Jackie: CrossFit Benchmark

"Jackie" is one of the so-called CrossFit Girl WOD. This training was first published on Friday, March 6, 2009 (090306).

Wod Jackie

For time
1,000 meters rowing
50 thrusters (20/15 kg) with the bar only
30 pull-ups
Complete the work in the established order in the shortest possible time.

Score: total time

jackie wod weight

Strategy for Jackie

Movements: Rowing, thrusters, pull-ups.

  • Rowing: it is important to perform around 85%-90% of your best 1 km rowing time. For those who do not know their 1 km rowing time, the goal is not to exceed 4 minutes.
  • Thrusters and pull-up reps: should be performed unbroken or with a couple of sets of high reps and fast transitions. If it is not possible for you to do all the reps in a row and you need to break it up, you can follow these schemes:
    Thrusters: 25/15/10 or 13/13/12/12
    Pull-Ups: 15/10/5 or 8/8/7/7/7

Good reference time to make Jackie:

Beginner: 10 - 12 minutes
Intermediate: 7 - 10 minutes
Advanced: 6 - 7 minutes
Elite: less than 6 minutes

Source: Wodwell

If you want to record your marks and keep track of your progress I recommend My WODs notebook. You will be able to organize your workouts and have all the benchmarks like this one at hand.

Aniol Ekai does Jackie

YouTube video

Climbing options Jackie

"Jackie" is intended as a fast wod, where the bar is not heavy and there are few interruptions. The intensity should be high and the athlete should finish before 10 minutes with any modifications needed from the RX version.

Decrease the weight of the bar - for time:
1,000 meters rowing
50 thrusters (15/10 kg)
30 pull-Ups

Decrease the weight of the bar, the volume of work and the difficulty of the movements - for time:
800 meters rowing
35 thrusters (15/10kg)
20 ring rows

The most important thing is that regardless of the physical level, everyone can do this wod feeling the same stimulus..

The objective of this wod is to test the cardiovascular capacity of the athlete. The only time the athlete is expected to take a break is not until the end of the wod itself.

For all those participants who have to climb this wod, it is advised that they take note of their time, the wod specifications and their mark, to serve as a reference and motivation to be able to compare times in the future.

There are also other versions of Jackie that are not exactly intended to make it easier for athletes. There are versions such as: "Running Jackie"(in which rowing is substituted for running), "Angry Jackie"(an even more advanced version of the original wod) and the "Backwards Jackie"(known as "Eikcaj").

History of wod Jackie

A curiosity of this very special training is that, unlike most wods, this training established a single weight in its RX version(20kg) for both men and women.

At the 2013 Regionals the athletes had to do Jackie with the weight prescription that was on the Crossfit website from 2009.

In 2017 (170930) a new version of Jackie was released, differentiating weights between men and women being 20kg bar for men and 15kg bar for women. From here, it started to be quite common to accept that Jackie in RX was with 20/15kg.