Weight loss supplements

Many people are interested in knowing the best supplements for weight loss. And in this article we are going to talk about the most efficient ones according to scientific evidence.

But not before remembering that no supplement is magic.

You can only get its benefits if you have done your work before: caloric deficit + strength training + some cardio.

If you want to learn in more depth how to lose weight safely, read the following article:


As we saw in detail in this article dedicated to caffeine for CrossFitthis supplement is one of the most effectiveto improve the sports performance and fat burningThe synergistic benefits are provided by different ways.

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How to take it

Consume of 3-6 mg/Kg (200-400 mg) 45 - 60 min before training.

  • SupplementsYou know the exact dosage. It takes a little longer to take effect than when you drink a coffee.
what supplements to take for crossfit
  • NaturallyA black coffee. A espresso usually has about 100 mg of caffeine approximately.


Tolerance to caffeine is individual, the capacity to process and eliminate it depends on our genetics. That is why it is recommended to start with a low dose and observe the reactions.

To prevent it from interfering with rest, it is recommended that it not be consumed 4 to 9 hours before bedtime.

Green tea

Many of us think of tea as another way to provide caffeine, and although it does so to a lesser extent than coffee, green tea has other benefits. benefits that help control weight.

When we train, we raise the catecholomines which are a set of hormones (adrenaline, noradrenaline and dopamine) that assist in the fat mobilization.

Green tea contains different catechins, the most important for fat loss is EGCG. The EGCG inhibits the enzyme that degrades catecholamines, thus prolonging their effect..

How to take it

Consume 400-500 mg/day

  • SupplementIf you buy green tea extract (most common), adjust the dose is doubled. The green tea contains a 50% of EGCG

It is recommended to consume it on an empty stomach, because the absorption of EGCG is higher.

  • NaturallyOne cup of green tea contains about Approximately 100 mg of EGCG.

When taken in this way, the other benefits of tea such as its L-theanine content are also taken advantage of. This amino acid relaxes the nervous system, counteracts the stimulant effects of caffeine without interfering with attention.


Although it is not a per se fat burning supplement, to achieve a better body composition, it will be essential to preserve muscle. To reach the minimum protein requirements you can help yourself with a shake.

In phases of definition it is recommended that 30-40% of the macronutrients be protein..

Although generally the whey protein isolate is the best choicehas been demonstrated in calorie-deficit diets. casein can better preserve muscle

You may consider taking a casein shake 1-3 hours before bedtime if it fits into your macros. Normally in definition phases where a very restricted amount of calories can be taken, foods are preferred to shakes for their greater satiety power.

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Branched Chain Amino Acids are one of the supplements with the most mixed reviews. Generally, we BCAAs are not more useful than a protein shake, but in muscle definition phases they can be helpful..

An excellent combination for fat loss = caloric deficit + ketogenic diet + fasted training is one, but in that scenario the muscles may end up suffering some muscle loss.

This is because training is done with low glycogen, low blood amino acids and does not favor protein synthesis. A good post training helps improve protein synthesis, but provides more calories than BCAAs, which is very valuable in definition phases.

Advantages of BCCAs

  • Reduce muscle catabolism
  • pass quickly into the bloodstream and are of almost immediate use. 
  • the calorie intake is totally negligible.

Bottom lineBCCAs are not usually necessary in people who are at their maintenance or volume calories, but can help to preserve muscle in phases of caloric deficit while saving a few calories over a whey shake.

How to take it

Consume 4-8 g half an hour before training

It is recommended in 2:1:1 ratioThe ratio that does not generate imbalance in other amino acids is considered the ratio that does not generate imbalance in other amino acids.


REMINDER: the impact that supplements can have on your fat loss process is very small. The results will come when the whole thing is done:

  • strength training
  • cardio
  • caloric deficit
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