CrossFit Dictionary

In CrossFit we use many abbreviations of English words. It is normal to walk a little lost at the beginningDon't worry and ask the coach whenever you need to.

Here are the most common words so you can study 😉

In reference to training

AFAP - As Fast As Possible: As fast as possible.

AHAP - As Heavy As Possible: with as many kilos as you can.

AMRAP - As Many Repetitions (or Rounds) As Possible: As many repetitions (or rounds) as possible.

BW - Body weight: Body weight.

Cal: Calories. It usually refers to workouts with cardio machines such as rowing, cycling, skierg that count distance, power, calories...

Chipper Training with a large number of movements and repetitions.

EMOM - Every Minute on the Minute: Do a set number of repetitions within each minute.

For quality: By quality, the main objective of the training is not the time but the technique and quality of the training.

For time: By time, the main objective of the training is to finish as fast as possible.

Hero WOD: training that is done in commemoration of soldiers. 

MetCon - Metabolic Conditioning: Metabolic conditioning.

PR - Personal Record: Personal best.

Rep: Repetition.

Rest Day: Rest day.

RM - Repetition Maximum: Maximum load that an individual can move.

ROM - Range Of Motion: Range of motion.

Rx'd - As prescribed: Training designed without any modifications.

Scaled: Exercise scaled in difficulty or simply modified in relation to the RX version.

Strength: Strength.

Tabata: type of training consisting of 8 intervals of 20 seconds of intense work and 10 seconds of rest.

Time cap: Time limit to complete the WOD.

UB - Unbroken: perform the repetitions without rest between them.

Warm up: Heating.

WOD - Workout of the day: Training of the day.

CrossFit Exercises 

Arch Rock: Superman swinging position.

BS - Back Squat: Squat with weight loaded behind the back of the neck.

BP - Bench Press: Bench press.

Box jump:  Jump into the box.

BJO - Box Jump Over: jump to the other side of the drawer.

BOB - Bar Over Burpee: do a burpee and on the jump end up on the other side of the bar.

Burpee: movement that consists of going from standing to touching the ground with the chest and then jumping.

Clean: Loaded. Weightlifting movement that consists of carrying a load from the ground to the shoulders. 

C&J - Clean and Jerk: Charged and push. 

CTB / C2B - Chest to Bar: Chest to bar. Pull-ups in which instead of bringing your chin over the bar, you must touch it with your chest. 

DL - Deadlift: Deadlift. Lifting a weight from the floor to full hip extension. Normally, it is done with a barbell, but it can be with dumbbells, kettlebell, medicine ball...

DU - Double Unders: Pass the rope twice underneath while jumping with the skipping rope.

FS - Front Squat: Front loaded squat with the weight on the shoulders.

False Grip: False Grip. This is a type of grip used in gymnastic movements. It is performed by putting the hand into the ring until the wrist rests on it and grasping it with the fingers facing you.

Full: refers to weightlifting movements (clean and snatch) and requires the barbell to be received below the parallel of the squat.

Hang: Hanging. Refers to the starting point of the bar in weightlifting movements, coming out above or below the knee but off the ground.

Hollow Rock: Swing in hollow position.

Hook Grip: Hook grip. Fingers grip the bar and in turn the thumb. Performed in weightlifting movements for safety. 

HSPU - Hand Stand Push-Up: Pine with bending.

HSW - HandStand Walk: Walking hand in hand.

K2E - Knees to Elbows: T2B approach consisting of bringing the knees to the elbows while hanging from the bar.

Kipping: gymnastic movement that consists of taking impulse with a swing to do exercises such as pull ups, chest to bar, muscle ups, hand stand push ups...

Kettlebell swing: swinging kettlebells 

LungesStrides. Similar to a squat, but with the feet apart one in front of the other, it consists of bringing the knee of the back foot to the ground.

MU - Muscle UpGymnastics movement which, starting from a hanging position, consists of finishing with the torso over the bar or rings.

OHS - Over Head Squat: Overhead weighted squat.

Pistol: One-legged squat.

PP - Push Press: Shoulder press with thrust. It consists of bringing the bar from the shoulders to above the head with the help of the momentum of the legs. 

PJ - Push JerkPress with push-up. It consists of bringing the bar from the shoulders to above the head with the help of the momentum of the legs and using a slight bending of the legs at the end of the movement to receive the bar lower. 

PU - Pull Up: Pull-ups.

Ring dipsTriceps bottoms on rings.

Power: refers to weightlifting movements (clean and snatch) and requires that the reception of the barbell is done above the parallel of the squat.

Rope climb: climbing the rope.

SDL - Sumo Deadlift: Dead weight in sumo position (feet wider than the hips and hands closer together on the bar).

SDHP - Sumo Deadlift High Pull: It consists of performing a dead weight in sumo position, and a pull with the arms to bring the bar to chin height.

Shoulder Press: Strict shoulder press. It consists of bringing the bar from your shoulders to above your head with shoulder strength only.

Snatch (Start-up): It consists of lifting the bar from the floor to above the head in a single time. 

Split Jerk: Push Jerk. Similar to the Push Jerk, the reception of the bar is performed with one foot in front of the other, similar to a stride.

SQ - Squat: Squat.

Sit ups: abdominal shrinkage.

Single Unders: simple rope jumps.

T2B or TTB - Toes to Bar: Starting from a hanging position on the bar consists of touching the bar with the feet.

Thruster: exercise that begins with the front bar resting on the shoulders, a squat is performed and with the momentum of the hips the bar is carried over the head.

V-ups: Abdominals in V, hands and arms outstretched, a shrug is made until they touch.

WB - Wall Ball: Throwing a medicine ball to the wall.

CrossFit equipment

Abmat: Pad for lumbar support in situps, or head support in hspu.

Assault bike: bicycle with handlebars that move to the rhythm of the pedals.

Barbell: Olympic bar.

Battle rope: cuerda para CrossFit de diámetro ancho y pesado que se ancla en un punto. El atleta coge cada uno de los extremos con las manos para realizar diferentes patrones de movimeinto tanto de pie como sentado.

crossfit diccionario

Bikerg: Stationary bicycle.

Box: Gym where CrossFit training takes place. It also refers to the box with which box jumps are performed.

DB - Dumbbell: Dumbbell.

Foam roller: foam cylinder normally used for mobility exercises and myofacial massage.

GHD - Glute Hamstring Developer: gluteal and hamstring developer. Device that helps to do exercises to strengthen the posterior chain.

KB - Kettlebell: Russian weight.

Ring: Rings used to perform gymnastic movements.

Rack: Metallic structure to perform the different gymnastic exercises and from where to lift the bar in exercises that start at shoulder height.

Row: Rowing

Skierg: Skiing machine

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