Rulebook 2024: How to qualify for the CrossFit Games?

Not sure how to qualify for the CrossFit Games? Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Official CrossFit Competitions, but you still don't know how it works?

All this information is contained in the Rulebook (competition rules) published by CrossFit Games each season. It specifies the rules by which all athletes are judged during the season and it is your obligation to be familiar with it.

What is the Rulebook?

The CrossFit rulebook is the rules governing the current CrossFit season and accepted by the athletes when they decide to participate, either as an amateur or as a professional. This regulation includes the entire competition, from its initial phase with the Open, to the final phase, where the fittest team, woman and man on Earth are crowned.

It specifies not only how to classify the Games, but also the standards of movement during the Open, or the anti-doping rules.

Location of athletes

During the registration process, the athletes must inform in which continent will compete and will remain on that continent for the entire season.

The criterion for determining the continent on which to compete is the athlete citizenship and cannot be changed after the end of the first event in the CrossFit Open 2023.

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Athletes with dual nationality must choose the country they wish to represent at the time of registration.

Athletes are not required to live in the country in which they have determined their citizenship. Example: An athlete with Russian nationality could compete from the United States.

However, before February 1, 2023, they must requestan exemption that will be reviewed by the organization in order to allow them to compete in another region.

CrossFit recognizes the following regions:

Rulebook crossfit 2023

North America East
Western North America
South America

Which division do I belong to?

The division is automatically assigned based on your gender and age as of July 14, 2023 unless the athlete selects the adaptive category during registration.

This season will be the first time we see so many categories. There are 34 individual divisions and an a Team division.


OpenQuarterfinalsSemifinalsCrossFit Games
North America East10% →TOP 60 →

12 men
11 women

Western North America10% →TOP 60 →9 men
10 women
Europe10% →TOP 60 →11 men
11 women
Oceania10% →TOP 30 →3 men
3 women
23 + 17 athletes per category
Asia10% →TOP 30 →2 men
2 women
South America10% →TOP 30 →2 men
2 women
Africa10% →TOP 30 →1 man
1 woman

Adaptive Division

There are 16 adaptive divisions. Athletes must be 14 years old by July 14, 2024 and must select the division that corresponds to their abilities.

  • Men and Women Adaptive: Upper Extremity
  • Men and Women Adaptive: Lower Extremity
  • Men and Women Adaptive: Neuromuscular
  • Men and Women Adaptive: Vision
  • Men and Women Adaptive: Short Stature
  • Men and Women Adaptive: Seated Athletes (with hip function)
  • Men and Women Adaptive: Seated Athletes (without hip function)
  • Men and Women Adaptive: Intellectual

New 2023
For the 2023 season, the top 5 men and top 5 women from Upper, Lower and Multi-Extremity in the Open, will be invited to the Games.

Age Group (Masters and teens)

  • Boys and Girls 14-15
  • Boys and Girls 16-17
  • Men and Women 35-39
  • Men and Women 40-44
  • Men and Women 45-49
  • Men and Women 50-54
  • Men and Women 55-59
  • Men and Women 60-64
  • Men and Women 65+
Each division
QuarterfinalsTOP 30
SemifinalsTOP 10
CrossFit Games10 athletes

Affiliate Cup (teams)

Significant changes to the eligibility requirements in order to make a team for the 2023 CrossFit season.

All members must do the Open and Quarterfinals in the same affiliate. After the Open, teams must choose 4 members and 2 alternates. From that moment on, no athlete can be changed for the rest of the season.

This eliminates the rule regarding the distance in which they live or proving to be a regular user of the affiliate.

This means the return of super-teams and an increased difficulty in qualifying for the Games.

Price:20$ for registering the team. In addition, each member must register individually for the Open.

  • The the name of the team must be that of the affiliated box. It is prohibited to include names of program, apparel or supplementation sponsors.
  • Teams shall consist of at least 2 men and 2 women to train mainly in the same box.
  • The athletes can only compete in 1 team for the whole season.
  • The athletes adaptive cannot compete in teams.

The athlete who registers the team (in the competition panel) will be designated as "Team Manager".

OpenQuarterfinalsSemifinalsCrossFit Games
North America East25% →TOP 40 →TOP 10 →
North America West25% →TOP 40 →TOP 10 →
Europe25% →TOP 40 →TOP 10 →
Oceania25% →TOP 20 →TOP 3 →38 teams
Asia25% →TOP 20 →TOP 2 →
South America25% →TOP 20 →TOP 2 →
Africa25% →TOP 20 →TOP 1 →

Format and permitted equipment

The Rx category is the division in which professional athletes compete with the objective of qualifying for the Games..

The division scaled is a modification of the Rx lowering the level of difficulty. Persons who take the Open in this division cannot qualify for Games.

To perform the Open with equipment the following is specified necessary material:

⁃ A dumbbell
⁃ A bar and several disks
⁃ A drawer
⁃ A skipping rope.
⁃ A pull up bar.

Leaderboard / Ranking

Results must be uploaded to the official CrossFit website. by 5 p.m. PT on the Monday following the WOD announcement.

Who validates the results?

The scores will be confirmed by a judge when performed at an affiliated CrossFit. Even so, those with real aspirations to advance in the rankings should record themselves for later review by Games.

Another option is upload the video to and it will be reviewed by the CrossFit Games team.


These are the prizes for the winners of the Individual Open (men and women) worldwide.

First position: $15,000
Second place: $10,000
Third position: $7,500
Fourth position: $6,000
Fifth position: $5,000

In addition, the winner of each weekly Open will receive $2,021.

Phases to qualify for the Games

The Open

There are a total of 3 weeks of online competition.

In the event of a tie, the following will be considered the best final position in the world rankings to break the tie.

The Quarterfinals

Once the Open is over, the 10% men's and 10% women's top finishers will be able to participate in the Quarterfinals.

Laura did not perform really well at the equipment will be the top 25%.

  • Individual date: March 16 - 19
  • Team dates: March 29 - 31
  • Age-Group: March 31 - April 2
  • Price: 50 $ single / 100 $ teams

The Quarterfinals will have a duration of a long weekend, from Thursday to Monday.

Athletes who qualify for this phase must receive an invitation from CrossFit in order to participate. If an athlete rejects his place, it will not be passed on to the next athlete on the list..

To ensure that the movement standards are met by all classifiers, there will be video review of:

- North America East and West - 90 women, 90 men, and 50 teams.
- Europe - 90 women, 90 men, and 50 teams.
- Oceania, Asia, South America and Africa - 50 women, 50 men, 40 teams

The leaderboard will be finalized for individuals on March 27 and for teams on April 10.


The semifinals will be what they were the former Regionalsbut unlike these, they will not be organized by CrossFit. Both individual athletes and teams will participate.

  • Date: To be held between May and June.
  • Price: 300$ individual / 600$ teams.

Number of athletes in the CrossFit semifinals

  • North America East: Top 60 men and women; 30 of each gender / 40 teams.
  • North America West: Top 60 men and women; 30 of each gender / 40 teams.
  • Europe: Top 60 men and women; 30 of each gender / 40 teams.
  • Oceania: Top 30 men and women / 20 teams.
  • Asia: Top 30 men and women/ 20 teams.
  • South America: Top 30 men and women / 20 teams.
  • Africa: Top 30 men and women / 20 teams.
  • Athletes must accept their invitation by May 4.
  • If some athletes decline, CrossFit may invite the next athletes on the list if deemed appropriate.

How many athletes go on to Games?

Europe 11 men / 11 women / 10 teams
North America East 12 men / 11 women / 10 teams
North America West 9 men / 10 women / 10 teams
Oceania 3 men / 3 women / 3 teams
Asia 2 men / 2 women / 2 teams
South America 2 men / 2 women / 2 teams
Africa 1 man / 1 woman / 1 team

Last Chance Qualifier

The Last Chance Qualifier, which was a one-weekend online playoff, is eliminated.

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