CrossFit Games 2017

The official CrossFit Games competition is held from August 3-6 in Madison, Wisconsin. With a lot of new features this year, especially in the first events with which this edition has started.

First of all, it is necessary to emphasize a useful fact for potential crossfitters who might want to see the CrossFit Games in the first person. Pay attention to the tickets you buy. We bought the general admission ticket, not knowing that it would be insufficient to access all the events.

From innocence we thought that more money was just to be vip, but it would not be restrictive. We paid 100€ approx. for our tickets, which are called General Pass. The next tickets that gave you access to all locations of all events, including the pavilion, started at 250€ and from here on up to 1000€ depending on how well positioned your seats are in the main stadium.

Although every year there are changes in the rules, it is something to keep in mind. Because if you pay for a trip to the USA, surely you don't want to save 150€ and watch some events on a very big screen, to be honest, but a screen.

Day 1. Thursday, August 3

Event 1: Run - Swim- Run

For time:
Run 1.5 miles
Swim 500 meters
Run 1.5 miles

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First wodAt 8:00 a.m., the athletes leave from the Alliant Energy Center running towards Lake Monona, where they swim 500 meters and return the same way to the starting line.

crossfit games 2017 results

In this duathlon all 40 boys and girls were out at the same time, and it was surprising to see Samantha Briggs going into the race with the fastest male athletes. When this event started it was raining very modestly, but by the time they were about to enter the water, the shy rain was already a good storm. So the spectators tried to find shelter as soon as possible.

Fikowski had a big lead over the second athlete, but as he approached the finish line he had Kristi Eramo behind him, who was overtaken by Tia Clair who narrowly missed Brent.

Time cap: 60 minutes

Top 3 individuals:

  • Women: Tia-Clair Toomey - Kristi Eramo - Samantha Briggs
  • Men: Brent Fikowski - Jonne Koski - Ben Smith

Event 2: Cyclocross

As a novelty, they have completed a cross circuit by bike with a couple of obstacles to overcome. This time the athletes were divided into 20, so we have seen 4 heats in total between boys and girls. 

who wins crossfit games 2017

As a curiosity, we have seen how in the second lap of the course, Vellner collided with another athlete, Hoerner, but quickly and without saying anything to each other, running have picked up their bikes and both have continued as fast as possible.

Samantha was in the lead for most of the race, but a surprising Holte and reigning champion of the Regionals in Madrid was right on her heels. In the last lap they fought for the first place passing each other several times.

Time cap: 30 minutes

Top 3 individuals:

  • Women: Kristine Holte - Samantha Briggs - Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir
  • Men: Ricky Garard - Mathew Fraser - Jone Koski

Event 3: Amanda

This event has been announced moments before the event. It is a version of the Amanda benchmark but with more workload.

13-11-9-7-5 reps for time of:
Squat Snatches

M 135 lb. F 95 lb.

Time cap: 13 minutes for men, 15 minutes for women.

Top 3 individuals.

  • Women: Jamie Greene - Tia-Clair Toomey - Emily Bridgers
  • Men: Dakota Rager - Mat Fraser - Logan Collins

LEADER BOARD after the first day


  1. Mat Fraser
  2. Jonne Koski
  3. Ricky Garard


  1. Tia Clair-Toomey
  2. Samantha Briggs
  3. Jamie Greene

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet withdraws, in total 3 women less on the leaderboard.

Unable to complete even the first day of competition, Camille is forced to withdraw from the CrossFit Games 2017.. After the second event in which Camille suffered a fall on the shoulder that was already injured and felt it dislocate. With the adrenaline of the moment, cyclocross ended. As she herself explains, Amanda is one of her favorite workouts and after the incident with the bike she cannot participate in event 3 (muscle ups and snatch PR).

On the other hand, Chelsey Hughes who hails from the East Regional, has dropped out of competition due to a fall in cyclocross as Camille. She hit a small mound, and if her bike flipped over she landed with her head and neck on the ground. After the blow, the athlete tried to recover as quickly as possible and continued with the race. Upon reaching event number three, the athlete explains that she was in so much pain doing the muscle ups that she wanted to vomit.

And on the other hand, from CCrossFit Games networks have announced that Carleen Mathews from the West Regional, has abandoned the competition due to an injury but there is no more information. It is true that both Camille and Chelsey appear as WD - withdrawn on the leaderboard, Mathews appears as DNF - did Not Finish. 


Day 2. Friday, August 4

Event 4: Sprint O Course

In this event the athletes are divided into 5 heats/rounds, and end up completing 3 rounds which are qualifiers. So each time the number of athletes in each round is reduced.

This is one of the events that has introduced variety in these CrossFit Games. It has been fun to watch from the stands although it has not stopped raining along with the wind the wind chill was quite low. It is something that has not diminished the energy of the spectators and much less of the athletes.

This event, so different from what we are used to, brought not so well known names to the podium. Vellner showed off his gymnastic skills and overcame the obstacles with ease.

Top 3 individuals:

  • Women: Tennil Red - Anna Tobias - Annie Thorisdottir
  • Men: Patrik Vellner - Streat Hoerner - Cody Anderson

Event 5: 1 Rm Snatch

The lift is performed every 20 seconds, only one athlete is competing at a time, having a total of 2 attempts each time.

After a first round, the athletes with the best 10 results have two more attempts. 

Held at the Coliseum, the stadium with numbered seats and to which many people have not been able to access due to space issues, large screens have been set up and people gather around them to cheer as if they were inside the stadium.

Top 3 individuals:

  • Women: Kara Webb - Tia-Clair Toomey - Alessandra Pichelli
  • Men: Garret Fisher - Tomy Viñas - Brent Fikoiski

Accidentally Alessandra had not put the same weight on both sides of the bar and had failed to add a small disc on one side. So small that it has not been any impediment to the lift, but later the organization has realized the incidence, and taking into account the actual weight she has lifted, Pichelli has moved from first to second tied with Tia.

Event 6: Triple G chipper

For time:
100 pull-ups
80 GHD sit-ups
60 one-legged squats, alternating
40-cal. row
20 dumbbell push presses

M 100-lb. dumbbell
F 70-lb. dumbbell

Time cap: 14 minutes

Of note, Jamie Greene has been very fast in both the pull ups and especially the pistols section. 

On the other hand, Mathew seems to continue to wear the white leader's jersey and to score points that are separating him from the others.

Top 3 individuals:

  • Women: Kara Webb - Jamie Greene - Annie Thorisdottir 
  • Men: Mathew Fraser - Jonne Koski - Patrick Vellner

Event 7: Assault banger

This is one of the events that Dave Castro had not yet announced until moments before the wod. Recapture an item from 2012, this piece to be moved by hammering.

For time:
40/30-cal. Assault Bike
20-ft. Banger

A very fast wod, athletes have to complete the calories on the Assault bike and pick up the hammer to hit the banger for 20-ft.

Time cap: 6 minutes

To note that G.Sanchez had completed the 40 calories in less than 30 seconds, this mark is impressive and you know it if you have trained on this diabolical bike before.

Top 3 individuals:

  • Women: Samantha Briggs - Kara Webb - Sara Sigmundsdottir
  • Men: George Sanchez - Travis Mayer - Noah Olsen

LEADER BOARD after the second day


  1. Mathew Fraser 556
  2. Ricky Garard 488
  3. Brent Fikowski 464

Few changes from the previous day, only Garard and Fikowski exchanged positions.


  1. Sara Sigmundsdottir 524
  2. Tia Clai-Toomey 522
  3. Tennil Reed-Beuerlein 512 

By a very small margin, Sara manages to take the lead in the competition.

Day 3. Saturday, August 5

Event 8: Strongman's fears

For time:
60-ft. yoke carry + 60-ft. handstand walk
60-ft. farmers log carry + handstand walk
60-ft. sled drag
60-ft. yoke carry + 60-ft. handstand walk
60-ft. farmers log carry + handstand walk
60-ft. sled drag

M 500-lb. yoke, 200-lb. logs, 400-lb. sled
F 340-lb. yoke, 120-lb. logs, 310-lb. sled

Each athlete has a yoke, 2 logs and a sled that he has to move to the other side of the field. First to the first part of the course, and then to the end line. Each time the athlete goes back to pick up another object, he must cover this distance walking on his hands.

Athletes can strategically choose the order in which they load the different elements. 

Time cap: 10 minutes

It was definitely a wod for big boys. The most spectacular thing was to see the fight between Mat and Brent fighting in the last race. Mat carried the sleg and Brent the yoke. It was a matter not of seconds, but of tenths of a second to determine who won. It seems that Mat was tenths of a second slower, probably because it was difficult for him to unwind the sled as fast as Fikowski did with the yoke. You can imagine the atmosphere at North Park, the two of them passing the finish line almost at the same time and Mat launching himself in such a way that he fell off the back of the track.

Katrin has made very good time for the girls. In her coach Ben Bergeron's book, he explained how one day of her training schedule is always dedicated to moving odd and heavy objects from one place to another. No doubt with the announcement of this event, Katrin must have felt confident to take on the event and get her first event win.

After this event Sara takes off the leader's shirt and gives it to Tennil, but only for a short time. The girls have very close results between them and it varies constantly.

Top 3 individuals:

  • Women: Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir - Tennil Reed-Beuelein - Annie Thorisdottir
  • Men: Brent Fikowski - Mathew Fraser - Scott Panchik

Event 9: muscle up clean ladder

8 rounds for time of:
4 bar muscle-ups
2 cleans, ascending weight

M 225-245-265-285-305-320-335-350 lb.
F 145-160-175-190-205-215-225-235 lbs.

Time cap: 11 minutes

It is curious, that after this event Tia Clair takes the lead with 20 points difference from the second place in which 3 girls are tied: Kara Webb, AnnieThorisdotti, Sara Sigmundsdottir. 

On the other hand, Cody Anderson who is one of the athletes that are not bigger, in the clean lifts twice his body weight. Something that makes the stadium erupt with joy to celebrate.

Top 3 individuals:

  • Women: Tia Clair-Toomey - Kara Weeb - Sara Sigmundsdottir 
  • Men: Mathew Fraser - Alex Anderson - Scott Panchik

Event 10: heavy 17.5

And this is the surprise event that Dave Castro had in store for everyone.

10 rounds:
9 thrusters
35 double-unders

M 135 lb. F 95 lb.

Do you remember the last wod of this year's Open? I remember it went on forever...well imagine after 3 days of competition on your back and more weight.

Time cap: 12 minutes

Top 3 individuals:

  • Women: Kara Weeb - Tia Clair-Toomey - Kristin Holte 
  • Men: Mathew Fraser - Josh Bridges - Dakota Rager

LEADER BOARD after the third day


  1. Mathew Fraser 850
  2. Noah Olsen 676
  3. Brent Fikowski 654


  1. Tia Clair-Toomey 786
  2. Kara Webb 772
  3. Sara Sigmundsdottir 732

Day 4. Sunday, August 6th

Event 13: Madison Triplet

5 rounds of time of:
Run 450 meters
7 hay bale clean burpees

M 100-lb. sandbag F 70-lb. sandbag

Time cap: 20 minutes

One of those peculiar events and that are not so much the usual type of training for athletes. Quite a long event and that had all the numbers that would be led by Samantha Briggs, and so it was. She won the event with a big difference over the others.

For the boys, it was closer. Already as it had happened in previous events, Mat, Vellner and Fikowski gave us an exciting event in which the two were very close together to get the second place.

Top 3 individuals:

  • Women: Samantha Briggs - Kristin Holte - Tia Clair-Toomey 
  • Men: Ricky Garard - Patrick Vellner - Mathew Fraser 

Event 12: 2223 Intervals

In 2-minute windows:
2 rope climbs
10/7-cal. SkiErg
Max-rep overhead squats
Rest 1 minute, then repeat until 75 reps of OHS are complete
*3 times 2-minute intervals then a 3-minute interval

M 155-lb. OHS F 105-lb. OHS

Time cap: 12 minutes

From inside the Coliseum the atmosphere of the final was already palpable. The girls still with many things to decide, but the boys with a clear dominant.

Also the judges review Kara's performance. Her judge makes a mistake and gives her the signal to advance with 3 OHS reps to go. With today's technology, there is no problem and they correct Kara's result to what she actually did, placing fourth in this event.

Top 3 individuals:

  • Women: Katrin Davidsdottir - Kristin Holte - Annie Thorisdottir 
  • Men: Mathew Fraser - Travis Williams - Brent Fikowski

Event 13: Final Fibonacci

For men: for time
5-8-13 reps of:
Parallette handstand push-ups
203-lb. kettlebell deadlifts
Then, lunge 89 ft. with 2 53-lb. kettlebells overhead

For women: for time
3 Parallette handstand push-ups
5 kettlebell deadlifts, 124 lb.
5 Parallette handstand push-ups
8 kettlebell deadlifts, 124 lb.
8 Parallette handstand push-ups
13 kettlebell deadlifts, 124 lb.
Then, lunge 89 ft. with 2 35-lb. kettlebells overhead


After so many near misses, Sara doesn't make any silly mistakes and wins her first event, although it will be insufficient to achieve her real goal after placing third for two years in a row. On the other hand, Tia makes a no rep just before crossing the finish line that puts her behind enough for Kara Webb, who was close behind her, to overtake her at the last moment. The stadium was breathless, the emotion overwhelmed us all.

On the boys' side, Mat seems to start off in no hurry, and falling behind the boys, but in reality he seemed to have it all under control and even though he was almost won, he didn't fail to show why he is the fittest on earth.

Top 3 individuals:

  • Women: Sara Sigdmunsdottir - Annie Thorisdottir - Brooke Wells
  • Men: Logan Collins - Mathew Fraser - Brent Fikowski

LEADER BOARD - CrossFit Games 2017 final standings.


If Matt had already achieved the record of maximum points difference with which he had won the CrossFit Games in 2016, this year he has again surpassed this difference in points. Many people think that the boys' war is not like the girls', who fight for every point, it seems that the boys only fight for the second place because they seem to have assumed that the first place already has a name. It is a perception of those people who watch the Games from the outside.

But Brent's constant fight cannot be left aside. There have been so many events in which he has made it difficult for Mat, some of them he has managed to scrape tenths of a second and one place ahead. He has given us a real battle.

Without leaving behind the magnificent participation of the Australian Ricky Garard who debuted as a rookie this year. In CrossFit nothing is ever written, super complete athletes with the desire to give their all are constantly emerging.

  1. Mathew Fraser 1132
  2. Brent Fikowski 916
  3. Ricky Garard 834


Finally, after 2 consecutive years of being the second fittest woman in the world, this year Tia Toomey's husband more than deservedly has managed to proclaim herself the fittest on earth in a super close battle that was not decided until the last moment, as happened last year, but this time with a much more pleasant result for her.

Kara has been very close to winning the Games and it would have been super deserved too. Her performance throughout the long weekend has been spectacular, consistent during the trials and showing a new Kara.

Annie is back on the podium after so many participations in the Games. A tough competitor during all the events.

  1. Tia Clair-Toomey 994
  2. Kara Webb 992
  3. Annie Thorisdottir 964

Final standings Crossfit Games 2017

This is the final standings as they appeared on the Madison Coliseum screen.

Women's Classification

results women crossfit games

Classification Men

results men crossfit games

If you prefer you can watch my analysis of some of the performances at the Crossfit Games 2017 in the video below.

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