Fat Gripz

You've probably seen athletes using these blue accessories in their barbell or rubber band workouts.

What are they and what are they for?

What are Fat Gripz?

Fat Gripz are cylindrical accessories that are added to the training bar to increase its diameter. This provides a greater emphasis on grip training and better activation of other upper body muscle groups.

fat gripz what is it for

We can say that the Fat Gripz turn any conventional bar into a bar type bar. axle bar.

But not only that, they also fit most dumbbells, pull-up bars, kettlebells, rubber bands and cables.

fat gripz work

Once tightened, it remains firm and does not move or deform under heavy weights, such as in a dead weight.


They are made of dense rubber that does not deform.

It is easy to imagine that they would be spongy, but on the contrary, they are hard and quite heavy.

Technical Data

If you always train with the 15 kg barbell and you have ever had to train in class with the 20 kg barbell, you will be able to train with the 20 kg barbell.

Have you noticed the difference in grip?

Sure they do, but they barely vary by 0.3 cm in diameter between these two rods.

The diameter of an Olympic barbell is usually 2.5 cm for women and 2.8 cm for men. 

Adding the Fat Gripz with almost twice the diameter makes the training stimuli very different.

when to use fat gripz
Jeffrey Adler

Benefits of fat grip

Increases grip strength

This is useful for when you have to do any exercise. 

Decrease of a limiting factor 

Muscles do not work in isolation, they form a large chain that is only as strong as its weakest part.

By achieving greater forearm strength allows you to train other muscles more intensively such as biceps or latissimus dorsi, as the forearm is not limiting the higher intensity training of those other muscle groups.

Increased strength in other muscles

Thanks to Serrington's principle of irradiation which explains that:

When a muscle increases its tension, so do the adjacent or consecutive muscles of the same muscle chain, amplifying the force. 

In this case, greater forearm tension in turn means greater activation of the biceps, triceps and even the shoulder.

Injury recovery

The Fat Gripz are an interesting tool for recovery from wrist injuries.

I recommend you to read the article written by our physio on this subject.

In summary:

We can say that the fat gripz acts as a weighted vest in strength training. 

Exercising at twice the usual diameter is a major challenge that achieves adaptive improvements in this area.

This helps to ensure that in situations of high grip demand, as often happens in CrossFit, you are prepared to withstand the demand. 

Thus, in a WOD or in a competition, your grip will be ready for higher performance.

When to use this accessory

It is recommended to use the Fat Gripz 2-3 times per week to appreciate improvements in grip.

As with everything, more is not better, only better is better.

If you try to use them in all your workouts you will be limiting other capabilities such as the weight or volume you can move.

In just 2 weeks you may begin to notice improvement.

Exercises with the Fat Gripz

It is advisable to adjust the weight one 30% below the usual weight. to be able to execute the exercise well without compromising technique.

If you need to reduce the weight even more, do it.

Here are some exercises (mainly upper body) that you can use the fat gripz with, although this list is not exclusive.

Dead weight

Fat gripz amazon


fat gripz for crossfit

Dumbbell rowing

fat gripz injuries

Chest press with dumbbells

fat gripz exercises

Biceps curl

fat gripz dumbbell

Fat Gripz + elastic band

This combination of Fat Gripz and an elastic band will allow you to do many exercises at home or in the box.

In addition, you will avoid the discomfort of using the bands directly with your hands.

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Here are some examples:


fat gripz and band

Shoulder press

shoulder press fat gripz


fat gripz decathlon

How much they are worth

You can buy them directly from Amazon.

The original size (2.5 mm) that is usually recommended for most cases is the blue one. 

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If you are interested in a smaller diameter (1.75 cm), you have this option called series 1.

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There is also an extreme version with even more thickness: 2.75 cm in diameter.

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  • Made of a high-density, military-grade, rubber-like compound

All sizes have the same internal diameter

Can you make your own homemade fat gripz?

There are tutorials that teach you how to cut out the typical pool churro to use it as a fat gripz.

Of course, this option is much cheaper, but it bears little resemblance to the originals. 

  • The material of the pool churro is not dense, so when used they will deform and decrease in size. 
  • They will also not be as secure and will move more easily when placed on the bar.

It is very likely that original Fat Gripz will last forever. and the landlord, on the other hand, will quickly become deformed.

There are also imitations of Cheaper Fat Gripz whose materials are of lower quality and durability is reduced.

Fat gripz and studies 

In this study it was observed that with a smaller diameter bar the muscles of the hand and forearm can relax more during the eccentric phase of the exercise.

On the contrary, with a thicker bar the shrinkage is maintained, thus increasing the time under muscular tension. And this is a basic element in muscle building.

That's the scientific explanation of how Fat Gripz get bigger arms. 

Are they worth it?

We have seen very popular CrossFit athletes like Sara Sigmundsdottir, Emma Lawson, Patrick Vellner or Jeffrey Adler... to use the Fat Gripz in their training, but...

sara sigmundsdottir fat gripz
Sara Sigmundsdottir

Are they useful for a person like you and me?

Taking into account

  • the benefits of grip training to feel more comfortable with long sets of Olympic barbell and gymnastics.
  • its versatility: you can convert your traditional bar into a fat bar without a large investment of money or space in your gym.
  • their comfort: they are relatively easy to put on and take off, which makes them easy to wear.
  • and their useful life: we estimate that they can last a lifetime, since they are made of a resistant material and do not seem to suffer wear and tear. 

We concluded that the Fat Gripz are an interesting element to acquire in your gym and introduce in your training to improve grip and upper body strength.

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