The best CrossFit grips

Congratulations! You can now consider yourself a full-fledged crossfitter if you want to keep going even though your hands are a mess.

In this article we are going to talk about one of the CrossFit accessories that avoid the most blood, the grips.

As there are many options of grips on the market, we will analyze the different types so that you can choose which one is best for you.

What are calluses?

The grips are a protection for hands, fingers and wrists used in activities where there is friction in a distributed manner. Failure to use this accessory is more likely to result in skin irritation causing calluses to break open and or sores to develop.

gymnastic callipers

Grips were typical of gymnasts and are now also typical of crossfitters.We include several exercises of this sporting style such as pull-ups or muscle ups.

The aim of the grips is to be able to maintain a secure grip while exercising with greater comfort and protection, preventing calluses from splitting open and causing bleeding and pain.

In addition to using calluses, it is important to take care of your hands to prevent injuries. Here is an article to help you keep your calluses filed and prevent them from opening:

Types of Grips

We can divide the grips into two groups:

According to the number of holes

  • 0, 2 and 3 holes
  • The main difference is that the greater the number of holes, the larger the part that is covered, increasing the protection surface.
  • However, the fewer the holes, the easier it is to remove them when you don't need them. Something that can be useful in WODS that combine several movements. For example: gymnastics and weightlifting.

Depending on the material

They are available in all types of leather, fabric, neoprene or there are even people who make them themselves with "...".tape"(the elastic adhesive tape we use).

The majority of grips on the market are combinations of synthetic materials. Several layers of different materials to ensure grip on one side and softness on the face in contact with the skin.

Where to buy

Velites Grips

Velites is a brand of Spanish origin recognized mainly for its star product: the jump rope for double unders. However, they have also developed these models of grips.

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Quad PRO Calleras
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  • No holes
  • 2.9 mm
  • 2 layers
  • Soft, high-grip microfiber
  • High resistance
  • Use with magnesium
  • High softness and comfort

Quad Ultra Grips

calleras quad ultra

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  • 2.9 mm thick
  • No need for magnesium
  • includes wristbands

Flexy Shell Grips

crossfit shoes discount

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  • 3 mm thick
  • Flexible material
  • For use without folding

Quad Carbon Grips

best crossfit shoes

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  • 2.8 mm thick
  • Allows to be more agile in the transitions of exercises with and without grips
  • Carbon fiber finish

Shell PRO Grips

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  • 2.2 mm thick
  • Resistant fabric
  • For use with fold

Pro Wave Pro Wave Shell Grips

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  • Extra fabric for folding


PicSil has gained popularity for the quality of their grips. Famous athletes such as Gudmundsson, and many others, recommend them. Some of their best known models:

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Bear KompleX

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Find your size

Take the time to measure your hand according to the manufacturer's instructions. Do not improvise and follow the recommendation table according to the model.

How to put the grips correctly

It is normal to feel strange at first using something in between your fingers and not your hands directly touching the bar, but once you get over the change, it's worth it!

This of the grips is a whole world. Each one wears them in a different way, each one of us likes a specific model... In the end there is no single valid version but finding what works for you based on testing.

  • Use with foldGymnasts are accustomed to use them in this way. The callera is not inserted to the bottom of the fingers, but remains in the middle. A part of the material of the callera is folded at the palm to make an extra fold.
  • Use without foldThe callera fits as snugly as possible to the hand without leaving extra material, as close as possible to wearing a glove.


The grips are a wear element, so we know that they have a limited service life.. Nevertheless, we want to treat them as well as possible so that they last as long as possible.

  1. Do not keep wrinkled corns.
  2. Ventilate the grips after use.. When you get home and have to unpack the training backpack, throw them away to let them air out and the sweat does not keep them damp.
  3. Moisturizes the area of the holes and the one in contact with the palm with cream. It will help the material is more flexible.

Can gym gloves be used for CrossFit?

You might be thinking about recycling some gloves you had from the gym for CrossFit, but it is not advisable.

Its design exposes half of the phalanges and makes it uncomfortable when you take a loaded bar with a lot of weight, when you hang on the bar, when you use the rings ... The cut of that fabric will stick you and you will not like it.

There was a time when Reebok I used to sell CrossFit gloves and they covered the fingers completely, although I haven't seen them sold anymore.

Personally, I don't wear gloves because I prefer to feel the grip on the bar, I feel more secure. With gloves I feel I lose control. I advise you, even if the feeling is a bit strange at first, to try a pair of grips.