Nike Metcon 9

The 9th edition of the Nike Training shoes!

The Metcon 9 brings important new features.

The 7 and 8 were very similar but it is worth remembering that every 2 versions, Nike makes a major change in the look of the shoe.

Where to buy?

You can now purchase the Nike Metcon 9 at, the place with the best warranty and return policy.

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Available models:

Original: The normal version.
AMPA premium version of the original shoe.
BY YOU: version that you can customize with different colors to your liking.
EasyOnFormerly known as FlyEase, designed with an easy on/off system.

What's new in the Nike Metcon 9?

Upper fabric

Material change in the front part of the shoe because some users had reported breakage.

The fabric on the inside is reinforced and provides grip and protection against tearing. For example, it is useful in rope climbs, when you do "the gripper" and the shoe suffers chafing.

differences metcon 9 metcon 8

The rope climb zone

The Metcon 9 is the model with the largest rope climb protection to date. It extends from the middle of the sole to the lateral half of the shoe.

metcon 9 new products


More reinforcement has been added to the toe of the shoe.

differences metcon 9 metcon 8

The widest Metcon?

The Metcon has always been one of the narrowest models of Cross-Training shoes.

We can see in the photo how the new model protrudes slightly from the side.

It can also be seen in the previous photo of the "Upper fabric".

Even so, they are not as wide as other brands.


In the previous model they were flat and now they are round.

metcon 9 laces

Keeps the Velcro on the tongue to secure the laces so that they do not come undone so easily.

Heel area

The rear area is thicker and more padded.


Design change in the sole.

Some users reported that the sole split in the front area where it was more flexible.

In this edition, part of the sole is one piece and the front area is less flexible.

metcon 9 sole


We can read the word Hyperlift in the heel area and the Nike React technology written in the previous model disappears.

metcon 9 new products

Hyperlift were inserts that were added to previous models to add stability in lifts. It was intended to be taken out and put in wods that demanded more weightlifting exercises. In this model the technology is already incorporated.


Because of all the changes incorporated in the sole, as well as the extra protection for the rope climbs, the overall feel of the shoe is more rigid than previous models.

They are ideal for

  • WODs of the day.
  • Athletes with thin/normal feet.
  • Those looking for a firm and stable shoe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the AMP version mean?

The AMP version of Metcon is an upgraded version of the original shoe. It may have extra reinforcement fabric, or more cushioning, even colors that are unique in the whole range that make it a "premium" version. The price is higher than the normal version.

Are they suitable for running?

The Metcon is known for being a pretty stiff shoe. You will be able to run races that are included in most WODs, but they are not recommended for long distances.