Jeffrey Adler

Jeffrey Adler is a Canadian CrossFit athlete known for being one of the TOP5 who qualified for the 2020 Ranch competition.

Age: 26
Height: 1,75 m
Nationality: Canadian
Weight: 90 kg
Sports: Field hockey
Instagram: adlerjeff
Affiliate: CrossFit Wonderland, Montreal, Quebec.

Jeffrey Adler


CrossFit Open 2023

With a lead of more than 100 points over the runner-up, Adler is proclaimed the winner of the Open 2023 worldwide.

23.1: 6º
23.2A: 37º.
23.2B: 60º.
23.3: 5º

jeffrey adler open 2023

Wodapalooza 2023

He starts the year by winning Wodapalooza 2023 as a team with compatriots Patrick Vellner and Brent Fikowski.


ROGUE Invitational 2022

He climbed the podium of the ROGUE in 3rd place. Won the last HEAVY GRACE event which put him in the TOP 3 getting $40,720.

Jeffrey Adler ROGUE
Photo by @lifeofjosii

CrossFit Games 2022

He finished in 5th position with 2 event wins, the Shuttle to Overhead B and the Back Mine, demonstrating his great dominance in bar and power events.


Won the Atlas Games Semifinal with 2 first places in the last 2 wods.

CFG2020 TOP 5 Athlete

In 2020 he becomes one of the 5 athletes (The Live Five) to qualify for the live phase of the CrossFit Games 2020. In addition, Adler is the only participant in this edition who does not reside in the United States.

After the first online phase of the Games 2020, the athlete assured that his goal was to be in the top 15 but, after the first 2 wods he went on to aim to enter the TOP10.

His bad result (27th) in the Handstand Hold event made things very difficult for him, but he was able to recover thanks to his great performance in the last event, allowing him to get into the TOP5.

Jeffrey Adler Games 2020 on-site

His position in the 2020 open was 5th and he was proclaimed National Champion of Canada.

His popularity increased after winning the open 20.4 at world level, beating Mat Fraser himself by 1 min and 40 seconds in that event.

Adler further gained worldwide recognition after placing 8th at the 2019 Dubai CrossFit Championship pocketing a total of $13,000.

In 2019 it was his first participation in a CrossFit Games. He was able to compete until event 4, when he no longer made the cut and placed 33rd overall.

canadian crossfit athlete adler
Jeffrey Adler at CrossFit Games 2019 Event 1.

His 5th place finish in the first event, which included rope climbs, running and snatches, was outstanding.


YearCrossFit GamesCompetitionsOpen
202113º2nd Atlas Games
20205th Wodapalooza
201933º17th Wodapalooza
8º Dubai
4th Mayhem Classic
201813º Dubai

Who is your coach?

Caroline Lambray, owner of CrossFit Wonderland and Adler's coach, said in an interview that the Canadian athlete was physically ready for the 2019 Games but not psychologically, something he had yet to do and could improve as he participated in more competitions alongside the best.

Medeiros Stats

He stands out for his ability in very heavy lifts, especially squats.

age weight jeffrey adler

However, he admits that his weakness is any exercise that is with body weight in his hands: Handstand Walk, handstand hold or HSPU.

Back Squat215 Kg
Front Squat189 Kg
Clean & Jerk171 Kg
Snatch131 Kg
Deadlift252 Kg
5k run19:15