The best substitute for soft drinks

It is quite common to consume soft drinks filled with chemical, sugar and or sweetenersWhat is the best soft drink? What if I drink zero?

Many times we are not aware of the choices we make on a daily basis, and if you are one of those who daily drink a Coke, Pepsi, a Nestea, an Aquarius, a Redbull... in any of their "light/zero/low in" versions, you are not doing your health any good with the consumption of this type of drinks. How easy it is to drink two of these when we are with more people? Or have one with lunch and one with dinner?

Each can of soft drink type Coca-Cola contains 35 grams of sugar. The WHO recommends that the consumption of added sugar in the diet of an adult should not exceed 25g and in any case you should not exceed 50 gr. If with a single coca-cola you already reach 35 gr, it will be easy to exceed 50 gr.

I guess you don't need anyone to tell you that soda doesn't fit into the real food framework advocated by the Paleo diet. If you want to learn more about this diet read here.

Consequences of soft drink consumption

There are several reasons to stop drinking these soft drinks, even if they would not be good on an occasional basis, because do not provide any nutrients and their excessive sugar content has serious consequences for our health..

Ingredients of dubious origin

Many of these ingredients contain aspartame, a sweetener that has been associated with different types of cancer.

Oral problems

I saw a report where a teenager appeared with his mouth totally destroyed, unrecognizable. He explained that he drank liters of Mountain Dew daily. And looking for it, I found this other one who put his molars in that drink for several days and look what happens to them!

YouTube video

You'll be thinking that this is an exaggeration, and luckily, it's an extreme case but it's a very visual way to remember the damage these drinks do to our mouths. Erosion of the enamel, help the proliferation of cavities, aggravate the yellowing of the teeth, cause gingivitis....


Soft drinks are not solely responsible for the weight gain of the Spanish population in general, but they do contribute their bit. A sedentary lifestyle, an unhealthy diet and an unhealthy diet are added to a excess calories partly from the calories we drink partly from soft drinksand the result is what we have in front of us.

A population that has more and more weight problems, not only among adults, but also among the youngest members of the household.


The consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages is directly related to an increased risk of diabetes. This disease is increasingly present in younger people.

A diet high in sugars that our body cannot tolerate. The body cannot produce as much insulin as it needs to combat these large intakes of sugar.. And unfortunately, it ends up becoming a disease that could have been totally avoided with a healthy lifestyle.

You can learn more about the paleo in this guide.

How to stop drinking sugary soft drinks?

It is normal that you are hooked, sugar is highly addictive. You are, and so are all the people who at some point in their lives have taken this type of beverages until they have decided to change their behavior.

why quit coke

Think that all these alternatives have nothing to do with sugary drinks that over stimulate the palate. So you will have to put willpower at the beginning, so that you can gradually detoxify yourself from those sweet and artificial flavors.

Flavored water

Let's not forget what thehe best source of hydration: water. There is and will never be anything better than this perfect H2O formula.

Depending on what your usual soft drink consumption was, you may find it more difficult to switch to water directly. It's easy to find it bland, boring and you need it to have some flavor to help you in your best intentions to banish cokes.

You can add fruit slices to add some flavor and your palate will get used to it little by little. Remember that the base of our hydration should be through water.If you are not sure how to drink water, the other suggestions can help you to make it more enjoyable, but no option is better than drinking the water your body asks for every day.


There are countless flavors of infusions. From the most traditional ones such as chamomile or tea, to fruitier and spicier options such as chai. Whether hot or cold, they are a super-healthy option since they each infusion has its own benefits.

But no matter which one you choose, they do not contain chemicals, bubbles or sugars. It is normal that especially at the beginning you need to sweeten them slightly, opt for natural foods such as honey.

There are also more elaborate versions in latte forms. In the blog you have an example of matcha latte recipewarm in winter, a real vice.


The soft drink revolution! how can something be so good is natural and healthy? Well, it exists, it's called kombucha and it's the latest trend. Because in addition to having a natural fizz reminiscent of soft drinks, it is a fermented food with many healthy properties.

If you haven't tried kombucha yet, you don't know what you're missing. In this post I'll explain it better.

Natural juice/liquid

Eating the whole fruit has many more benefits than a natural juice. But within the context of a healthy diet, we can all afford a juice that we prepare ourselves at home, based on natural fruits and vegetables.

This option contains more calories than the previous options, but at the same time many more benefits than any soft drink which is totally devoid of nutrients.

Coconut water

Have you tried natural coconut water? I remember drinking directly from coconuts on a vacation we took to paradise!!!!

And while I can't promise you paradise, there are brands of coconut water containing 100% the coconut water itself without unwanted ingredients. They are loaded with electrolytes (potassium, sodium and manganese), a natural coconut flavor and is super refreshing.

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