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The best blender on the market

When you are looking for a blender that has no limits in the kitchen, you will see that there are several options and they are not cheap. That's why it's important to be clear about what you need so you don't overpay and make a good purchase.

In this post I am going to tell you about the two best American blenders I have tested to help you in the purchasing decision process.

The Vitamix 3500i

The American blender by star. It is the most famous for being one of the pioneer brands.

No one doubts the quality offered by the brand, it is a safe bet. On the downside, they are not cheap, but they have many uses.

If you are a person who spends time in the kitchen, you can consider it an investment.

Powerful engine

The greatest advantage of the Vitamix over any other American blender is the power of your engine. Basically, there's nothing you can't make: almond butter in minutes, vegetable xufa drink, smoothies with frozen fruit, ice cream....

After some frustrating experience with other mixers, With Vitamix you can blend even the toughest ingredients you can imagine..

Preset programs

With the power and time control you can make any program according to your needs, but it is very useful to have certain preset programs:

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  1. SmoothiesStart with a slower power until finishing at maximum speed, leaving all the ingredients integrated.
  2. Ice creamCrush and keep the ingredients cold. Save the refrigerator.
  3. SoupsTransfer the heat from the friction of the blades to the ingredients and get your recipe hot.
  4. SaucesAll kinds, including nut butters.
  5. Self-cleaningWith just one click, the blender itself regulates itself to make a rinse that will leave your blender almost clean.


The blender comes with the large 2 liter capacity jug and the spatula to help you when you need to push the food towards the blades.

On your own, you can purchase other very useful accessories such as the smaller beaker. If you are ever lazy to use the blender because you only plan to pour a small amount, this accessory is ideal.

Everything is designed so that you don't have to make any more mess and you can even keep your preparation in the same container.


The Vitamix has everything studied, it even thinks of the most absent-minded.

Do you think it's impossible to turn on the mixer without a lid? Well, believe me, human beings are capable of doing it. The Vitamix, on the other hand, does not start any program until the box is completely closed.

Amortization and guarantee

The price is around 500€, you should really consider the use you are going to give it.

If you like to make all kinds of recipes, the Vitamix really comes in handy in the kitchen. Its warranty is 10 years, so consider that the blender costs you more than 4€ per month during these years, although it will probably last longer.

It is motivating to cook when you know you have tools that make it easier. Investing in your kitchen is investing in your health..

Technical characteristics

Net weight8.39 kg
Power2.2 HP
Measurements (height x width x depth)41.91 x 29.54 x 33.02 cm (41.91 x 29.54 x 33.02 cm)
BladesLaser-cut stainless steel. Blades are 10.16 cm in diameter to ensure consistent mixing in every use.

Where to buy the Vitamix

Several models are available on Amazon.

SalesNo. 1 Bestseller Moulinex Blend&Go LM1B1D - Blender...
SalesBestseller No. 2 Taurus Optima Magnum Food Processor...

Recipes with Vitamix

Here is a basic recipe in my kitchen. You can find more recipes on the blog.

Vegetable milk with Vitamix

If you are concerned about eating extra ingredients and you are aware of the zero wasteYou have to try this super easy recipe.

YouTube video

Is it worth buying a Vitamix?

It depends. If you really are a person who likes to prepare things at home, vegetable milks, soups, nut butters, ice creams, açaí, smothies... 100% the answer is yes..

When you use this machine every day you are satisfied with its quality, you will enjoy it and you will not regret it.

How to encourage you to buy it with what it is worth? You can wait for a special date, like Christmas or your birthday, when your friends and family are willing to give you a gift. You can explain to them that the Vitamix is what you are most excited about and so you can pay for it together.

Otherwise, if you just want to make yourself a smoothie once in a while, it's a shame to spend so much money on such a powerful machine, as you're not going to make all the options you've paid so much for work.

The Optimum 9400A blender

At home we have a machine as good as the Vitamix but at almost half the price.

Optimum 9200A - 2nd generation...
  • 2611 W motor combined with 6 stainless steel blades and metal socket
  • With 3 quick preset functions for ease of use and manual control

The brand may not be so well known, but its quality is excellent. Powerful blades and motor so that you can't resist any ingredient.

I know it can be scary to buy "cheap", because we know that it often ends up being expensive. When we want to save money it often means saving on quality and we can end up unhappy with the purchase.

I share my experience with you in case you are encouraged. My blender is from 2018 and it works like the first day. And if it breaks down, I would buy it again because I use it every day.