belenka prime

Be Lenka Prime 2.0

One of the first minimalist shoes I tried.

As its name suggests, it is the improved version of the original Prime model, which is the brand's best-selling model.

belenka minimalist shoes

It's a nice looking shoe and you wouldn't say it's a barefoot unless you ride in them and check out their comfort.

Technical Data

  • Drop: 0 
  • 4mm sole, thin and flexible 
  • Toe: very wide and "bean" shaped, which means that it enlarges at the front, ideal for wide feet.
  • Materials: 
    • leather upper,
    • microfiber lining, 
    • TPU sole 
    • removable cotton insole
  • Available in 9 colors.


The leather is soft, with padded material in the area around the heel.

They are very flexible and allow total freedom of movement of the foot.

wide minimalist shoes


Real, choose your usual number.

Options from 36 to 47.


In its official website its full price is 129€. This price is within the range of most shoes of this style.

Personal experience 

After having used another model of minimalist shoes for training, I had the feeling that the space reserved for the toe box was too wide.

Soon that feeling disappeared.

They are undoubtedly ideal for those who have wide feet and although this is not my case, they are still just as comfortable.

In this time using them I have not found any but to point out in this analysis.