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Facial routine with natural cosmetics

We hear about natural cosmetics, but do we really know what they are?

Does it bring benefits or is it pure marketing?

Natural cosmetics have many advantages and do not need to have some added to them that are not entirely true.

Natural cosmetics are part of a healthy lifestyle. In this post we explain only the truth so that you can go natural, also in the products you use on your body.

What is natural cosmetics?

Natural cosmetics include those organic and sustainable cosmetic products that contain active ingredients from plants, flowers and minerals that respect both the environment and the skin of those who apply them.

To be considered natural cosmetics, the product must be composed of at least 95% of natural ingredients or ingredients of natural origin. They do not contain animal ingredients.

Natural cosmetics is, therefore, the one we make at home with the ingredients we have at our disposal: avocado masks, olive oil, aloe vera... But also a whole new revolutionary industry that offers an alternative to traditional industrial cosmetics.


  1. The most obvious benefit is the reduced exposure to chemical and synthetic ingredients that can alter the skin. They do not contain synthetic fragrances, preservatives or artificial perfumes.

Common ingredients are: Vegetable oils, essential oils, minerals, clays, algae, flower and plant extracts.

  1. Avoid allergies and reactions

It is suitable for everyone, but even more so for those with sensitive skin.

  1. Protects the environment.

They generate less waste in their production. In addition, these types of brands also tend to opt for sustainable, plastic-free packaging.

  1. It has higher concentration of active ingredients, as it avoids filler ingredients.

This type of ingredients have better results, since they are absorbed by the skin much better than artificial ones.

  1. It is more economical than traditional brands

If you want a branded moisturizer you can spend at least 50 €. On the other hand, if you buy natural cosmetics you can save up to 50%.

On a personal note, and considering that I haven't used perfumes of any kind for years, neither for my body nor at home, I really like the refreshing scent of these products.

It is a pity that the smell cannot reach you through the screen, but they are pleasant smells, as they remind you of lime, roses, cucumber... This smell is not added as we have said, but it is part of the natural composition of the product.

Cruelty free myth

One of the biggest advertising claims of natural cosmetics is that they are cruelty free.

And they really are, but so are all the other cosmetic brands.

By law, in Europe, no cosmetics company is allowed to test on animals.

Those brands that are advertised as not tested on animals, in reality are not tested on animals. are not saying anything that differentiates them from the others.

Simple facial routine

The easy routine can be as simple as you want it to be.

Here are my 3 basic stepsbut as you will see, you can even reduce it to 2.

It is sufficient to complete it once a dayI usually do it at night when I take a shower.

In addition, she agrees that if makeup is used, it should be removed at the end of the day, and the face should be cleansed and moisturized.

1.- Face cleaning

It is the first step, starting with a clean face.

If you have used make-up, first of all you will have to remove your make-up and then cleanse.

freshly cosmetics facial cleanser

I keep it in the shower along with the rest of the hygiene products.

cream facial routine

2.- Apply the tonic 

It helps to prepare the skin to better absorb the products that will be applied later. It is not essential, but I don't like to skip it.

freshly cosmetics tonic

What I like most about this toner, besides the instant fresh feeling, is that you don't even need a cotton pad to apply it, as you can press the spray directly onto your face.

facial routine tips

3.- Hydration

The cream that helps our skin by providing everything it needs to move without tightness.


  • Lighter: ideal for young skin or for summer.

It is also ideal for those who also do the routine in the morning, or to use before makeup.

how to take care of your face
freshly cosmetics moisturizing cream
  • Denser: for more mature skin or colder seasons.
freshly anti-aging cream
anti-aging freshly cosmetics

Complete facial routine

If you feel like adding some extras:


Helps to enrich the moisturizing effect of the cream.

Apply just before moisturizer.

freshly cosmetics serum

Eye Contour

It is specially designed for the skin around the eyes which is more sensitive than the rest of the face.

Apply after toner and before moisturizer.

freshly cosmetics eye contour

Exfoliating scrub

They recommend using a deeper cleansing once a week.

Use it as a substitute for the cleansing gel.

This scrub, despite offering that extra cleansing, is very gentle and not irritating at all.

freshly facial scrub

If you wear makeup I also recommend that you take a look at the assortment available at Freshly.

If you have any questions you can write me a direct message at @familiapump.