The ROGUE INVITATIONAL is the second largest competition on the CrossFit calendar.

If there is any brand that can create an event at the level of CrossFit Gamesthat is ROGUE.

In addition, the first Strongman competition of the year will be held as part of this Invitational.

DateOctober 26 - 29
Location: Dell Diamond, Austin, Texas

  • Women's individual (15 Games + 5 qualifiers)
  • Men's individual (15 Games + 5 qualifiers)
  • Strongman (10 men)
  • Legends

Method of classification: Invitation and qualifier.
Official website: https://www.roguefitness.com/invitational#/about
Social networks: Instagram
Final Leaderboard: Here
Awards: 250,000$ to the winners of a total of 1.25 million $.

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ROGUE Invitational 2023 Winners


1.- Laura Horvath 780 - $280k
2.- Tia Clair Toomey 770 - $97k
3.- Emma Lawson 650 - $52k
4.- Gabriela Migala 630 - $39k
5.- Alex Gazan 590 - $29k
6.- Emma Cary 550 - $26k
7.- Danielle Brandon 540 - $22k
8.- Arielle Loewen 510 - $19k
9.- Dani Speegle 460 - $13k
10.- Manon Angonese 460 - $6k

rogue invitational 2023 women champion


1.- Pat Vellner 660 - $280k
2.- Jeffrey Adler 640 - $97k
3.- Roman Khrennikov 610 - $52k
4.- Brent Fikowski 610 - $39k
5.- Ricky Garard 565 - $29k
6.- Travis Mayer 555 - $26k
7.- Jayson Hopper 545 - $22k
8.- Dallin Pepper 545 - $19k
9.- Jay Crouch 540 - $13k
10.- Noah Ohlsen 530 - $6k

rogue invitational 2023 men champion


17:45 pm Local / 00:45 am Spain: Individual event 1

13:00 local / 20:00 Spain: Individual Event 2
16:30 local / 23:30 Spain: Individual Event 3

Event 3 only

10:25 Texas / 17:25 Spain: Individual Event 4
14:00 Texas / 21:00 Spain: Individual Event 5
17:55 Texas / 00:55 Spain: Individual Event 6

9:30 Texas / 15:30 Spain: Individual Event 7
11:30 Texas / 17:30 Spain: Individual Event 8
13:25 Texas / 19:25 Spain: Individual Event 9


1 mile Ruck (100/80lb) (45/36kg)
800m Ruck (45/30) (20/14kg)
1 Mile Run
Sled Bag Pull to finish (125lbs/100lbs) (57/45kg)


Toomey took the early lead, followed by Horvath, Migala and Brandon. Rolfe joined the group once the athletes exited the stadium.

Horvath broke away, followed by Toomey and Migala. When the first sack was released, Tia managed to overtake Horvath and take first place. On the way back to the stadium we could see them overtake Shelby Neal and Kyra Milligan, who had not yet completed the first leg.

laura horvath rogue invitational 2023

Once the packs were dropped, Toomey and Migala were distancing themselves from Horvath. Toomey, who, unlike her competitors, showed no signs of fatigue, took the opportunity to speed up and pull away from Migala.

tia toomey rogue invitational 2023

Tia Clair Toomey returns to win the first event and earns her 11th ROGUE event victory.


On the men's side Roman Khrennikov went all out and quickly pulled away from the pack. But he was soon caught by Belgian Jelle Hoste (who had won a race event in the past CrossFit Games 2023) and Jeffrey Adler. Later Travis Mayer and Ricky Garard joined the group.

Entering the stadium, the group closed the gap to the front of the race and all the athletes were running together.

Shortly after, we saw Jonne Koski on the ground, complaining of some discomfort in his right leg, we later learned that he had sprained his ankle. Despite this, he recovered and was able to continue the event.

koski rogue 2023 event 1

After leaving the first bag, Jelle Hoste took the lead, followed by Khrennikov and Adler. The Belgian managed a considerable distance, however, after re-entering the stadium, we saw him with significant signs of exhaustion and his speed did not increase despite getting rid of the weight of the backpack.

jeffrey adler rogue invitational 2023

Adler 2nd ahead of Khrennikov, began to close the gap on Hoste and overtook him. The Fittest on Earth 2023 managed to pull away enough to pull the last weight without pressure and take the win.

1.- Tia Clair Toomey-Orr 20:24 / Jeffrey Adler 19:08
2.- Gabriela Migala 20:37 / Jelle Hoste 19:15
3.- Emily Rolfe 21:13 / Roman Khrennikov 19:31
4.- Laura Horvath 21:22 / Brent Fikowski 19:36
5.- Emma Lawson 21:30 / Chandler Smith 19:41
6.- Bethany Flores 21:37 / Jayson Hopper 19:43
7.- Danielle Brandon 21:54 / Jay Crouch 19:44
8.- Lauren Fisher 21:59 / Ricky Garard 19:47
9.- Manon Angonese 22:51 / Travis Mayer 20:01
10.- Paige Semenza 23:23 / Lazar Djukic 20:07

1.- Tia Clair Toomey-Orr 100
Gabriela Migala 95
Emily Rolfe 90
Laura Horvath 85
Emma Lawson 80
Bethany Flores 75
Danielle Brandon 70
Lauren Fisher 65
Manon Angonese 60
Paige Semenza 55

Jeffrey Adler 100
Jelle Hoste 95
Roman Khrennikov 90
Brent Fikowski 85
Chandler Smith 80
Jayson Hopper 75
Jay Crouch 70
Ricky Garard 65
Travis Mayer 60
Lazar Djukic 55

Jonne Koski sprained his ankle in the first event and has finally been forced to withdraw from the competition.

For Time
20-15-10 (mens)
15-10-5 (womens)
Log Muscle Up
*5 Back Squat (375/260) after each

Second consecutive year to include "Log Muscle Up".

Ricky Garard was the best in the first heat with a time of 6:20.

Some athletes, such as Jayson Hopper or Tudor Magda, were caught by the timecap.

In the second heat Vellner and Smith were the first to complete the first set of LMU and both were in the lead.

First to finish in the second heat was Vellner with a time of 6:47.

ricky garard event 2 rogue invitational 2023

On the girls' side, Kolenbrander set the best time in the first heat with a time of 5:50.

Bethany Flores decided not to do a single squat repetition due to a back injury she has been carrying for the past 2 seasons.

In the second group, Emma Lawson was the first to complete LMU's first set. She was followed by Alex Gazan and both came back together to the MU. Finally Gazan manages to overtake Lawson and crosses the finish line in first position with a time of 5:19. Horvath also overtakes Lawson and crosses in 5:33.

alex gazan rogue invitational

1.- Ricky Garard 6:20 / Alex Gazan 5:19
2.- Patrick Vellner 6:47 / Laura Horvath 5:33
3.- Bayley Martin 6:58 / Christine Kolenbrander 5:50
4.- Chandler Smith 6:59 / Emma Lawson 5:56
5.- Victor Hoffer 7:04 / Tia-Clair Toomey 6:17

3 rounds for time
40/32 Cal Ski Erg
5 Single Arm Strongman DB Shoulder to Overhead/side (100/70)
Killer Cage Down and Back

event 3 rogue invitational 2023

The start of event 3 had to be delayed due to a severe thunderstorm.

This test included a new element that had not been used until now. The Strongman Dumbbell has a special shape and requires a thicker grip.

strongman dumbbell rogue invitational

Changes were made to the standards to avoid incidents:

  • The use of Strongman Dumbbell callipers was allowed.
  • The monkey bars (Killer cage) are no longer unbroken.

In the first men's heat, Jayson Hopper, who had been caught by the time cap in the second event, took the lead along with Tudor Magda. Hopper did not relinquish the top spot, but Ohlsen and BKG overtook Magda. Hopper finished first with 10:03, Ohlsen second with 10:14 and Gudmundsson third with 10:31.

In the second group of athletes, Khrennikov did not drop the Strongman Dumbbell and was the first to complete the monkey bars. Fikowski managed to take 2nd place followed by Vellner and Adler. Khrennikov won comfortably, without even running to cross the finish line, with a time of 9:18. He was followed by Canadians Fikowski 9:28 and Vellner 9:55.

khrennikov rogue 2023

Second victory for Khrennikov in a ROGUE Invitational event.

The first 10 girls started with problems in the horn, it was not sounding. Once fixed, the cameras followed Dani Speegle, the American was one of the favorites to get a good result.

However, it was Bethany Flores who was the first to finish the skierg. Speegle overtook her in the strongman dumbbell.

Dani did not let up and crossed the finish line first with a time of 10:56 but then her final score was adjusted to 11:33. Flores was the other woman to finish the event inside the timecap.

In the second heat, Laura Horvath went all out and managed to take first place. The Hungarian did not give up that place and finished in 10:48.

laura horvath strongman db

Toomey went from strength to strength and managed to advance positions to finish second (11:22).

We could see Emma Lawson cross the finish line and look at her bloody hands.

emma lawson blood hands rogue

1.- Laura Horvath 10:48 / Roman Khrennikov 9:18
2.- Tia-Clair Toomey 11:22 / Brent Fikowski 9:38
3.- Dani Speegle 11:33 / Pat Vellner 9:55
4.- Emma Cary 11:51 / Jayson Hopper 10:03
5.- Arielle Loewen 12:15 / Noah Ohlsen 10:14

Laura Horvath 280
2.- Tia Clair Toomey-Orr 275
Gabriela Migala 235
Emma Lawson 225
Emma Cary 195
6.- Alex Gazan 170
7.- Lauren Fisher 160
Paige Semenza 155
Cris Kolenbrander 145
Bethany Flores 145

1.- Roman Khrennikov 245
Jeffrey Adler 225
Patrick Vellner 225
4.- Chandler Smith 215
Brent Fikowski 210
6.- Jelle Hoste 200
Noah Ohlsen 190
8.- BK Gudmundsson 190
Ricky Garard 180
Jayson Hopper 170

10 rounds of
4 Ring MU
12 Power Snatch (95/65)
Time cap: 19 min

Loewen and Angonese took the lead. We saw great athletes like Speegle or Milligan suffer a lot in the RMU.

Loewen, third in the past CrossFit Games, was first across the finish line with a time of 16:47 followed by Angonese with 17:10. Third was Rolfe and no other girl was able to finish in the time.

In the second heat, Toomey soon took the lead along with Cary and Lawson. However, Horvath occupied the last place for a long time. The Hungarian completed the HSPU's with no problems but they took their toll on her for the power snatch.

Toomey pulled away from Cary and Lawson to win the event with a time of 15:55. The Aussie hit the table and regained the lead. 12th event won in ROGUE competition.

On the men's side, Victor Hoffer, known for his gymnastic skills, led the first heat followed by Australian Crouch. Hoffer finished first 16:36, second was Crouch 16:49 and Djukic third 17:10.

In heat 2, Vellner, a former gymnast, was one of the favorites. However, Ohlsen, Gudmundsson, Garard and Adler led the field. Ohlen and Vellner distanced themselves from the rest and it was Ohlsen who would end up taking the event with a time of 16:10. Second was Gudmundsson with 16:22 and third was Vellner with 16:37.

RMU and HSPU are two of the worst moves for Khrennikov, who lost the lead to Canada's Patrick Vellner

1.- Tia-Clair Toomey 15:55 / Noah Ohlsen 16:10
2.- Emma Cary 16:37 / BK Gudmundsson 16:22
3.- Arielle Loewen 16:47 / Victor Hoffer 16:36
4.- Manon Angonese 17:10 / Pat Vellner 16:37
5.- Emma Lawson 17:47 / Jay Crouch 16:49

Over Under Over Log
3 Sandbag to Teeter
Bracket Style

Classic elimination event of the ROGUE Invitational. Every year they delight us with a new version of The Duel in which only one athlete can remain after several rounds.

Athletes must overcome the log from above, the next one from below and another one from above and then run to the sandbags and load them in a kind of basket. Once they finish they must sprint to the finish line.

Originally there was supposed to be a "rope climb" but it was finally eliminated in case it rained.

Toomey finished 12th by failing to advance out of the second round and had to hope that Horvath was not too far behind to cut as few points as possible.

Athletes who competed in the last round of 5.

final round the duel 3 rogue invitational 2023

And finally the top 2 were Speegle and Horvath. Speegle who surprised everyone by winning all her heats including the final with a time of 21.75. Horvath's time of 21.83 was 95 points, leaving her only 10 points behind Tia-Clair Toomey.

On the men's side, Hopper and Fikowski went 1-on-1 and it was Hopper who edged out Fikowski to take the 100 points.

1.- Dani Speegle 21.75 / Jayson Hopper 19.94
2.- Laura Horvath 21.83 / Brent Fikowski 20.43
3.- Paige Semenza 23.04 / Pat Vellner 21
4.- Alex Gazan 24.58 / Travis Mayer 21.39
5.- Danielle Brandon 24.61 / Jelle Hoste 21.44

1 MR Deadlift

Chandler Smith won the event with a 605 lb. deadlift, however, he asked to make another attempt at 610 lb / 277 kg. The interviewer asked him what the reason was and Chandler replied that at 30 years old, he wanted to take advantage of the adrenaline and the crowd's cheers because it would be his last time doing that. He also said he had a broken back.

chandler smith deadlift rogue invitational 2023

Chandler's plans are to team up with Noah Ohlsen for next season.

Alex Gazan, 5th in the past games, was the winner of the event with a lift of 425 lbs / 193 kg. Speegle was second and Horvath third.

alexa gazan deadlift
Alex Gazan deadlift 425 lb / 193 kg

Laura Horvath, who was only 10 points behind Toomey, could only cut 5 points as the Australian was 4th.

1.- Chandler Smith 610 lb / Alex Gazan 425 lb.
Tudor Magda 595 lb / Dani Speegle 420 lb.
3.- Pat Vellner 595 lb / Laura Horvath 415 lb.
4.- Jayson Hopper 575 lb / Tia-Clair Toomey 400 lb.
5.- Jay Crouch 575 lb / Kyra Milligan 395 lb.

1.- Tia Clair Toomey-Orr 505
Laura Horvath 500
3.- Emma Lawson 415
Gabriela Migala 395
5.- Alex Gazan 375
6.- Cris Kolenbrander 360
7.- Manon Angonese 350
Lauren Fisher 350
Emma Cary 340
10.- Dani Speegle 335

1.- Patrick Vellner 490
Jeffrey Adler 400
3.- Roman Khrennikov 385
Brent Fikowski 385
5.- Jayson Hopper 375
Chandler Smith 375
7.- Travis Mayer 375
8.- BK Gudmundsson 360
Jay Crouch 355
Noah Ohlsen 350

30 Echo Bike Cals
20 Double Fatbell G2OH (70's/53s)
75′ FR Lunge to Zeus (135/95) 20 Fatbell Stationary lunges (53 lb)
Hill Sled Push
75′ FR Lunge to Zeus (135/95) 20 Fatbell Stationary lunges (53 lb)
20 Double Fatbell G2OH (70's/53s)
30 Echo Bike Cals

The lunges were changed to static lunges due to the possibility of rain.

Brandon and Rolfe led the first heat. Shortly before the end of the heat it started to rain heavily. First was Rolfe and second was Brandon.

The second heat started with heavy rain, the cameras were focused on Horvath and Toomey. The Hungarian was leading and Toomey was going from strength to strength. Horvath, Migala, Gazan were the first to get on the last bike and in that order they crossed the finish line.

Horvath took the lead after winning this race by 15 points over Toomey.

Jelle Hoste led the first group of men followed by Pepper and Garard. In the end it was Dallin Pepper who crossed first, followed by Hoste and Garard.

In the top heat, Khrennikov was the favorite to win such an event. However, Vellner was the first to come back from the hill. Khrennikov was more efficient and overtook him in the Fatbell. Khrennikov and Hopper were first on the bike.

Roman won the race (9:08), Hopper was second (9:27) and Adler third (9:50).

1.- Laura Horvath 10:43 / Dallin Pepper 9:04
2.- Gabriela Migala 10:53 / Roman Khrennikov 9:08
3.- Alex Gazan 11:45 / Jayson Hopper 9:27
4.- Emma Cary 11:51 / Ricky Garard 9:37
5.- Tia-Clair Toomey 12:03 / Jeffrey Adler 9:50

5 rounds for time
6 Box Jump (42/36)
2 peg board climb Handstand walk
Hill Run

On the women's side the top favorite was Danielle Brandon, the American did not disappoint and took the victory with a time of 6:52.

In the second heat, Toomey needed to finish ahead of Horvath. The Australian managed to take first and second overall. Horvath finished 5th overall and the two were tied on points for first place. It would all come down to the final event.

In the men's race, Hoffer won the first heat and Fikowski, competing in ROGUE for the first time, was the best in the last group.

1.- Danielle Brandon 6:52 / Victor Hoffer 7:00
2.- Tia-Clair Toomey 7:19 / Tudor Magda 7:17
3.- Paige Powers 7:28 / Jay Crouch 7:20
4.- Arielle Loewen 7:40 / Dallin Pepper 7:28
5.- Laura Horvath 7:41 / Ricky Garard 7:34

14.- Elena Carratalá CAP+0

3 Rounds

25 Double Unders
5 Power Clean (225/155)
2 Round
25 Double Unders
5 Squat Clean (225/155)
1 Round
25 Double Unders
5 Clean And Jerk (225/155)

Cap: 14 Min

Final event in which everything was decided. Horvath and Toomey started very evenly matched, but Horvath started to get a little ahead and started the clean and jerk with a few seconds to go. Toomey received a no-rep on the first clean and jerk and lost his chance to win his 4th ROGUE Invitational title.

Horvath repeated his victory for the second consecutive time.

1.- Laura Horvath 3:47 / Jeffrey Adler
2.- Tia Clair Toomey 4:11 / Roman Khrennikov 4:09
3.- Emma Lawson 4:17 / Dallin Pepper
4.- Danielle Brandon 4:26 /
5.- Gabriela Migala 4:26

Athletes participating

The ROGUE Invitational usually attracts the best CrossFit athletes in the world.

This year we will have the notable absences of Mallory O'Brien, Brooke Wells, Haley Adams and Kristi Eramo.

However, the return of Tia-Clair Toomey. The Australian gave birth to her first daughter last May. It took her just over 5 months after giving birth to get back on a competition court.

Alexis Raptis has announced that he will not participate in the ROGUE Invitational because he has been suffering from bouts of Colitis, an autoimmune disease that inflames the inner lining of the colon.

Justin Medeirosthe champion of the 2 previous editions, has announced that he will not participate.

Automatic invitation to the CrossFit Games 2023 top 15 has been sent.

1Will MooradKarin Freyova
2Bayley MartinAnnie Thorisdottir
Shelby Neal
3BK GudmundssonEmily Rolfe
4Jelle HostePaige Powers
5Lazar DjukicDanielle Brandon
6Jay CrouchEmma Cary
7Chandler Smith

Katrin Davidsdottir
Tia-Clair Toomey

8Jonne Koski

Alexis Raptis

Paige Semenza

9Dallin PepperBethany Flores
10Noah OhlsenAlex Gazan
11Brent FikowskiGabriela Migala
12Roman KhrennikovArielle Loewen
13Patrick VellnerEmma Lawson
14Jeffrey AdlerLaura Horvath
15Shelby Neal

Places coming from the Online Qualifier:

1Ricky GarardDani Speegle
2Victor HofferManon Angonese
3Travis MayerElena Carratalá
4Tudor MagdaLauren Fisher
5Garrett ClarkChristine Kolenbrander
6Jayson HopperKyra Milligan


Rich FroningAnnie Sakamoto
Chris SpeallerKari Pearce
Josh BridgesKristan Clever
Dan BaileyMargaux Alvarez
Jason KhalipaRebbeca Voigt
Josh EverettSam Briggs
Matt ChanTanya Wagner
Mikko Salo
Tommy Hackenbruck

Winners of past editions

2022Laura HorvathJustin Medeiros

Tia Clair Toomey

Justin Medeiros
2020Tia Clair ToomeyPatrick Vellner
2019Tia Clair ToomeyMat Fraser
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