Brent Fikowski

The fittest Canadian on the planet, CrossFit athlete and accountant by profession.

Biography of "professor" Fikowski 

Brent is known to be a guy with a lot of humor. Proof of this is that he likes to be called doctor in reference to his university studies.

Age: 30 years
Height: 1 m 88 cm
Weight: 97kg
Place of Residence: Canada
instagram: @fikowski


In 2021 he managed to return to the podium with a third place at the CrossFit Games 2021.

fikowski games 2021

We know that Fikowski suffers in online competitions and proof of this is a first bad day in the Atlas Games Semifinal that he would later recover to place in the 5th and last position that gave invitation to the CrossFit Games 2021.

Joins the Spanish brand VELITES for the launch of the Earth 2.0 in the United States.

In 2019 wins the Dubai CrossFit Championship proving that he is still one of the best athletes in the world.

In 2017He managed to get on the podium in 2nd position.

In 2016 he participated for the first time in the CrossFit Games placing 4th..

During the 2018 Opens we have seen how the level of demand of the wods does not give license to have a guaranteed place even if you are a top athlete. With 2 of the 5 workouts to complete, Brent scored far from a spot at Regionals.

brent fikowski height and weight

An athlete's calendar has different phases. His in particular seeks to maximize his fitness for the Games in August, but it is clear that he can't slack off during the Opens because they are one of the hurdles he has to overcome to get to the Games.

He is recognized as an athlete who performs much better in the type of events that are shown in the Games, than in the Open or Regionals. He is a fairly tall athlete and this often puts him at a slight disadvantage over the rest.

About Brent

It is curious to see on the podium athletes who work a full day in an office. At this level of professionalism in this sport, athletes need total dedication to everything that revolves around their preparation: training, nutrition, rest...

Although the athlete was able to achieve his best position so far, in recent declarations the athlete has admitted that carrying out two facets that require 100% from him in each of them was a major handicap. That is why he has decided to reduce his responsibilities in his office job in order to better dedicate himself to CrossFit® and thus be able to fulfill his commitments to the brands that sponsor him.

She is the image of the Reebok and Zevia brands.

In another of the more recent documentaries he joked about how he is disappearing despite being the second fittest man on the planet. He himself said, "nobody knows the second fittest man on the planet", although he admitted he didn't mind not being more famous.

Who is Fikowski's wife?

Brent is married to Australian Claire Louise Fikowski

brent fikowski's partner

Fikowski Nutrition

In his last interviews the Canadian athlete has explained his evolution in this area. He has been able to learn and readjust his nutrition to his needs because initially he was eating insufficiently to the high pace of training he was following.

Brent's documentary on Youtube

If you want to get to know Brent's more personal side, and you know English, I recommend you watch these documentaries that show his day to day life. Plus you'll see what it took for him to make it to Regionals this year 2018.

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