2 keys to slim legs

How many people wonder what to do to slim their legs? Many of you, especially women, would like to know what exactly needs to be done for slimmer legs.

No There is no secret formula, no star exercise or miracle food. To reduce the volume of the legs body fat percentage must be reduced. In addition, for the legs to look nice and toned, it will be necessary to work the muscles that will give us a better appearance.

There is no secret formula, no star exercise or miracle food. To reduce the volume of the legs you have to reduce the percentage of body fat.

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Therefore, the work to be done is divided into two points to be worked on:

1.- Decrease in body fat.

Unfortunately, as I have explained on other occasions ( How to eliminate localized fat ), no way to locate fat loss.

That is, as much as we want to improve the aesthetics of a particular part where we accumulate more fat, there is no way to do it specifically, at least fitness can not give you a direct answer.

You can't say, I want to lose only my legs because otherwise I'm fine..

The only way to reduce fat in a specific area, such as the legs or any other area, is by means of a aesthetic surgerybut that doesn't mean we can't work to improve.

slim legs in one week

In the field of fitness, we can do cardiovascular work that will help us lose fat.

This type of exercise will be the one that helps us to raise our heart rate so that our heart works.

Obviously it is a job that must be done constantly and not for one day that you do cardio and you'll be apparently much thinner, but with consistency. will be the best way to gradually reduce your fat throughout your body. and also of the specific area that you were particularly concerned about, the legs.

It is not known in what way the body decides to distribute fat loss, but certainly if you reduce your overall index, this will positively affect the area concerned, in this case the legs.

We cannot decide where we want the fat to disappear from, our body decides.

2.- Muscle toning

If we only did cardiovacular workIf we were to get a good aesthetic, the muscle tone of our legs would certainly not be enough to give us a beautiful aesthetic.

It is necessary to add strength work that will help us create the muscle mass that will make our legs defined.

Picking up a barbell does not automatically turn you into a hyper-muscled and unfeminine girl.Believe me, it is not.

Don't be afraid of strength work, because it will be the touch your legs need to look toned.

how to slim legs

Here if you can do specific exercises focused on the strength of the lower body, but you can also do specific exercises focused on the strength of the lower body, but you can also do specific exercises focused on the strength of the lower body. I recommend that even if you are apparently not interested in any other part of the body, you are always it is better to work in a balanced way and dedicating a few sessions to the upper body will give us a balance, not only aesthetic but also functional.

To do this I recommend that you dedicate a couple of days a week to perform the routines that I have in the channel. At this playlist are ordered and with them and a good diet you will be able to achieve your goal.

Don't forget that we are what we eat

Evidently, no effort you make with the above points will have a visible result if your feeding is not the correct one. Remember that you have to eat in a "clean" way.

In other words, real food, cooked in a healthy way, and no prepared cuisine no matter how "light" it says on the box. We are what we eatand this point is essential to bring out the efforts of the gym. Here is a food guide that will help you with this point.

If you are one of those who eats what you want because you think, that's why I go to the gym, you will never see the results you are looking for. A poor diet can never give you good results even if you do an excellent job in the gym. You can never compensate for a poor diet in the gym.

For more details you can watch the video below where I personally explain this topic that we have discussed in the post.

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