 kg)
Score: total time

isabel wod peso

Strategy for Isabel

Movements: snatch

Any version of snatch, whether power snatch, full/squat snatch, or even split snatch, is allowed.

The best advice is to know how to adapt the series to your real snatch skills. We know that is not a movement of pure strength and requires a good technique.. The goal is that you can move the bar without difficulty to make it fast.

If you need a technique review of this weightlifting movement, we recommend you this tutorial and this section in our youtube channel.

Isabel as quickly as possible

This is too obvious, but it is often overlooked. The timer will stop when you have achieved all the reps, the time is the total of how long it takes you to do the snatches and how long you are resting.

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Therefore, it doesn't matter if they are long or short series, if you take more or less rests, but you must look for that pace that minimizes downtime, as it will worsen your result..

Since we have known about this benchmark, all kinds of tests have been done to try to see which method was more efficient and allowed to lower the total time. From 30 singles (releasing the bar after each repetition), unbroken (not releasing the bar for all 30 repetitions), large sets of repetitions, smaller sets, a combination of all the above alternatives...

Descending series

For example:  8+7+6+5+4. Each round in which you advance you will have fewer repetitions, it is good for accumulation of fatigue and it is also a mental relief.

20 repetitions unbroken + 10 singlis

If you have a advanced level and your goal is toIf you want to improve your previous record, this is a good recommendation.

Ferran in the video states another strategy and allows you to finish the wod under 2 minutes.. A first long series of 15 repetitions unbroken + 5 unbroken + 5 unbroken + 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1.

Reference WOD times Isabel:

When you read it you may look down on it, but don't be fooled, if it's only 30 snatches there has to be rhythm; and this always suffers.

Beginner: 6 - 7 minutes
Intermediate: 4 - 6 minutes
Advanced: 3 - 4 minutes
Elite: less than 2 minutes
Source: Wodwell

Ferran Rodriguez makes Isabel

Options for climbing Isabel

Of all the benchmarks, Isabel is probably the one that has the record in speed.

Moderate/high weight, but that you can move with speed, you should notice that breathing quickens as if you were sprinting.

Decrease weight

Unlike other WODs there are no other options here.

Those who cannot move the bar with the RX weights in touch and go, they must lower the weight. of the bar. Otherwise, you are missing the point of the benchmark: speed.

It would be unwise, for example, for an athlete to not lower the weight and need 10 minutes to complete the 30 snatches. He would simply have lost the stimulus sought in this wod.

Scaling the weight of the bar - for time:
30 snatches (45/30 kg)

Analyze your progress

As with the other benchmarks, the times are taken as a reference to be able to compare their evolution over time.

If you like to keep track of your PRs in an orderly fashion, have a record of your WODs, consult benchmarks, I recommend you take a look at this notebook designed for crossfitters.

History of Isabel wod

This training was first published in the CrossFit official website on Thursday, November 11, 2004 (041111).

In 2004, they mention the Isabel WOD in one of the CrossFit Journal publications, referring to it as. the best friend of another previously published benchmark: Grace (30 Clean and Jerk for time with the same weight).

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