The healthiest nut creams

In recent years, nut creams have become fashionable. Gone are the years when we only saw them in American movies.

Just a decade ago it was not a common product in our pantries and now it seems impossible not to have at least one flavor at home.

Is it just a fad? Are they really healthy? Let's really look at the benefits and harms of this fitness fad food.

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What are nut creams?

Nut creams are those obtained after processing the fruit, which are usually baked beforehand to facilitate the release of their natural oils and allow them to be crushed with less difficulty.


  • Low in sugars.
  • Easier to buy than to make. I can rarely recommend buying a ready-made product when you can prepare it yourself, but nut creams require: turning on the oven, having a powerful mixer and patience to grind and clean everything. In these cases, it "pays better" to buy it than to make it.


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  • Since they are already crushed, it is much easier to eat in larger quantities.
  • this implies the displacement of other more nutritionally dense foods
  • eating in excess of your energy needs

It is only a problem if it is eaten in large quantities and if it is done routinely.

Adding a spoonful of nuts to your breakfast or snack is no problem.

Are they all the same?

Nut spreads can be a healthy option if you know how to choose a quality product.

There are many options on the market, even within the same brand, so it is important to pay attention to the ingredients.

You must make sure that the nut in question is 100%. It does not need any other type of additive.

The most viewed are vegetable oils and sugarsfollowed by flavorings, emulsifiers, preservatives and up to dyes

If a cream contains this list of ingredients, it is considered an ultra-processed product and is not good for your health. 

On the other hand, a cream based on 100% a natural nut is the healthy version.

Why does the oil appear on the surface?

It is a natural process. Nuts naturally contain those fats that after resting in the container separate from the solid part. This is when you can see "oil" on the top.

Far from worrying you, this is a very good sign and indicates that natural ingredients have been used. The oily layer means that no emulsifier or thickener has been added to the product. so that the cream is homogeneous.

Of course, you don't have to throw it away, with a little patience. you must stir the contents so that the cream is smooth.

Without its natural oil, the rest of the paste would be very compact and difficult to spread.

Are nut spreads paleo?

Yes, if they are made with paleo ingredients. The only one that would not be considered paleo is the peanut one because this one is actually a legume.

Even so, if you do not have problems with this food group and you digest it well, it is still a good option as long as the cream is natural.

Is it possible to make nut cream at home?

Yes, at home you can make any cream from your favorite nut, you just need patience, oven and a powerful mixer.

Although I am a person who likes to cook from scratch, because it is cheaper, because it is healthier, because it is important to know how to manage in the kitchen... I do not recommend it in this case. 

Unless you really have the right utensils and are very interested in doing it yourself, it is better to buy it ready-made.

Paying to have the oven on at the price at which the light goes, or trying to grind it in a hand blender which is common in all homes, makes this product more efficient to buy than to make.

Buy a variety of quality creams

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These are our favorites:

Cashew nuts

healthy nut creams

The softest and most versatile of all


healthy nut cream

Reminiscent of the flavor of the nocilla


almond cream

It will make you think of nougat


pistachio cream

Ideal for salad dressing


peanut butter

Although it is not a dry fruit, as we mentioned, if you do not have problems with its digestion, the biggest advantage it has over all the others is that it is more economical.

How to take nut creams?

You will see that you can eat it in many ways:

  • As a snack with a banana, apple...
  • Adding it to the oatmeal bowl
  • To yogurt
  • In your post-workout shake
  • As a topping on an açai
  • Finishing touch on crepes
  • In confectionery

I do not recommend that you try it directly by spoonfuls, is highly addictiveand even if the creams are healthy have a high concentration of calories.

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