This is how I managed to lose weight quickly

Do you want to lose weight all at once? Have you tried several times and not been able to see results? Were you desperate and followed a miracle diet that has left you with more weight than you started with?

In this post I tell you 4 steps to lose weight safely and forever. It is not a miracle, you have to work hard. But I assure you that if you follow the plan you will see the results you are looking for.

how to lose 5 kg fast
WEEK 0 (60 kg) - WEEK 3 (57 kg)

In a matter of 2 weeks you can already see the first changes. In just a month and a half I have gone from 60 kg to 55 kg. Amazing what can be achieved with perseverance and good guidance.

how to lose weight fast
WEEK 3 (57 kg) - WEEK 6 (55 kg)

1. Diet

This word is scary, it sounds like eating little and bland. Or worse, something magical that in 1 week gives you the body of your life by eating only one food with slimming power. 

But none of that, the diet is just the eating pattern and to lose weight (and most importantly to be healthy) you must eat as follows:

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Prioritize real food

First of all, you should know that not all calories are the same. Food contains energy, but at the same time it is information for our body and causes different reactions.

There is no doubt that a doughnut is not the same as a piece of meat or vegetables even if they contain exactly the same calories, right?

Consume real food, as it is the one that concentrates a greater number of nutrients.

Create a deficit

Calculate your maintenance calories and create a small caloric deficit (up to 20%).

This point will be key for you to lose fat. Be clear that if there is no caloric reduction, no matter what diet you follow, you will not lose weight.

Let me say it again, if you do not reduce your caloric intake, you will not lose weight.

Secure protein intake

It is essential that you consume enough protein even if you cut calories. It is advised of a 25-30 % of total intake

Protein will not only help you to maintain your calorie target thanks to its satiety, but it will also help you to maintain and build new muscle mass..

You can help yourself with a protein shake to meet your daily requirements.

2. Move around as much as you can.

Do not underestimate the power of walking. You can be restricting your diet and incorporating training sessions, but if you don't move during the day it will be almost impossible to see results.

Training burns only a small amount of the calories we take in each day.If you are not moving during the day to increase caloric expenditure, you will not reach the amount needed.

Using the 10,000 steps a day benchmark is a simple way to know that we have been active. If you are truly committed to your weight loss goal, try to make your target 15,000

If you have never counted steps, you will be surprised how little we walk nowadays. The vast majority of people do not even reach a minimum of 10k per day. And it is not a question of losing weight, it is a minimum requirement to be healthy.

Many cell phones count your steps, and although they are not very accurate, it can be enough if you don't want to buy a watch. If you like technology, I've been using this smartwatch for years and I'm very happy.

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3. Strength training

Strength will be the way you can grow muscle and see an improvement in your body composition.

Although apparently having bigger muscles scares especially the female sector, it is the only way to gain curves. You won't look like the Hulk, on the contrary, you will look much better.

Do 3-4 strength sessions per week based on exercises with one's own body weight:

  • pill-ups,
  • push-ups,
  • sit-ups;

and using weights:

Spending hours with a 1 kg weight won't help you see the results you're looking for. Don't be scared of weights, men and women have more in common than we think. Weights are good for men and they are good for women too.

4. Do some cardio

Contrary to what you may have imagined, you don't need to spend endless hours on the elliptical or bike.

Cardio is necessary, but strength training is much more important, even if you are trying to lose weight and improve your body composition.

With 1-2 weekly sessions of 30-40 minutes you have enough.

Bottom line

  • Eat real food (create a deficit and consume enough protein).
  • Take at least 10,000 steps a day, preferably 15,000.
  • Strength train 3-4 times a week
  • Do 1-2 cardio sessions of 30-40 minutes

Because there is no magic, a good weight loss program must be based on these 4 pillars.

If you really commit to all of them within 2 weeks you can start to see improvement. And that will be a great source of motivation to keep going to your goal weight, because you'll see that it really works.

Once you have achieved what you were looking for, it is important to go back to the maintenance calories.

You've probably learned your portions pretty well by now if you've been weighing your food for weeks, so I don't recommend you do it forever. You will be able to calculate very accurately by eye.

Advantages of following a program

You can do all this on your own if you have mastered what we have explained. If you need a more detailed guide, you can follow a program that takes you by the hand step by step..

A good program ensures your success because:

It is effective

Doing a workout here and a workout there is fine when your only intention is to stay active. But if you really have a goal, you need to follow a well-planned program with adequate progressions. to avoid stagnation.

Has an adequate volume of work

If we are the ones who have to decide on the series, repetitions and rests, it is up to us. we tend to undertrain. A program is designed so that you train neither too much nor too little.

You don't waste time

(Only) you have to commit to do what is on paper. I mean, that you don't have to think about what you have to train forif I feel like it today or if I rest tomorrow. Put yourself in robot mode and follow the instructions.

Increases the level of commitment

After purchasing the program, you acquire a new level of commitment. The fact that you paid for it makes you not want to waste it.

When I moved to Australia at the age of 23 I also gained weight and had no idea how to lose it. I put a lot of effort into it, but the The road was much longer and more agonizing because I did not take these 4 steps.

I remember perfectly well that It took me half a year to lose the same weight.

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