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Be Lenka Nevada

Autumn is here and so is the change of closet.

If you are not so bold as to follow minimalism If you don't wear sandals all year round, it's time to get warm footwear.

If you're looking for boots that allow you to keep moving your foot freely, stick around, I'll tell you all about the boot I'm wearing from Be Lenka!

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Technical Data

  • Drop: 0, no heel lift.
  • Last: new shape designed in 2021.
  • Toe cap: square shape, wider than most minimalist shoes. 
  • Sole: 4 mm with anti-slip properties.
  • Removable insole.
  • Materials: leather, on the outside, with a velvet look.
belenka nevada sole


The skin is soft and pleasantThe sensation is one of great comfort.

Although they may appear to be robust, they are actually lightweight.

They are highly flexible and allow great movement of the foot considering the limitations of being an ankle-high boot.

opinion belenka nevada

The ankle area is more padded to ensure comfort. In the back there is a strap to help you put the shoe on, although I have never needed it.

Important! Despite being a lace-up boot, it is very easy to adjust both to put on and take off. This type of footwear can be very lazy if it is not easy to move the laces (as it happens to me on my Voovix)but with the Nevada you will see that the lacing system is good.

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Available from 33 to 47, and are unisex, even for children from that size.

They are smaller than your usual size in the brand. 

If you plan to wear a regular sock or you like your shoes to be just right in size, at least order half a number more

If you are going to wear a thicker sock or like to wear your shoes looser, order a full size up.

I normally wear a 36, in this case I ordered a 36.5 thinking of using them with thick socks, but I won't be able to, because I feel them a little tight (not enough to bother to return them), but had I known I would have asked for a 37.

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The design of this sneaker is reminiscent of the mythical Timberlands or Panama Jack, especially if you buy them in mustard color.

I chose black so I could wear them with athletic leggings, which is how I'm the 90% of the time.

Unlike the boots of fashion brands, with Belenka's Nevada, the feet move freely, imitating the way we walk when we are barefoot.

Ideal for

They are not completely water resistant, but they are repellent. The brand sells a spray to maintain their repellent properties.

Ideal for the cold season. If where you live there are extremely cold days, there are other more suitable models of the brand.

The sole is somewhat thicker than other minimalist shoes, they can be a good choice for those who are starting in the barefoot world.