what is an air fryer

Guide to the best air fryers

If you are loyal followers you have already seen me fall into another temptation recently: the air fryer.

I enjoy cooking for my family and try to spread my love for eating not only tasty, but healthy. That's why I love to use machines that help me with that purpose.

In this post we analyze all the pros and cons of this invention that promises to be the panacea of unhealthy fried foods. Is it worth stealing a little piece of your kitchen to buy this machine?

I will tell you in detail my experience to help you know whether or not an air fryer is what you need.

What is an air fryer?

An air fryer is an air fryer that is a plug-in electric cooking machine to cook like a convection oven but in smaller dimensions.

what is an oil-less fryer

How does an air fryer work?

An air fryer uses hot air instead of oil for frying. This air circulates through the food in the basket and cooks it with a result very similar to that of an oven, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Advantages and disadvantages of an air fryer


Little supervisionIf you follow the program recommendations and adjust the volume of food, you should not be afraid of burning anything. I wouldn't recommend you to turn on the air fryer and go for a walk, but you can be at home busy with other things without having to be aware of it as you would be with a frying pan.
Saves less than a traditional oven because its dimensions are smaller. Takes less time to achieve desired temperature (50-75%) and needs less energy to maintain it (approximately 25-50%).
Very easy to cleanNo oil splashes on the countertop, stove and tiles. All you have to do is wash the fryer's basket, with no more hard-to-clean gadgets as with a conventional fryer or oven.
Healthy cookingWith the same amount of oil that you would use for grilling, with this cooking method you can achieve a result similar to that of frying using a minimum amount of oil, making it a much healthier alternative.
Works very intuitivelyYou don't have to "learn" to cook as with a multicooker or a slow cooker. Just put the food in the tray, choose the preset program and you'll get it right.


Reduced quantities. If your idea is to prepare a meal for two or a side dish for more people, it is perfect. If you expect to make large quantities, you will be limited by its capacity, unless you opt for an oven type.
Double the time. With compact models you will probably need to cook twice as long as the program time.

Types of air fryers

Let's see the types of fryers according to the system they use.

Don't forget also that size is important when making your decision for one or the other. A fryer of less than 3 L will serve you to make small batches of a side dish. From 7 L you will be able to cook main dishes for a family.

Paddle type air fryers

  • Higher price
  • They do not need supervision or intervention to stir the food.
  • Better cooking. Automatic turning allows food to cook evenly.
air fryer top cover

See the rotational operation of these models to ensure better cooking.

Tefal Actifry Genius Snaking...
  • Oil-less fryer that combines hot air with a gentle movement offers...
  • Healthy food without frying and maintaining the nutritional value of the food...

Compact fryers

  • Economic
  • They are usually of lower capacity
  • They require intervention to agitate and turn the food.

Oven type fryers

This model of fryers are small ovens that use a fan to circulate hot air quickly, cooking faster than with a conventional size oven.

  • Larger capacity, some of them can hold a whole chicken.
  • You need to have more space in the kitchen, as the appliance is larger than compact air fryers.
  • It is still an appliance that consumes less than an oven.

Cooking times in an air fryer

These are the approximate cooking times:

FoodWeightTime (min)Temp (ºC)Notes
airfryer fries350g16200Shake
air fryer croquettes360g13200Shake
chicken air fryer400g151802 x 200g
air fryer wings400g16-18180Shake
cooking meat air fryer400g161804 x 100g
bacon air fryer150g8-10180Turn around
salmon air fryer350111802 x 175g
vegetables air fryer20010-12160Shake


Is an air fryer worth it?

Yes, it's worth it. Especially if your priority is to eat healthy, this is an option to continue providing dishes with new flavors and textures while still cooking healthy. Like any other element of the kitchen, if you use it at least once a week I consider that the purchase has been amortized.

It doesn't offer any cooking options that you couldn't do in the oven, but sometimes it's inefficient to turn on the oven for potato chips, sweet potatoes, zucchini, artichokes... and it's much more convenient to do it in an air fryer.